Overview night hoops by carl deuker michelle l 8-1

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  • 1. Night Hoops by Carl DeukerOverview by Michelle Lau
  • 2. Exposition• 2000s• During high school year• USA, Small suburb of Seattle Nick’s backyard• Bothell High School• Nick’s backyard Bothell High SchoolSetting
  • 3. ExpositionNick Abbott Protagonist Trent Dawson Antagonist• Sophomore• Basketball lover• Divorced parents• Good grades• Middle sized (point guard)• Personality: • Hardworking • Persistent • Aggressive • Masters game on • Loyal • Quiet court • Generous • Big and Strong = • Angry• Other characters: • Trent: Sympathetic rebounder • Nick’s neighbor • Father: not as talented as his older • Talented • Lack of effort in son basketball player academics • Coach: selfish on the court • Basketball lover • Luc: caring best friend • “troublemaker”Characters Protagonist & Antagonist
  • 4. Exposition Scott Abbott Father Abbott • Nick’s older brother • Talented basketball player • Father of Scott and Nick • No interest in basketball • Prizes Scott more • Father Abbott coaches him over Nick • Coaches Nick about basketball (Father ignores Nick) • Big impact to Nick’s basketball plays • Loves music • Great academic grades • Divorced with ex-wife • His girlfriend is a music player • Has new girlfriendLuke Jackson Coach O’Leary Zack Dawson• Nick’s best friend • Nick’s varsity coach • Trent’s older brother• In Bothell High School • Likes Nick’s passion and game • Troublemaker• Sophomore • Made Nick sitting on bench • Aggressive, big and • Likes Trent’s talent in basketball strong• Basketball player • Always gives second chances to • Gives Trent his title• African American • Was charged by the people• Detests Trent Dawson police Other Characters
  • 5. Rising Action• Nick, Luke, Trent joins basketball varsity• Nick got Father Abbott’s complements• Wins numerous of games• From Father Abbott’s phrase “take the chances”, Nick starts to become selfish on the court• Lack of teamwork• Nick then becomes the bench guy• Trent starts to miss practice• Trent’s father asked permission for Trent to practice at Nick’s backyard• Nick fails in academics and his passion in basketball• Nick sees Trent passion and changes his perspective of him• Plays basketball outside at the yard together• Becomes best friends and learns the game on court• Both practices basketball and studies together Rising Action
  • 6. Rising ActionCharacter vs. Character Nick Abbott vs. Trent Dawson • Nick detests how Trent acts • Nick thinks Trent is a troublemaker • Detests each other • Nick, as the point guard, never passes the ball to Trent, a talent basketball player • In games, the team loses chances to score more points • Trent was in fight with Nick because of his Nick’s attitude in basketball. Character vs. Self Nick Abbott vs. Self • Loses teamwork • Father Abbott told • Force his plays him to save chances • Becomes bench guy for himself • Fails in games and • He starts to be in academics selfish on the court • Lost his passion as being the point guardPrimary Conflicts
  • 7. Rising ActionCharacter vs. Society Character vs. CharacterTrent Dawson vs. Police Nick’s mom vs. Father Abbott• Zack and Trent involved in being • Had long-term fights against a law, which they are • Decided to divorce wanted by the police • Separates the family• Trent wasn’t really involved, it was all ZackCharacter vs. Characters Character vs. CharacterNick Abbott vs. classmates & teammates Scott Abbott vs. Father Abbott • Scott always hated basketball even• Trent was a detested student in Bothell though his talent could bring him a High super star title• Nick became friends with Trent, and • Father Abbott has forced him to soon became ignored by his good practice what he doesn’t enjoy doing friends, even Luke • Father Abbott wants him to quit musicSecondary Conflicts
  • 8. Climax Trent and Nick both got back into the game because they learned the answer to their loved sport. Their teamwork have got them numerous of wins and everything just seems like the best it can go. Until, Nick was alone in the backyard one day, waiting for Trent. Trent was with his older brother Zack. Trent was next to the guns, gunshots, and a dead body of what was killed… Trent was involved with the police, but he have done nothing, it was all his brother. He has to make a choice if he would go to the championship and be in front of the police, or leave with his brother.Climax
  • 9. Falling Action• Trent misses practice with his varsity team• Trent misses school, and disappears for a few days• Nick continues going to practices and is cooperating well with his teammates, because ? they have accepted Trent and Nick• Trent sometimes will practice in Nick’s backyard giving chances for Nick to have a talk with him• He is still on his way deciding with the championship waiting for him ?Falling Action
  • 10. Falling Action• The championship game started• Nick playing point guard cooperating well with teamwork• Waiting for Trent to be there• Zack was caught• At the end of the end of the game, Trent appears• They both walk out of the gym after the game enjoy the nice weather outsideResolution
  • 11. Falling Action• In any team sport, teamwork is the most important; “to win, sometimes you have to pass”• Individual skills cannot win anything in team sports• Never force things, let it come to you• Sometimes, when the chance comes to you, step up and take it, but don’t force the chance to come• Never judge people by how they look, act, and their family background• Never give up• Practice makes improvement• When you fall, just try to pull yourself back upThemes