Palm Jumeriah


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Palm Jumeriah

  1. 1. Palm JumeirahLive the Eighth Wonder of the World Xi Li Assata Cowart Yiran Bai
  2. 2. The Palm Island  Located in Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates  An artificial island created using land reclamation, world’s largest man-made island  Mixed-use: residential, commercial retail and hospitality offerings  Construction began in June 2001, first phase handover in 2006  Developer: Nakheel, Dubai government owned company  Total cost reached 12.3 billion dollar  Components:  The Trunk (2 Kilometer long, living retail and tourism)  The Fronds (17 fronds, Luxury villas with beachfront)  The Crescent (11 Kilometer, breakwater, world leading resorts)
  3. 3. Amazing Facts  One of the world’s largest man-made island, covering 560 hectares of land  Due to its immense scale and unique sharp, it is visible from space with the naked eye  3 years of planning, 42 consulting firms and over 50 studies help to ensure Made environmentally friendly, from natural materials-sand and rock, the project weighing approximately 100 million cubies Once completed, it will be home of more than 70 different nationalities set to move in. It will increase the beachfront of Dubai by extraordinary 166%Over 12,000 Palm trees will be grown on a nursery in Jumeirah, Dubai.
  4. 4. Why It Is HeroicLandmark Creator Game Changer The world’s largest man-made island  One of the world’s boldest project, reclaim land from The world’s eighth the sea and build an wonder offshore city. Offer the maximum beachfront coverage in  Complex sharp of the the world, increase the national plant- Palm coastline of Dubai. tree, iconic development New leisure capital of of United Arab Emirates. the world designed for residential and tourist  Use only natural use materials-sand and rock
  5. 5. The Palm Jumeirah eature=related
  6. 6. Brand Prism What For Whom• Manmade island • People who eager for a• Eighth wonder of the world-class leisure and world vacation• Masterpiece in Dubai’s • Celebrities or millionaire transformation who wants to differentiate themselves in an ultimate way • Architecture enthusiast When Against Whom• June 2001 • Those who don’t like travel• 9/11/2001 • Those who prefer natural• October 2007 wonders • Those who prefer simplicity and do not like luxurious experience at all
  7. 7. PADRProspecter: Las Vegas Analyzer: Palm Jumeirah• Desert area becomes the • Unusual construction gives entertainment capital of the the island a unique story to world tell• Finest 5 star hotels and • Besides the relaxation famous for its casino resorts facilities, they also sell and associated entertainment properties• Architectural masterpieces and artistic designDefender: Monaco Reactor: Tibet• Formula 1 • Totally natural exotic beauty• By size, it is the 2nd smallest • the Potala Palace-established country in the world, but the in 637 A.D. main sources of income is tourism.
  8. 8. Prospection Map Innovative Palm Jumeriah Atlantis Las Vegas TibetFamiliar Exotic Monaco Traditional
  9. 9. Recommendation More advertisement Make more family oriented Make sure you provide residents with what you are selling them Make sure Palm Jumeriah is financially stable b/c in 2009 Dubais economy was collapsing Fully account funds Provide other means of transportation for tourist beside taxis
  10. 10. Citation property/palm-jumeirah.html jumeirah-islands-eighth-wonder-of-the-world/ Eighth-Wonder-of-the-World.php