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Research on Teaser Trailers of Action Genre

Research on Teaser Trailers of Action Genre






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    Research on Teaser Trailers of Action Genre Research on Teaser Trailers of Action Genre Presentation Transcript

    • Research on
      Teaser Trailers of
      Action Genre
    • Whiteout
      Length: 1 minute 57 seconds
      • Snow across titles – ties in with the theme of the film
      • Old computer style font sets the scene
      • Graphics (white text on black background) and voiceover
      • Starts off slow then fast paced – can’t really see things
      • Title graphics look like ice – ties in with theme of the film
    • Snatch
      Length: 2 minutes 04 seconds
      • Black background – red writing – flashes around the screen
      • Zooms into diamond – shows man (leader?) – zooms back out diamond
      • Transitions have black and white stripes or newspaper?
      • Flashes up with split screen images – yellow or green colour/then goes full screen
      • Dialogue and writing shows narrative along with sound bridge
      • Image turns black and white
      • Scene freezes on characters face and then shows their name
    • Transformers 2
      Length: 2 minutes 16 seconds
      • Explosion – camera flickers then goes black for 4 seconds and goes into different location
      • Fade to black lots – picture goes negative
      • Shows director and executive producer
      • Metal transformers into writing – ‘Revenge is coming’
      • Metal like titles – capital, bold on black background
    • Terminator Salvation
      Length: 1 minute 01 second
      • Camera flickers as if broken
      • Dialogue shows narrative
      • Shows broken TV image with news – multicoloured/negative
      • Shows actors names – white capitals on black background
      • Titles – capital, bold, stone like on black background
      • After website shown is clip to make audience jump
    • Face/Off
      Length: 2 minutes 09 seconds
      • Starts off slow paced – 1 minute 3 seconds with man talking
      • One man talking – camera travelling round – goes black and shows different man
      • Images superimposed over each other
      • Image splits in strips on screen and goes off either side
      • Actors name and picture
      • Short clip after titles shown
    • The Surrogates
      Length: 2 minutes 33 seconds
      • Image goes negative
      • Images fade into one another
      • Fade to black lots
      • Writing and dialogue shows narrative along with sound bridge
      • Camera flashes
      • Image goes black and white
      • Silhouettes turn into lettering the reflection is still the silhouettes – blue and white background, blue capital letters (medical?)
    • Fast and Furious 4
      Length: 2 minutes 11 seconds
      • Writing sets scene
      • Starts off slow paced
      • White capital bold writing and black background
      • Dialogue helps tell part of the narrative
      • Writing explodes into blue flash
      • Fade to black lots
      • Behind title lights zooming past – ties in with the theme of the film
    • Death Race
      Length: 2 minutes 42 seconds
      • Images fade into one another
      • Production company shown in middle of teaser trailer
      • Image goes negative
      • Dialogue shows narrative
      • Sound bridge
      • Black writing, capitals – background concrete and blood splatter
    • Outlander
      Length: 1 minute 45 seconds
      • Narrative shown through narrative and writing – black background with silver capitals
      • Low-key lighting
      • Sound bridge
      • Straight cuts and jump cuts
      • Title is metal writing on black and silver background
    • Fighting
      Length: 2 minutes 34 seconds
      • Fade to black
      • Images fade into each other
      • Images goes negative
      • Image freezes and goes black and white
      • Dialogue and voiceover shows narrative
      • Sound bridge
      • White bold capital writing on black background
    • Crank: High Voltage
      Length: 2 minutes 31 seconds
      • Fade to black lots
      • Dialogue, voiceover and writing (white, capitals) show narrative
      • Production company shown half way through
      • Capital lettering, golden brown colour background like sunset
      • Images superimposed
      • Titles has sparks coming from it – ties in with the theme of film
      • Clip after titles
    • Mr and Mrs Smith
      Length: 1 minute 57 seconds
      • Fade to black lots
      • Dialogue, writing and voiceover show narrative
      • Image flashes negative
      • Starts of fast paced then slow paced – shows the contrast in their lives
      • Images fade into one another
      • Title white, capitals, bold on black background with target line behind
    • Cirque Du Freak
      Length: 2 minutes 30 seconds
      • Fade to black lots
      • Dialogue and writing show narrative (white, capitals on black background) later changes starts off to show things are ‘normal’
      • Special effects are really obvious
      • Fast and slow paced
      • Sound bridge
      • Titles bold, capital writing on smoky background
    • District 9
      Length: 1 minute 39 seconds
      • Fade to black lots
      • Black background with white writing which changes red – danger
      • Dialogue and writing shows narrative
      • Different language – use of subtitles
      • Sound bridge
      • Writing white and red on black background (looks like stencil writing)
    • Takers
      Length: 2 minutes 27 seconds
      • Fade to black lots
      • Dialogue shows narrative
      • Production company logo explodes and turns into the sun
      • Sound of gun loading changed the shot
      • Transition like TV with no signal – or broken camera
      • Security camera
      • Images turn negative
      • Titles silver, bold, capital on black background which explodes into blue
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6PtYja53aY&feature=player_embedded - t=146