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Perfume 2004
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Perfume 2004


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Perfume locks history review held in 2010. …

Perfume locks history review held in 2010.
Review of 2004.
Aired on 16th of Sept.

Published in: Entertainment & Humor

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  • 1. 皆さんこんばんはHi, everyone. Good evening!かしゆかですK: I’m Kashiyuka.のっちですN: I’m Nocchi.あ~ちゃんですA: I’m A-chan.3 人合わせて Perfume ですThree of us as Perfume!よろしくお願いします。Nice to meet you.11 月 3 日の東京ドームライブに向けて、Perfume の 10 年間を研究せよ。For the Tokyo Dome concert on 3rd of Nov. look back on Perfume’s 10 year.2004 年の Perfume を研究せよ。Look back Perfume in 2004.N:はい、2003 年に上京しまして、それから今日は 2004 年です。N: So, we moved up to Tokyo in 2003. Today, we are flashing back our 2004.A:はい。2004 年は 1 月 3 日に、初のワンマンライブを行いました。A: Yes, in 2004, we held our first one-man live concert on the 3rd of January.N:はい。初の。N: Yes we did. Our first one-man.A:これタイトルがほら、「New Year live 2004 @SHIBUYA BOX」BOX ですよ。A: The title of this concert was “New Year live 2004 @SHIBUYA BOX”.A: That means, we held a concert in “BOX”K:BOX でやりましたね~。K: Yes, we did!N:渋谷 BOX!覚えてるな~。N: The BOX at Shibuya! I remember that place well.A,N,K:懐かしい!A,N,K: It remind us our old days so much!A:もの凄い大きいと思ったけど、みんな来てくれて。一杯だったのは凄い嬉しかったな。A: Well, first we thought that place was too big for us,
  • 2. A: But when we held a show, I was so happy to see there full house with our fans.K:色んなことしたよね。K: We did so many different things.N:ね!曲が少ない中さ。色んな曲やって。N: We did! Even though we didn’t have so much variety of songs, we sang as manysongs as possible.N:あとコーナーもね。N: And there were some segments where we do things except singing or dancing.K:そうなの。あ~ちゃんがね、手品してたんだよ。K: Yeah, it’s true. A-chan did some kind of magic, you know?N:「プリンセスあ~ちゃん」?N: That’s right! “Princess A-Chan” you should be talking about.K:そう!K: That’s it!A:そのなんか前に何かの企画かなんかで、私天功さん、引田天功さんが家に来たことがあって。それはそう言う番組で、広島のローカル番組でやってて、 「スターファイヤー」とか言いながら、色々イリュージョンをやってくれたんですけど。でその時に、手品を教えて貰ったんですよ。 手品ボックス、 で、 引田天功手品ボックスって言うのを貰って、でそれをやってたそれでそれが何かいいみたいになって、BOX で私がやるみたいな。A: Well, In the Local TV program in Hiroshima,A: I had an opportunity to bring a celebrity to my house and our family played the host.A: The guest celebrity was Ms. Tenko Hikita, “Princess Tenko”A: At my house, she showed some magic for us saying “STAR-FIRE!” stuff.A: And she also told me some tricks of magic. She gave me “Tenko Hikita’s magic box”A: So, I had done those magic several times, and some people said that would suit forthe show in BOX.N:そうそう、マジシャンN: Yeah, you became a magician.A:うさんくさい手品師みたいなのをやって、それをアシスタントする 2 人みたいな。A: The fishy magician. And you two supported me.K:そうそう、司会者と助手みたいな。K: Yeah, a MC and an assistant.N:かしゆか司会者だったよね。であたしが助手だ。N: You were the MC, right Kashiyuka? And I was the assistant.A:で、のっちはどんどん裏切っていくんよね。これはこうなんですよ、みたいなね。A: And while I did some magic in that show,
  • 3. A: Nocchi didn’t assist me at all but told audiences everything that would happen nextN:どんどんネタばらしちゃう助手。N: I was the assistant who told them all the tricks.A:「使えないよー!」っていってキレて終わるっていう。(笑)A: I got mad at Nocchi saying “You are totally useless, you awful assistant!”A: And that was the ending of the show. LOL. 「なんだよばらすなよー!」N: 「嘘じゃねーかよー!」みたいな感じですごい手品の花とか投げ合うっていう(笑)N: A-chan shouted at me like “What the hell do you think you have done!?”N: And I shouted back like “This magic is a fake! You cheater!”N: Then we threw flowers used in the show to each other. LOL.A:投げ合って終わるっていう(笑)A: We both got mad, threw things each other and that was the ending. LOL!K:そういうミニコントを。K: That kind of short comedy story we did in our concert.A:やってて。A: Yes, we did that.N:凄いね!N: That was crazy! You know?A:アレ強烈だったよね。ピアノの発表会で着たドレスを着てやってました。A: Yeah, that really had a sledgehammer impact.A: I did that show with the dress for the piano recital on.N:すご~い!N: That show was awesome!K:そうだ~。K: I remember you wore that.A:懐かしいね~。そんなこともありつつ、インディーズの 2nd シングル「モノクロームエフェクト」と「ビタミンドロップ」をリリースと。A: We remember a lot about that.A: So, beside of those events,A: we released our 2nd single “Monochrome Effect” and “Vitamin Drop” for the 3 rd.N,K:うん。N,K: Yes.A:でこの時、モノクロームエフェクトで初めてアイドルイベントに出させて頂いて、その時名古屋の何とかこんとか 21。A: And we were invited to an event for idols for the first time when we released
  • 4. “Monochrome Effect”A: It was in Nagoya. The name of the event was ・・・“blah-blah-blah 21”N:オアシス 21!N: It was “Oasis 21!”A:そう、オアシス 21 がオープンの時で、その時になんかイベントをしに行きましょう、ってなって。そのイベントで、モーニング娘。さんの中澤裕子とか、 Sugar さんとかが出てて、それに Perfume も出させてもらえるっていって。あと片瀬奈々さんも歌ってたりとかして。それに出たんよね。それで初めて「あ、アイドルってこういう風なノリなんだ」 「こういう風 とかにみんなが応援してくれるんだ」っていうのを初めて知って、そしたら何か名古屋でPerfume 凄いいい、みたいに言ってくれて、東京よりも名古屋がホームみたいな感じになって。A: That’s right! “Oasis 21”. The Oasis 21(*1) was established on this year.A: So, we were invited to celebrate its openingA: In that event, we were with Ms. Yuko Nakazawa from Morning Musume andSUGAR.A: It was our honor to appear on the same stage with them.A: There was also Ms. Nana Katase singing in the event.A: At the event, we realized what it was like to be in an idol event for the first time.A: We also knew that so many people came to the event to support idols.A: Then, somehow people of Nagoya started to say Perfume was great.A: Nagoya became more like our home town than Tokyo.N:なった。インストアイベントとか行っても一杯お客さん来てくれて。N: Yeah. When we held shows in stores, a lot of people came to see our shows.A:名古屋が一番来てくれて、名古屋がホームだみたいな。A: We had largest audiences in Nagoya. Nagoya was like our home town.N:うんうん。N: Yes, it was.K:広島の次の故郷です!みたいな感じで言ってたよね。N: We said things like “Nagoya is our 2nd home, next to Hiroshima!”N:うん、ほんとそうだったね。N: Yeah, it was really like that.A:キッカケのイベント出させて頂いて。A: So, that event in Oasis 21 was the trigger of that.A:そいでこのビタミンドロップリリースしたぐらいの頃に、O-Air east で、シンセドラムとか、テルミンとか、ヴォコーダーとか使って、エレベーターっていう曲をやりまして。A: And when we released “Vitamin Drop”, we held a concert at O-Air East.
  • 5. A: In that concert, we played instruments like synth drums, a theremin and a vocoder.A: We sang a song named “Elevator” with those instruments.K:バンド形式で、ライブでやろうって話になって。K: We talked it would be cool if we do a show in the band-style.A:のっちドラムやったよね。A: You played drums, Nocchi?N:やったね、シンセドラム。N: I did. Synth drums.N:(笑)あれ面白いね。N: LOL! That was funny, wasn’t it?A:アレ面白い。久々にみたら恥ずかしいね。A: It was. It’s a bit embarrassing, though.N:恥ずかしい(笑)N: It IS, when we watch it now! LOL!K:自分たちで振り付けしてね。スタジオまで借りて練習してね。K: We made choreography by ourselves. We even rented a studio for our practices.N:新しいことをどんどんどんどんやろうみたいな時期だったから。N: At that time, we were so eager to challenge new things.A:そうだね。A: We were.N:アレもよかったよ。N: That was also a good challenge.A:うん、ほいでラジオが始まったと。A: And our radio program had started.N:はい!N: Yes!K:初めての。K: Our first radio show.A:FM 福岡さんで。初のラジオのレギュラー。 Perfume Planet」 初めてラジオをやって。 「 が。A: In FM Fukuoka, we had our first regular radio show “Perfume Planet”A: It was our first experience.K:ね~。K: Yeah.A:いやこれね~、ホントにありがたい。ラジオで初めてやらせてもらって。しかも FM さんで無茶苦茶いい時間帯だったんよ。金曜の夜かなんか。A: We really have to thank them for letting us have a radio show. It was our honor.
  • 6. A: It’s so special that our first radio show was broadcasted on FM(*2).A: And the airtime was also great as well. I think it was on a Friday night.K:そうよ。しかも何でさ~、広島でも東京でもない福岡なんだろう?みたいな。K: Yeah. We wonder why we could get a job in radio in Fukuoka.K: Why wasn’t it Hiroshima or Tokyo?A,N:ね~?A,N: Yeah.K:しかも自分たちの曲じゃなくて人の曲を紹介していこうっていう番組だったから。 週に 2一回収録に行ってんだけど、もうどんどん紹介する曲無くなって行っちゃってみたいな。K: In that program, we introduced not only our songs but also songs of other artists.K: We went to record the program once in two weeks.K: Our stocks of songs to introduce ran out in an instant.N:福岡までいってたからね。N: We had been all the way to Fukuoka for recording.A:行ってた~!A: We did!K:2 週に一回行ってたからね。K: We went there in every two weeks.A:そいでお弁当屋さん行ってね、お弁当食べて。アレはちょっと懐かしいですね。A: We went to a lunch box store in Fukuoka and had lunch boxes. Oh I remember thatwell.N,K:懐かしいね~。N,K: Yeah, our good-old memories.A:で結構趣味の曲を流してたんだよね。その人の、アーティストさんのどういうところがよくて、この曲のどういうところに惹かれて、っていうのを喋るっていう。A: So, we often aired songs we liked.A: We talked about things like what we liked about that artist, who sing a song weaired.A: Or what point of the song attracted us.K:そう、何でこの曲をかけるかっていう理由を喋らなきゃいけなくてK: Yes, we had to explain why we wanted to air those songs.A:でもそう言うのってあんまり、普通の人はあんまりしないらしくって、そう言うの出来るよねみたいなのを、その次に広島でさ Perfume のドッキドキオンエア」 「 っていうのが始まって、その時に言われて。凄い印象的だった。他の人の、アーティストさんのいいところを言えるっていうのは、ラジオまだ始めたばっかなのに上手だよね、って凄い褒めてもらえたのを、ラジオが一番楽しかったよね。
  • 7. A: But I was told that ordinary people didn’t do such things in radio usually.A: When our another radio program, “Doki-Doki On-Air of Perfume”, had started inHiroshima,A: They told us that it was nice that we could do that. I really remember they said that.A: I remember that we were praised a lot.A: They said it was nice that we could introduce good points of other artists.A: We did some impressive jobs for rookies, they said.A: We enjoyed radio shows most, didn’t we?N,K:楽しかった!N: We did!A:ホントに楽しかったよね。一杯アイス食べれるしね。A: Yeah, we had so much fun.A: ‘Cause we were allowed to have many ice creams there, you know?N:行ったらアイス食べれるし!N: Yeah, when we went there.K:アイス食べれるし!K: That was a important point!K:この時さぁ、フジテレビのイベントでお台場でやったとき台風だったのはこの時?K: Oh, was that on this year our concert held in the Fuji TV’s event at Odaiba was hitby typhoon?A:いや。A: I think not.N:アレリニアだ。N: I guess it was when we released “Linear Motor Girl ”K:もっと後か。K: So it was later, then.N:スパッツ履いてたもんだって。N: Should be, because I remember wearing tights of that song.K:スパッツリニアの時か。K: Oh, that tight we wore was when we released Linear Motor girl, then.A:あと何か白いシャッてやつ着てたし。A: And we also wore that white sharp stuff, so it should be.N:うん。N: Yes, we did.K:あ、そっか。K: Oh yeah.
  • 8. A: まぁ、こういう風に 沢山色々やらせて貰って、 BEE-HIVE もありつつ自分たちのPerfume の活動もありつつで、インディーズのシングルもポンポン出させて貰ってさ、A: So like this, we were given a lot of chances to challenge various things.A: Beside the activities of BEE-HIVE project, we also had activities as Perfume.A: We were able to release singles from the indie label successively.K:そうだね。K: Yes.A:ビデオも。この時初めて関さんにお会いして。A: And for PV, we had met Seki-san for the first time on this year.N,K:そうだ~。N,K: We did!K:モノクロの時にね。K: It was when we released Monochrome Effect.A:そいでビタミンの時に関さんに PV までやって貰って。アニメでやったりとか。凄い力入れて貰ってさ。もう毎日、結構やることが一杯あったじゃない?高校 1 年生だったし。どんな感じだった?気持ち的に。A: Seki-san became the director when we shot the PV of Vitamin Drop.A: He put a lot of efforts on that PV like using animation stuffs and so on.A: So things went on like this, e had so many things to do everyday.A: And we were at the 1st grade of the High school at the same time.A: So, how did you feel that?K:高校が環境に慣れなくって、学校が楽しくなかった覚えがある。K: Well, I think I didn’t enjoy my high school life because school environment didn’t fitme.A,N:あ~。A,N: Oh yeah?K:だからもう、Perfume で上京して、3 人がいるから、Perfume としてやっていくことが楽しかったから、仕事の方が楽しかった、っていう気持ちがあった気がするな。K: So, as I moved up to Tokyo as Perfume, we 3 were always together and I enjoyed myactivities as Perfume,K: I felt like I was more delightful when I worked.A:なるほどね~。A: Oh, I see.N:ホントにね、ラジオはすっごい楽しかった覚えがある。N: For me, I really remember enjoying those radio programs a lot.A:うん、凄い楽しかったよね。
  • 9. A: Yeah, we had a lot of fun.N:制服で学校帰り行って、でちょっと時間があったら一緒にちょっとマックとか行って。N: We enjoyed going to radio stations after school with uniforms.N: When we had free times, we also enjoyed spotting at McDonald or somewhere.A:うん。私ね、個人的には睫毛に目覚めたっていう。A: Yes. Well for me personally, I became conscious of the importance of eyelash.N,K:ほえ~!睫毛に!?N,K: Really, the eyelash!?A:この頃だと思います。イベントの時にマスカラをするのがホントに楽しくて。A: Yes, I think it was at this time.A: I really enjoyed putting mascara on my eyelash when we appeared in events.N:うん。N: Yeah.A:それで色んなマスカラを買うようになって、色々試すようになって、詳しくなっていったA: So, I started to buy various mascaras, to try those on, and to become conversantwith mascaras.N:そうだね。N: Yes, you did.K:でもそうだよね、上京してから自分たちでメイクしなきゃいけなくなって、イベントとかもあったりとか、ほら亀戸とかでやってたときもさ、自分でメイクしなきゃってなって、先輩のお姉さんに教えて貰ったりしてたよね。K: Yeah, after moving up to Tokyo, we all had to do our makeup by ourselves.K: So, we had to learn how to do makeup when we appeared in events or shows inKameido.K: Our big sis in BEE-HIVE taught us how to makeup.A:うん、楽しかったよね。A: Yeah, it was fun.A:まぁ、色々ありましたね。あ、そうだ忘れてましたが、のっちが髪を切ってますね。A: So many things happened on this year.A: Oh, I forgot to mention that Nocchi had a haircut.K:そうそうそう、スイートドーナツを出す前くらいだよね。K: Yeah, she did! It was a bit before we released Sweet Donuts.N:2003 年の、そうだなぁ、上京してから、上京したときは。N: Yeah, it was in 2003. Well I think it was after we moved up to Tokyo. So, when Icame to Tokyo・・・.K:まだ長かった。BEE-HIVE の時はまだ長かったから。
  • 10. K: You still had a long hair. When we joined in the BEE-HIVE, your hair was long.N:そう、かしゆか位あって。N: Yeah, it was as long as Kashiyuka’s.K:そうそう。だから 2003 年の夏?K: That’s true. So, it should be in the summer of 2003 you had a hair cut.A:2003 年かぁ~。A: Oops, it was in 2003.N:切るの忘れてた。N: I forgot to mention that last week.A,K:今 2004 年だな。完全にA,K: It’s 2004 we’re talking about.K:すっかりすっかり忘れてた。K: We completely, completely forgot to mention that.A:すっかり忘れてたね。A: We did.N:いいです。N: OK, Never mind.A:はいそして、2005 年という風になりますが、A: So, next week will be about 2005N,K:はい。こちらいよいよ。N,K: Yes, this year was・・・.A:いよいよ・・・メジャーデビューでございます。A: Yes, the year of our debut from a major label.K:とうとうですよ。K: We reached there.N:ついに。N: Finally.A:あのリニアモーターガールの、ビデオを撮ったときの、あの洋服を見たときの、衝撃がA: Those shocks we had when we saw THAT costume when we shot the PV of LinearMotor Girl・・・.N:衝撃が!N: Yes, we were shocked!A:2005 年と言うことで。A: We’ll see that when we flash back 2005.K:色んな血迷いもありますからココは。K: We had met a couple of running-mad activities in this year.
  • 11. A,N:あぁ!そうですね~!A,K: Yes, Too true!K:血迷いましたよ、ココ。K: We ran mad a lot at this point.A:あの色々な声を!「楽しみます!」見たいな時もありましたね。A: Things like challenging to some character voice of anime.A: Saying “I’ll have a fun!” and so on.A:ゼヒ来週も、お楽しみに!A: So, we’ll see what happened on next week!(*1) Tenko HikitaAlso Known as Princess Tenko. Japanese magician.*2) Oasis 21A complex of communal facilities and shopping malls built at Nagoya.(*3) FMIn Japan, it is generally believed that FM radio has higher quality of sound and ismore fashionable than AM radio.