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Perfume 2000
Perfume 2000
Perfume 2000
Perfume 2000
Perfume 2000
Perfume 2000
Perfume 2000
Perfume 2000
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Perfume 2000


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Perfume locks history review held in 2010. …

Perfume locks history review held in 2010.
Review of 2000.
Aired on 19th of Aug.

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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  • 1. K:Hi, everyone.Good evening!K: I’m Kashiyuka.N: I’m Nocchi.A: I’m A-chan.Three of us Together, We are Perfume!Nice to meet you.For Tokyo Dome concert on 3rd November, look back on Perfume’s 10 years.A: It’s our 10th Anniversary since we form Perfume. So for that, we’re going to held ourfirst Tokyo dome concert on November 3rd!K: Thank you very much.N: It’s our honor.K: So, for the concert, we’re going to look back our 10 years.N: And you know what? If we keep on reviewing a year once a week, we’ll reach our 10 thyear on October 28th, just a week before the concert.K: What a nice project!A: That’s great!N: It starts from today.
  • 2. A: That’s really sweet of our staffs to find this out. We really have to thank for them.N: So it’s 10 weeks program.A: That means we only have 10 weeks left for the concert!!N, K: NOOOOO!K: I can’t believe it!A: Doesn’t this surprise you?K: It does!A: 10 weeks means… 70 days, right?N: 70 days…K: 70 days…K: Just 2 months and bit.A: It’s really close isn’t it?N, K: It is.Look back on Perfume in 2000N: First of all, the year that Perfume was formed.K: Tonight, We flash back 2000.A: Yes, it was the year we form Perfume in Hiroshima.
  • 3. N: How old were we at that time? Were we at the 6th grade of elementary school?K: Yeah, we we’re 11 or 12 years old.N: 11 or 12・・・. Oh, I got it.K: At that time, Nocchi, you were not in Perfume, were you?N: No, I wasn’t. Not yet.K: A-chan, I and the other girl formed Perfume on that year.N: you two already had been the member of Perfume from that time.K: Yes, we had started being the Perfume member from this year.N: How was it like being a Perfume?N: I mean, A-chan and Kashiyuka wanted to form group but couldn’t.N: you were made to form group with other people.K: At first, we couldn’t.N: And finally you were able to set up group. And the name of the group was differentwasn’t it?A: YAY!K: Yuka, Ayaka, Yuka!A: There were two Yuka in that group.N: So, was it like your long-planned desire came true?K: I’m not sure・・・ But it Should be.A: I think so. I was really happy.
  • 4. A: But at that time, quartet was prevalent, you know?N: Yeah, SPEED was so popular at that time.A: So, we thought we should ask someone to join us to make quartet.A: So, I offered to Matsusaya to join us. Matsusaya is・・・N: Our friend at same age.A: Yeah, she always had been my partner.A: But when I asked her, she was like “Oh, sorry, I already decided to join other group.”N: With other people?A: So, My offer was turned down like that.A: That’s why we started with three.N: It might have been YAYS then!A: With Sayaka, it might have been so.A: Anyway, We started as trio like this.A: And since we had started, our moms put so much effort on us.A: So, I was really happy when we could finally form Perfume, I guess.N: So, how did you choose what to play?N: You sang songs like song of Actors school in Okinawa and so on.K: We played “Love & Smile” at first.N: I really remember you performing that song!A: I still remember the dance of that song.N: I remember the dance, too!A: LOL! Why?N: I remembered your choreograph watching you dance. Then I danced, too.
  • 5. A: We still can dance it!A: It really brings back our memories…A: We practiced that song so much.A: We practiced it hours and hours everyday for couple of months.K: We did practice it so much.A: We were practicing only one song that much…K: I dont think I can do that now.A: Me neither, it was really hard practice we went through.N: You were synchronizing perfectly.K: Power of our moms, wasn’t it?A: That’s right. We have to thank them a lot.N: That was a something extraordinary. I really think so.A: Yeah, I think that we have to recall that effort now.K: Oh, it’s time to recall?A: We should, you know.A: A lot of people say that our dance is amazing, and it’s our honor to be said that.A: But we don’t practice as hard as we did at that time, don’t we?N: No, we don’t.K: Yeah, we have to practice harder and harder.A: Yes! For the Tokyo Dome concert!
  • 6. K: … And what did you do at that time, Nocchi?N: Oh, me?N: Well, hen I was 6th grade… Then I think I was…A: You were with Mariko, weren’t you?N: Oh yes! At that time, I should be in a six-man group named Happy-Baby.N: And in that group, we sang “Long way home” of Speed.N: Yes, thats it. We played that song.N: And I don’t remember exactly when it was,N: But I also went to audition with Yuka, another member of Perfume.A: Yeah, you sang the song used in the TV dramaN: Yes, we sang “Ai wo kudasai” of ZOO.N: And I also danced Morning Musume with a large group.N: So, I was kind of like wandering about.K: Yeah, you were wanderer.A: But it was ordinary thing in the school, wasn’t it?N: Yes, it was. It was rare to keep on performing in a same group.N: Perfume was a rare case.N: So, I was wandering about.K: At this time, have you known each other? A-chan, Nocchi?A: I think we knew each other till that time.A: We were in a same group when we played SPEED-medley.K: So, you knew Nocchi.A: Yes, I did.K: I had seen Happy-Baby. playing in a Hiroshima Flower Festival.K: For me, Nocchi was one of them.K: So, at that time, I didn’t know Nocchi well.
  • 7. A: Ah… that 5 girls in class B.A: They were the elites. Totally different from us who were in class D.K: In a red costume!A: The shinning 5 girls!N: Yeah, we wore red costumes.A: they took all the glories on the stage!K: What a great singer!A: When they did Speed-medley, Nocchi sang the best part of “White Love” all alone.N: And my face after singing that part! LOL!K: Yeah, the smug look! LOL!N: I had laughed when I saw it on video.A: But you were so cute. Looks like split pea. LOL!K: But it’s right thing.K: Winning that part was something you should be proud of, you know?A: Yeah, You were the shinning star, Nocchi!K: So, on this year I had not known Nocchi, because you were not joining in Perfume.N: No, I wasn’t. I saw you two as Perfume, and you guys saw me as a member ofHappy-Baby.A: So, what would happen in 2001? You all have to wait for the next week to know that!A,N,K: You’ve got to listen next week as well!
  • 8. K: So, on this week, we looked back on Perfume on 2000.K: And when it comes to 2010, Tokyo Dome concert is coming up next week.Woooooo!N: It’s coming!K: This kind of program makes us high for Tokyo Dome.A,N: That’s true!A: We really appreciate this kind of program.N: Yeah! Such a nice project!A, N, K: Thank you very much for listening!