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Keep tidy and care for your home! A leaflet for Rettie & Co\'s student tenants outlining their responsibilities.

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Rettie Student Tenants Keep Tidy

  1. 1. KEEP TIDY AND CAREFOR YOUR HOMEA Good Guide to Student Letting
  2. 2. WELCOME TO YOUR NEW FLATGreat, you’ve got your student accommodationsorted and you’re ready for the term ahead.But before you set off to your next lecture,please take a moment to read this guide.• It sets out the common sense approach you should take to issues such as safety, noise and tidiness.• It outlines your responsibility as a tenant.• It lists key contact numbers you can use in an emergency.Once you’ve read it, stick it on the front of yourfridge. That way you’ll never be stuck for advicewhen you want to know about your tenancy.Have a great year and we very much hope youenjoy your flat.
  3. 3. CHECK EVERYTHING IS IN ORDER1. Keys: You have all been allocated a full set ofworking keys. The keys have been tagged by ouroffice — please retain these tags for the durationof tenancy. If you lose any key you will beresponsible for the cost of a replacement.2. Inventory: On arrival please check through theinventory. Make any necessary comments. Signand return it within 7 days. This inventory willthen be held on file until the end of your tenancyand will be used at the time of the check out.3. Council tax: Students can be exempt fromCouncil Tax only if you apply will send you details of what to do. If youdont tell them you are a full-time student, they willbill you for the full amount of Council Tax.4. Gas and Electricity: Please take the time tolocate the relevant meters. We have taken thereading at the start of the tenancy and notifiedthe relevant utility companies. To keep your costsin order, pay your bills on actual meter readings.5. Deposit: Your deposit is held in our depositaccount for the duration of the tenancy, and willbe returned to you on a satisfactory return of theproperty at the end of your tenancy. So pleasekeep on top of cleaning and replace any breakages.6. Rent: It is a condition of your lease that youset up a standing order for your rental paymentto reach us by the required date. You may incurcosts for late payment of rent. Payment MUSTbe received in one single transaction for thewhole property. If you are unsure of any aspect of your tenancy or of your accommodation, ask your letting agent immediately – he or she is there to help.
  4. 4. CARE FOR YOUR FLATWhen it comes to looking after your sharedaccommodation, take a common sense approach.You are expected to take good care of your flatand all common areas, as if it were your own, soplease keep the following in mind:Keep it tidy: You should maintain good, basiclevels of cleanliness and hygiene. You never knowwhen a housemate’s mother might turn up to seehow you are all living!Keep it safe: Candles should not be used.NO smoking. Smoke and other alarms shouldbe tested regularly.Keep it working: When it comes to maintenanceuse your common sense. You can change a lightbulb yourself! However any significant breakagesshould be reported to our maintenance teamimmediately. There is a 24/7 maintenance serviceavailable for emergencies only. Don’t attemptany gas, electrical or plumbing repairs.Keep it green: Be aware of your council’s wasteand recycling services and use them. To find outabout collection times use the contact numberprovided. The HMO repairing standards cover your accommodation. This means that it should meet certain minimum standards and that any repairs that are the responsibility of the landlord must be carried out within a reasonable time.
  5. 5. BE A GOOD NEIGHBOURRemember that there are other people livingaround you – most likely families with youngchildren or people who have to get up early forwork. Be a considerate and helpful neighbourand keep the following advice in mind.Your Flat is HMO compliant and antisocialbehaviour will not be tolerated by yourneighbours or your Landlord. We want youto enjoying living in your property withoutcomplaints. Please take note of the following:1. Common Stair: Please don’t clog up stairswith bikes or other items. Keep all common areasclear, tidy and safe. If there is a stair cleaningrota you will be expected to take your turn or payaccordingly.2. Rubbish: Please call the Council and find outyour rubbish collection day. Bags should not beleft out overnight.3. Noise: Excessive noise won’t be tolerated. TheCouncil’s night noise teams work with the policeand will confiscate stereos if necessary. Therecan be severe penalties to you and your Landlordif too many complaints are received. Please beconsiderate in stairwells, don’t bang doors or useyour washing machine between 9pm and 9am.
  6. 6. CALL IF YOU NEED HELPRettie & Co. 0131 622 4160Call for help with all issues relating to themanagement of your tenancy.Edinburgh City Council 0131 200 2000Call for help with rubbish collection and theprovision of other public services.Rettie & Co. Maintenance 0131 220 7260Call our maintenance team to report allbreakages and to request repairs. Scan this QR code to save our contact details into your phone