Smarter cities challenge CPH final presentation 17052013

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The presentation given at the Smarter Cities Challenge in Copenhagen to the Lord Mayor and involved stakeholders on May 17, 2013 by the IBM SCC team after a 3 week challenge assignment.

The presentation given at the Smarter Cities Challenge in Copenhagen to the Lord Mayor and involved stakeholders on May 17, 2013 by the IBM SCC team after a 3 week challenge assignment.

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  • 1. 1Smarter Cities Challenge CPH | May 2013
  • 2. 2Smarter Cities Challenge CPH | May 2013Agenda13:00 WelcomeLord Mayor of The City of Copenhagen, Frank Jensen13:10 Smart City – from thought to actionChairman of Board, Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster, Anders Eldrup13:25 IBM’s Smarter Cities Challenge programGeneral Manager, IBM Denmark, Lars Mikkelgaard-Jensen13:35 The Copenhagen Challenge - Findings and RecommendationsThe IBM Smarter Cities Challenge team14:10 Developing the Smart City Panel discussion – Questions and Answers based onthe report results14:55 ClosureFacilitator, Business Development Director for Copenhagen Capacity,Marianna Lubanski15:00 Buffet and networking15:30 Thank you for participating
  • 3. 3Smarter Cities Challenge CPH | May 2013The Copenhagen ChallengeFindings and RecommendationsThe IBM Smarter Cities Challenge team
  • 4. 4Smarter Cities Challenge CPH | May 2013The Smarter Cities Challenge TeamKim L. GandhiDirector, Mobile, WorkplaceServices and Software Services,USALarry O’ConnellDirector of IBM’s Global TechnicalLeadership officeJosie RomualdiDirector of the Americas ClientServices Procurement IntegratedSupply Chain teamRamakrishnan DhamodaranDirector, Smarter PlanetSolutions, India/South Asia RegionPeter B. LangeExecutive IT-architect, EuropeanChief Technology office, SoftwareGroup
  • 5. 5Smarter Cities Challenge CPH | May 2013AgendaPROBLEM STATEMENTKEY FINDINGSRECOMMENDATIONSROADMAP TO2025CPHOUTCOMESCopenhagenClimate PlanCPH’s succesto dateConstantlysearch forprogressSmarterCitiesChallenge
  • 6. 6Smarter Cities Challenge CPH | May 2013Problem statementThe role of data in helping Copenhagen achieve its world leadingobjective: Carbon Neutrality by 2025
  • 7. 7Smarter Cities Challenge CPH | May 201350 %60 %70 %80 %90 %100 %#1 #2 #3 #4Key findingsObtaining the restrepresents asignificantchallengeCPH’ssuccessto dateRecommendations
  • 8. 8Smarter Cities Challenge CPH | May 2013Analysis methodology and key findingsStakeholderInsightStrategicIntentCommunityValuesInnovationFocusStrategic insight FindingsCopenhagen CO2 Neutrality LeadershipRecommendations2025 goals need to driveinnovative ideas for newbusiness opportunities andnew ways of educatingElectricityconsumption inbuildings andtraffic are majorsources of carbonemissionKeystakeholdersare fragmentedacross silosLack of data standardsamongst many different dataproducers and consumersCitizens aremarginally involvedand knowledgeableof the objectives
  • 9. 9Smarter Cities Challenge CPH | May 2013#1Create a ‘CPHOpen-Value-Network‘ initiating an‘Ecosystem-StimulationProgram ‘#2Create an‘Integrated End-to-End Energy Model’... by tapping intoyour brain power#3Extend yourtransportation andbuilding initiatives... by havingtransportationand buildingsserve the citizens#4Establish a‘Governance &Innovation Body’... to lead thematrixRecommendationsTHINK BIGstartsmall
  • 10. 10Smarter Cities Challenge CPH | May 2013#1 Create a ‘CPH Open-Value-Network’Data OwnerValue AddedData AggregatorValue AddedInnovatorAnalyticsVisualizationApplicationsRaw data Organized dataPaymentPayment - feeLicense modelsIncubate – Test & DevelopmentIncubate – Try’n’BuyOperate – Pay as you goOperate – UnlimitedReferral – Finders feeCataloging – Fee StructureDrive innovation activitiesMatch making betweendevelopers and ownersPotentially starts as a ‘not-for-profit’ catalyst that supports exchange of dataPayments#1 #2 #3 #4
  • 11. 11Smarter Cities Challenge CPH | May 2013#2 Create an ‘Integrated End-to-End Energy Model’• Tells consumers how to reduce the energy consumption andemissions• Identify what data to demand to optimize energy efficiencyElectricityHeat#1 #2 #3 #4
  • 12. 12Smarter Cities Challenge CPH | May 2013Historical data – Predictions – Analyze – Monitor#3 Extend your transportation and building initiativesInstant – Near term – Long termWe make decisions all the timeEducation – Information – Applications#3PrivateconsumersTake the bus,car or bikeright now?PrivateconsumersCost of turningthe temperatureup 2o?The businessWhich buildingsto retrofit?#1 #2 #3 #4
  • 13. 13Smarter Cities Challenge CPH | May 2013Matrix Management Coordination#4 Establish a ‘Governance & Innovation Body’2025 CarbonNeutrality StrategyEnabling IT InfrastructureSupportingOrganisationsInitiativesGovernance & Innovation BodyInitiativesPrirotizationLeveragingSkillsStrategy DecisionsEnsure Hub PerformanceCollaborativeData IntegrationGovernmentCitizen Business LeadershipDynamicInnovationGlobalLeadershipLord Mayor F. Jensen & Stakeholder Executives(Public and Private Members)#1 #2 #3 #4
  • 14. 14Smarter Cities Challenge CPH | May 2013ROADMAPWeek 4-6Week 4-6Week 1-3 Week 10-15 Week 15-18 Week 18-25Establish stakeholdercommunityWeek 1-3Week 7-9Week 10-15Week 15-18Week 19-25Evaluate initialresultLaunch Cph 2025Governance bodyDevelop 3D visualemissionsDevelop 3D visualmodel of energy,heatng & CO2emissionsEnergy audit &retrofit planAssign leaders &team membersDevelop governanceboard charter,constitution & policiesDetermine model entityDetermine model entitystructure & costrecovery approachIdentify & solicit datafor first use casesOutline T&CregulationsSpecifytools/operationalenvironmentDefine incentivesDefine incentivesand recognitionprogramsIdentifycontributorsSpecify modelrequirementsLaunch E2Emodel 1.0Test initial models &evaluate resultsExecute Cph 2025Governance bodyDevelop lessonslearned on pilotExecute fullimplementation ofgovernance &innovation bodyCreate ROIprinciples andcalcuationDesign & PreparePilot & TestconceptsPrepare Pilotproject planDrive solution designwith innovatorPublish standardterms & conditionsImplement self-service optionsPrepare cataloguePrepare catalogueof data sources &ownersWeek 7-9Conduct roundtables& workshopsImplement reports,dash boards & billingReview assets &capabilitiesSpecify modelrequirementsEstablish one modelplatform & solicit modeldevelopmentExecute Governancebody PilotExecute at PilotlocationsBuild real-timeBuild real-timeconsumptionapplicationsCreate citizendriveninnovative appsOptimize investments &Optimize investments &energy saving throughfinancial assistancePlan for recognitionprograms, taxincentives etcRoadmap Create a ‘CPHOpen-Value-Network‘ Create an‘IntegratedEnd-to-EndEnergy Model’Extend yourtransportationand buildinginitiativesEstablish a‘Governance &Innovation Body’#1 #2 #3 #4
  • 15. 15Smarter Cities Challenge CPH | May 2013CPH outcomesCPHachievementsGrowthBetterOutcomesLowerRiskNewOpportunitiesBuild new skillsDevelop new assetsand servicesbusinesses exportsEducation of citizensExceed plan for energyreductionCO2 NeutralityImprove citizens’ quality of lifeModel-based decisionmaking provides earlywarning to allow shiftresponses to meet goalsIntegrated technical solutionsand business model innovationscreate new opportunitiesWhat Copenhagen achieves if they move forwardwith the recommendations
  • 16. 16Smarter Cities Challenge CPH | May initiating an‘Ecosystem-StimulationProgram ‘... by havingtransportationand buildingsserve the citizens... by leading thematrix... The City of Copenhagen will achieve itsworld leading goalThe key messages are ...... by tapping intoyour brain power
  • 17. 17Smarter Cities Challenge CPH | May 2013TAK!