Giving Great Presentations
We’re Not Steve Jobs
Practice Like Crazy
Save your best for 1st
Leave Drilling to Dentists
Make Product Your Star  Star
Simple is Best
Know Your Audience
Show Team Strength
Be Urgen t
Paint Both Big & Small
Disrupt Something
Tell a Story
Closing Thoughts <ul><li>Show optimism </li></ul><ul><li>Humble, but proud </li></ul><ul><li>Finish early </li></ul><ul><l...
Shel Israel [email_address] @ShelIsrael
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My Nasscom Product Conclave PPT on How to give a great presentatio, November, 2011

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  • Three sides of table: Journalist, communications consultant &amp; Interviewee. Involved in 100s of presentations.
  • 1. Greatest tech presenter ever. 2When I 1 st saw Steve 3. Don’t try 2B him 4. Present the best of you
  • 1. Bill Joy &amp; Bill Gates. 2. 10,000 hours of practice. 2 DEMO &amp; TechCrunch winners, 4. Sloppy Prezo=sloppy company
  • 1. Begin w/Longest &amp; Strongest 2Inverted pyramid structure. 3Trickle down &amp; Trail off
  • A good presentation should be high level. Your objective is to get audience to say “tell me more.” Leave details for Q&amp;A. Let listener guide the Direction
  • If we don’t like your product, the rest doesn’t matter. Give a Demo that takes their breath away, Give it early.
  • 1. “ Corpspeak. 2.Memorization 3Try &amp; fail. Try again. 4. Credibility is like virginity 5.Talk like you talk
  • If we have to work to understand what you are saying… we won’t. We’ll check email instead.
  • Customize message: Investors: “we’ll all be rich” 2. Journos: “great story, just for you. 3.Recruits: Great culture, team, career opp 4. Industry unique, powerful position 5. Technologists: You are Gods
  • 1. After product comes people. 2. Best VC’s look at team. 3. Team players have different positions. 4. Recruit to team,
  • 1. You’re a start up. You don’t have time to mess around. 2. How do you overcome constraints of time &amp; money?
  • Justin Kitsch: “Building to last 100 years. Let me tell you about the next quarter.”
  • If you don’t aspire to change some part of the world, you’ll probably not change much of anytheng else.
  • 1.PPT vs Story-Telling 2. Robert Carr. 3. Noland Bushnell 4. Munjal Shah “ Riya ” 5Story-telling in our DNA.
  • Present in first person present. Show you Don’t be a corporate we. I would rather meet a person than an enterprise.
  • For a good time, please call
  • India prezo

    1. 1. Giving Great Presentations
    2. 2. We’re Not Steve Jobs
    3. 3. Practice Like Crazy
    4. 4. Save your best for 1st
    5. 5. Leave Drilling to Dentists
    6. 6. Make Product Your Star Star
    7. 8. Simple is Best
    8. 9. Know Your Audience
    9. 10. Show Team Strength
    10. 11. Be Urgen t
    11. 12. Paint Both Big & Small
    12. 13. Disrupt Something
    13. 14. Tell a Story
    14. 15. Personalize
    15. 16. Closing Thoughts <ul><li>Show optimism </li></ul><ul><li>Humble, but proud </li></ul><ul><li>Finish early </li></ul><ul><li>Have fun </li></ul>
    16. 17. Shel Israel [email_address] @ShelIsrael
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