Your Company Must Become a Media Company


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Shel Holtz's presentation at the 2011 IABC World Conference. This is meant to serve as speaker support and is not designed as a standalone presentation. However, you can view the presentation while listening to the audio at the podcast, "For Immediate Release."

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Your Company Must Become a Media Company

  1. Your company mustbecome amedia company!<br />Shel Holtz, ABC<br />
  2. Why??<br />
  3. Welcometo theSplinternet<br />
  4. Pew Research Center:2011 Annual Report on American Journalism<br />Every news platform stalled or declinedexcept the Web<br />Newspaper newsrooms are 30% smaller than in 2000<br />
  5. Pew Research Center:Project for Excellence in Journalism<br />Shorter story cycles<br />Still a top story a week after breaking:<br />5% on Twitter<br />9% on YouTube<br />13% on blogosphere<br />50% still in the mix in traditional news<br />
  6. Pew Research Center:Project for Excellence in Journalism<br />Big stories online ≠ big stories mainstream<br />Over a 29-week period, YouTube, blogs and Twitter shared the top story only once(Iranian election unrest)<br />Social media =broader range of coverage<br />Science, technology, education, green issues, consumerism, religion and off-beat stories<br />
  7. But we’realready doingcontent!<br />
  8. More than just marketing! It…<br />Tells your company’s stories<br />Answers questions<br />Inspires<br />Simplifies complex ideas<br />Influences behaviors / actions<br />Entertains<br />Reinforces beliefs<br />Builds community<br />Inflames passions<br />Manages expectations<br />Builds (or damages) trust<br />CONTENT:<br />
  9. Collaboration, opennessand the link cultureare the rules of contentin the digital era<br />
  10. Media Companiesare Adept At…<br />
  11. Video<br />
  12. Even somebody else’s video…<br />
  13. Audio<br />
  14. Print<br />
  15. Graphics and Infographics<br />
  16. Media Portals<br />
  17. Braided/embedded journalism<br />
  18. Sharing assets<br />
  19. Engagement<br />Increasingly an expectation<br />Common on mainstream media sites<br />
  20. Transmedia Storytelling<br />
  21. Mobile<br />
  22. The Law of Mobility<br />The value of anyproduct or service increaseswith its mobility<br />
  23. Assumption: To use a product or service, you access it from a fixed location.<br />
  24. Curated Contentas Media<br />
  25. It’s not information overload.<br />It’s filter failure.<br />-- Clay Shirky<br />
  26. Curation Process (Simplified)<br />Identification<br />Collection<br />Documentation<br />Context<br />Display<br />
  27. $<br />From freeto thousandsper year<br />
  28. $1,500/mo<br />$99/mo<br />$3,000/yr<br />Call for pricing<br />$3-$25K+ /yr<br />
  29. Curation Communication<br />
  30. Internal Communications<br />Company/competitor/industry/marketplace news<br />Vital professions<br />Company positions and statements<br />Internal events<br />Employee blogs<br />Projects<br />Initiatives<br />Wellness<br />Sustainability<br />
  31. The rise of the content strategist<br />
  32. Content Strategists achieve business goals by maximizing the commercial impact of content<br />
  33. Job qualifications<br />
  34. Whycan’t youwait?<br />
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