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Prepare your business or organization to benefit from social referrals.
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Prepare your business or organization to benefit from social referrals.


Published on is a full service provider of unique, sharable and easy to track Facebook coupons. is a full service provider of unique, sharable and easy to track Facebook coupons.

Published in: Self Improvement

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  • 1. Whether you just bought a flat screen tv from a localmerchant, or a ring online,chances are an Internet ormobile search preceded the transaction.
  • 2. If you are going to spend your money dining out for example, you expect agreat meal, knowledgeable staff plus a clean and pleasant atmosphere.
  • 3. Oh Yeah! People post about their great night out, fantasticfood, happy staff and fun atmosphere. Have you seen these?
  • 4. Oh No! People definitely post about bad service from rude staff, dirty tables orrestrooms. You must see these messages!
  • 5. Facebook is the #1 way for millions to share content with family and friends.
  • 6. The Proposal... Prepare your business or organization to benefit from social referrals and reviews.How to engage with customers and the public using an original and unique approach to Social Media Marketing in a profitable way.
  • 7. Referrals and reviews: Handling informationoverload, a symptom of todays high tech age.
  • 8. A typical day usually involves 100s of commercial advertisements...television, radio, newsprint, mailers, emails and other online ads.
  • 9. Times have changed.Traditional advertising isless effective and more expensive than ever.
  • 10. "Money spent on advertising isnt as much wasted as it is far less effective than a welldesigned referral strategy" kathryn booth
  • 11. During the summer of 2012, the Project conducted a nationally representative survey of 2,253 adults ages 18 and older and asked a series of questions about civic engagement through people’s use of social networking sites and Twitter. In the sample, 85% of the respondents are internet users; 69% of the internet users say they use social networking sites, and 16% use Twitter. In all, 60% of all American adults use either a social networking site(like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google+) or use Twitter.
  • 12. Reviews, comments andwhats happening right NOW create Real, Genuine Social Proof! Social proof is used to help drivesales and refer people to businessesthey like based on the buying trends of current customers.
  • 13. When people share onlineabout their experiencewith your company, theyare actually buildingcredibility with their familyand friends.
  • 14. Do you read the reviews? It will likely influence peoples decision to patronize you or go to another establishment.
  • 15. is a fullservice provider ofunique, sharable andeasy to track facebookcoupons.More About This
  • 16. Quick Read Codes For Mobile QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes that can be read by many cell phones and smartphones.
  • 17. You do not need to join all of the social media sites.Just make it easy for yourclientele to talk about you.
  • 18. Chances are you have alreadyprovided them a positive experience.Simply encourage them to share thatwith their family and friends.
  • 19. Helps Create Real Social Proof When people see familyand friends doing business with you, its much more believable than hyped up print advertising. Real Social Proof
  • 20. Sample Facebook Coupon The unique url link goes here first, notice their website in the background.Encourage the "like" with a compelling offer!
  • 21. Sample Facebook Coupon WebsiteNOTE: shows onThe coupon is top of thedisplayed only coupon forafter clicking theunique url link promotion."like" button. Whensomeone whoalready has "liked"the coupon clickson it again. it willgo straight to yourpromoted offer. More about this coupon This can be whatever you want to promote. You can customize what gets previewed!
  • 22. Sample Facebook Coupon Unique QR code. Loads coupons onto mobile device or smartphone. More about this couponOn mobile validation coupons, this code can be scannedat your business for quick and easy confirmation.
  • 23. Sample Facebook CouponValidation code.Each coupon has aunique code. More about this couponThese unique coupon codes can be tracked, reviewed andmarked redeemed from your client portal / dashboard.
  • 24. Sample Facebook CouponTERMS:Keepcoupon(s)active untilexpirationdate. Ordeactivatein yourdashboardat any time. Creating Real Social Proof Coupons already printed stay valid until expiration date, but offer can be paused whenever you like.
  • 25. Creating Real Social ProofLiking thecoupon willautomaticallypost on thefacebookpage of theperson who"likes" you. More social proof
  • 26. Creating Real Social ProofAfter I "liked" theoffer, heres howit got shared onmy friendsnewsfeed.GREAT MoreSOCIAL social proof.PROOF
  • 27. Creating Real Social ProofWhen a friend,Jim clicked the"like" button fromhis newsfeed, hewas sent directlyto the offer beingpromoted.GREATSOCIALPROOF More social proof
  • 28. Creating Real Social Proof Heres how it appears on his newsfeed after he "liked" the offer. And when his friends click, it goes on all of their friends pages... and so on...and so on. GREAT SOCIAL PROOF
  • 29. "Even if the person posting doesnt have credentials, expertise orobjectivity, the effort theyspend to tell you about it lends credence." kathryn booth
  • 30. More about thedashboard and user features
  • 31. Sample dashboardClient portal / dashboard managescoupons, links, invoices and e-maillist features. More about the dashboard
  • 32. Sample dashboard Referring link shows you who is sharing and which promotions ofIP the coupon are working best.addressesshowuniquevisits More about the dashboard
  • 33. Sample Dashboard This is a mobile redemption key, activated only with mobile validations coupons.Search IDhelps youfindcouponsfast. More about the dashboard.
  • 34. Sample dashboardHere is aprintableQR flyer.
  • 35. Facebook Coupons Create unique discounts like regular coupons that get mailed. QR codes can be printed and used at your business on a mobile device. Coupons can be validated and tracked from your dashboard. Collect customer emails to notify them about your new offers. More Information
  • 36. Not on Facebook? No worries!Ill create a page for you FREE.Ill also help get 25 likes so you canname it after your business. If youlive in SLC, UT. I can take picturesof your business, the atmosphereand staff or anything you want forthe page until you are satisfied.
  • 37. Coupon restrictions are not necessary for coupon creation.Heres the 3 things I need from you tocreate a unique coupon for your business.
  • 38. One time charge for setup and creation of your customized user dashboard with one coupon for only $30.Note: Once created, the dashboard is yours toaccess forever with a unique portal url link.Serves as your "branded" url link back office.Coupons will be delivered in demo mode untilpayment is made from your back office.
  • 39. One time charge for setup andcreation of yourcustomized user dashboard withtwo coupons for only $40.
  • 40. One time charge for setup and creation of yourcustomized userdashboard with 3coupons for only $50.
  • 41. Significant savings for long term available upon request.
  • 42. Coupons without restrictions validforever and can be toggled on andoff in your back office. Couponswith terms expire as posted.Branded fan gates are perfect forclients who want to run the sameads or campaigns on different daysfor testing purposes. More About Branded Fan Gates
  • 43. By using a branded fan gate, youcan use your non expiring couponsindefinitely, change them daily.Sample urls are typically http://autoservice, restaurant, pizza shop, yourbusiness name etc/
  • 44. Just click on any blueECPN.US link and sendme an email, Ill respond to your inquries in a timely manner.
  • 45. I do this program from home, so can you! If you want to join this program, Ill match yourcredit purchase (up to 12) when you join with my affiliate link below.
  • 46. Once I verify that youvejoined with the provided link and have purchased some credits. Ill send you the matching credits (up to 12) as promised.
  • 47. My name is Sheldon Mohland I do this program and more from home before and after work and on weekends.