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Kerrang analysis
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Kerrang analysis

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  • 1. Music Magazine Analysis
  • 2. Background informationKerrang! is a UK-based magazinedevoted to rock music published byBauer Media Group. Named after the onomatopoeic word that derives from the sound made when playing a power chord on an electric guitar, Kerrang! was initially devoted to the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and the rise of hard rock acts. In the early 2000s it became the best-selling British music newspaper Launched as a monthly magazine its high demand meant it could then be printed fortnightly and eventually weekly.
  • 3. Sales figuresStarting out their company in a small printing house, the BauerPublishing Group has grown into a worldwide publishing empire.Managed by four generations, the Bauer family own 238magazines including some of the UK‟s biggest sellers such asMojo and Q as well as TV and radio stations worldwide in 15countries. During the 1980s and early 1990s the magazine placed many thrash and glam metal acts on the cover. Readers often criticised the magazine for repeating this process every time a new musical trend becomes popular. Kerrang!‟s popularity rose again with the hiring of editor Paul Rees at the turn of the millennium. At this time, the nu-metal genre, featuring bands such as Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park, were becoming more widespread. Unfortunately, the nu-metal wave did not last long and in 2003 Kerrang!‟s sales went quickly into decline. This meant a new format needed to be established in order to sustain readers. With the emergence of emo and metalcore, Kerrang! Magazine began to heavily feature this new musical trend within its pages. However, the revamp was not welcomed by all readers and many complaints were received about Kerrang!s sudden emphasis on emo and metal core music. The magazine continued to print issues with My Chemical Romance on the front cover for several weeks causing a slight alteration in readership figures.
  • 4. AudienceIn the period 01-Jul-2008 to 31-Dec-2008 Kerrang!‘scirculation sales in the UK and the Republic of Ireland wereat a high of 50,128 insuring it remained the market-leadingmusic weekly. These figures display that Kerrang! is asuccessful magazine despite its audience being onedemographic entity.This devoted audience of rock fans is made up of: 60% males 40% femaleswith Kerrang!‟s demographic fall into social class D-C. Themain ethnicity of the readership is white British with a targetpopulation of 16-24 year olds.The magazine‟s psychographic is defined as „people whoaspire to be respected among other people.‟ Kerrang! aims more at a male audience and appeals to them by using content such as hard rock and metal iconic male bands on the front cover pulling angry faces or violent expressions. Female readers are targeted by the use of male bands on free pull out posters and feature interviews.
  • 5. The masthead is written at the top of the Front Cover The magazine is aimed at a youngpage and it has a kind of broken glass audience 16-24+ (majority male):effect. This could be interpreted as the The magazine uses strategies such as “free we know this through the use ofsmashing of a glass or mirror maybe by a posters” to help attract readers to make them graphics, fonts, layouts andguitar which links back to the rock and roll feel like they are getting more for their money. presentation. Kerrang! is aimed atlifestyle that this magazine is trying to Using this strategy is very clever as some the youth and their lifestyles. It has a contemporary and up-to-portray. The use of onomatopoeia and the people might even buy the magazine just so date look, making use of modernbroken glass effect in the title all link and are that they can get the free posters. typefaces and a down-to-earthwoven together to show the the magazine „s feel. The magazine evenmusical nature. And it also gives the accommodates the youngmagazine an edge and adds vibrancy which readership by usingleads back to the readership of this advertisements that relate to theirparticular magazine. The title is red which is interests E.G. “See slipknot for aa primary colour, associated with many fiver” = Cheap entertainment as allinterpretations and because the artists are young people look for affordableplaced over the title it shows that the fun in todays world.magazine is quite popular, because it canstill be identified without the title being in fullview. The magazine features a male band the majority of the time.Also the magazine builds up its image as it uses This issue includes young guns , athe colour technique/ scheme for every issue British rock band. I found it interesting as the magazine only chose to shoote.g. 3-4 colours maximum are used. the lead singer this informed theThe top 2 colours are red and yellow (both audience that his feature is moreprimary colours) personal and about him. A maleRed is a very emotionally intense colour as its audience will find the main articlethe colour of fire and blood and is associated interesting as the quote “i had to fightwith energy, danger, strength, power, for everything” relates to many youngdetermination as well as passion, desire, and male audiences aspiring to be likelove. Also Red brings text and images to the there idols so they can relate to theforeground. Use it as an accent colour to issue. This front cover would alsostimulate people to make quick decisions attract more female audience as theYellow is associated with joy, happiness, singer is topless and has lyrics writtenintellect, and energy. very effective for attractingThe edgy, underground and individualistic styleattention, so use it to highlight the most appeals to rock readers and draws them in, this is all over his body , therefore more women will be enticed to the product.important elements of your design a crucial element of any successful magazine.
  • 6. The contents page is divided in half, focusing on a bring me the horizon mini review. This is not a main article as it is not featured on the front cover but is the focus of the contents this acts in the sameContents Page way of a front page, enticing the reader in. The page is divided into sections, with images being the main focus of the page, This format means the reader is immediately drawn to the images, enabling them to feel more involved within the magazine, and be more entertained. There is a consistent house style throughout the magazine : a majority of the time black and yellow is always featured as well as another colour in this case the magazine uses subtle hints of red which stands out but isnt over powering. Editors notes make the magazine more personal to the reader as it gives them updates on what she has been up to and which parts of the magazines are her favourites and what she would recommend Images and article titles are numbered (in red) making it convenient for the reader as they are able to identify what page its on. Ads / special features are put in boxes for the reader to immediately notice themContents includes: feedback from bands/ viewers, news, swag (merchandise), reviews, posters, features, albumreviews, gig guide, letter from editor, subscription info
  • 7. Double Page Spread The use of font size and place is very in interesting as the title is placed tilted which allows the magazine to add Kerrangs! Own flare and style to the article without taking away from what is about as it also portrays the bands style extremely well In terms of colour the main colours used are black and red which contrast each other very well and stand out at the same time which allows the reader to enjoy the article without being distracted by the red. The use of white text also works very well as all three colours blend and work alongside the imagesThis double page spread uses a lot of imagery as well as into the pagewhich is good as it entices the reader and The other images on the otherallows them to enjoy the article visually. The page are of different members ofmain image is of the main singer of a band (my the band and implies that thechemical romance) , this will allow the reader to article doesnt forget about them The effect of having a white background inknow what the article is about , this image and there are features of themtakes up a whole page of the 2 so there is very the corner of the page adds good contrast within the article which attracts and allows the text to change to black whichlittle text which is another good and key aspect many readers as many like toas it is important not to bombarded the reader makes the magazine more exiting as colour read the updates and journeys ofwith a lot of text as they will get bored and skip is played around with and make the article different band members in athe article. music magazine. more visually expressive.
  • 8. Website Kerrang!‘s website is dedicated to finding out more information to do with the magazine and also the latest information on the readerships favourite bands and upcoming events. The website hosts Kerrang’s! online shop, podcasts, message board, TV and radio segments ensuring even more opportunities to sell associated merchandise and products.Kerrang goes for a traditional rock-styled site with blacks, whites and reds which are dominant through out thesite.The site is separated into stylish blocks of writing but a more modern layout. It does have it advantages but onecould say that block make the site look slightly cluttered sometimes making it hard to read.Another point is that the style of the site doesnt portray the style of the magazine a lot as technology hasprogressed more modern themes are used. the site includes features such as news, access to all areas, podcast, radio, tickets, shop , bands andsubscription as well as the latest issue of the magazine itself, making it more convenient for the consumer/audience to view all on one site. The site also allows you to create an account for “noiseletters” where they areemailed updates and information on the bands and tour dates, this allows the audience to keep up to date on adaily basis without the missing anything again making it more convenient as they do not have to wait for the nextissue of the magazine to be released as everything and more is featured on the website.