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Senior Project Speech 2011-12
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Senior Project Speech 2011-12






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Senior Project Speech 2011-12 Senior Project Speech 2011-12 Document Transcript

  • Shelby FlemingMs.Tillery18 March 20122nd Period Senior Project Speech A total of 30 million blood components are transfused each year in the UnitedStates. More than thirty eight thousand blood donations are needed everyday. My name isShelby Fleming and my senior project was organizing and running the fall blood drive forthe school. For the past three years at Creekview High School I have taken the healthcarescience class. I have also taken interest in the healthcare profession since I was a youngchild. The reason I chose this project is because every year I have been in the healthcarescience class, I have helped work in the school blood drive. I have enjoyed working in theblood drive and took interest in it. My product was a blood drive. I chose this product because it was something Iwanted to learn more about. I went through a long process to get to the day of the blooddrive. I started out talking to Mr. Peacock, the healthcare science teacher, who laterbecame my project facilitator, on the 2nd day of school about doing the blood drive, heagreed and we agreed on the date for the blood drive, which was November 29th, 2011.Mr. Peacock then contacted Life South and got it all set in stone. Afterwards, I met withMr. Peacock on several occasions about what was going to go into the project and whatwas going to go on over the course of the months before the blood drive. I then had to write several emails to staff at the school. The first set of emails Ihad to write was to the administrators and teachers letting them know we would be
  • having the blood drive on November 29th. Another email I had to write was to thecoaches telling them that we would need the gym on November 29th to do the blooddrive. In addition to the other emails, I had to write one to the ROTC teachers askingthem if their classes could help take people who had given blood back to class. The lastemail I had to write was to the janitor so he would know that we needed tables, chairs,and trashcans on the day of the blood drive. Next, I had to put together a sign up book so people could sign up to donateblood. I also had to get copies made of sixteen year old permission forms for life southand copies of tickets to go get students out of class on the day of the blood drive. The costof the copies was a bit high and more than I expected. Then, I had to make information posters to hang up around the school to letpeople know about the blood drive. I also had to let the school’s morning news know thatwe would be signing people up for the blood drive during their lunch periods. I later had to talk to Mr. Peacock’s healthcare science third year classes abouthelping sign people up for the blood drive and about working the blood drive, I also hadto get Mr. Peacocks third year classes to get a paper signed from their teachers givingthem permission to miss classes on the day of the blood drive so that they could helpwork it. Afterwards, I had to get people signed up during their lunch period and getpermission slips back from sixteen year olds. I did this with the help of Mr. Peacock’shealthcare science 3rd year classes. I also had to go to the fire department and warn themthat we might need EMS on the day of the blood drive. I had to call Life South and makesure that they were still coming on November 29th but each time I called I never got an
  • answer. I then had to have Mr. Peacock call them because they would not call me back.This was one of the problems I encountered during my project. At that time, we were trying to get 350 people signed up to give blood. We endedup getting 220 people signed up to give blood the week before thanksgiving break. Theweek of thanksgiving break I spent a lot of time typing up the sign up book, makingtickets for blood donors, and organizing the tickets into time slots. I then talked with Mr. Peacock’s healthcare science third year classes the daybefore the blood drive about what they needed to wear and what was going to happen onthe day of the blood drive. I also collected money from Mr. Peacock’s healthcare sciencethird year classes for pizza for lunch for the day of the blood drive, so that we wouldn’thave our workers leaving the gym for lunch. My research paper for this project taught me the steps of giving blood and theimportance of it. The process to give blood is not that complicated you go through a fewsimple steps and then your done. First you register and they get your name and addressand simple information about you, you then go to a station where they ask you a series ofquestions and prick your finger to make sure it is safe for you to give blood. After, youare sent to a chair where they put a tourniquet around your arm so they can find yourvein, they then clean your arm with iodine, after cleaning your arm with iodine they putthe needle in and fill up a little bag, and test tubes to test your blood. Next, they fill up apint of blood in the blood bag and it saves 3 lives, they then wrap your arm withcompression bandage that they advise you were for 8 hours. After you are done you go toa table and drink juice and eat cookies for 15 minutes to make sure you will not be sick.After that you are free to go about your day.
  • The morning of the blood drive I had to get to the school at 6:30 A.M. to help setup for the blood drive. We had to go get barricades for the stairs to help life south set up.At 8:00 A.M. Mr. Peacock’s healthcare science 3rd year classes started coming in andgetting their name tags for the day. At 8:30 A.M. Mr. Peacock’s classes started going andgetting students to donate blood, they then brought the students back to registration toregister to sign up to give blood. We got our first blood donation at 8:45 A.M. Life southwas making good progress. We didn’t have that much of a line for people to give blooduntil about 12:30. At 12:30 Life South had to let some people have lunch so we started toget a longer line. At about 1:30 we had a girl pass out from giving blood, she continued tohave problems and we had to call EMS. When EMS arrived, administrators were in thegym and she was told that she needed to go to the hospital and she refused. This was oneof the big problems we encountered that day. Another problem we encountered werepeople trying to skip classes and stay in the blood drive. We had to overcome thisproblem by telling them they would get in school suspension if they stayed any longer. Life south ran a little late and our last donor got finished at 3:45 P.M. I then hadto stay and help clean everything up. At 4:30 P.M. we finished cleaning everything upand the gym was ready for basketball practice. Life south staff was very rude to me thatday; they didn’t want anything to do with me and kept asking me why I was takingpictures. They didn’t realize this was my senior project. The life south coordinator wasvery nice and seemed to understand what I was doing. We ended up getting 235 units of blood but we only had 180 usable units of bloodfrom our blood drive.
  • I chose Mr. Peacock as my project facilitator because he does the blood driveevery year at the school and has a lot of experience with it. He was the only person Iwould have known to talk to about my project. I learned much from this project. I learnedhow much responsibility and time goes into planning a blood drive. I also learned howstressful things can get when you have a strict timeline to follow. I would not go into theblood drive profession because it is very stressful with planning and can get hectic attimes. I am going to pursue the medical field and major in pre-med in college. I think this project was a great life experience. It has helped me grow up andbecome more prepared for college. Everyday someone in the United States needs a bloodtransfusion. Blood is always in a shortage and always in demand. If you ever get thechance, please donate blood because you never know whose life you will be saving. Itmight be your own. Thank you for your time. Are there any questions?