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Unit Pan PowerPoint Unit Pan PowerPoint Presentation Transcript

  • Unit Plan: The 5Elements of a StoryBy: Shelby Bollner
  • The Learner and the ObjectiveO My class is a 3rd grade class of 22 students,12 boys and 10 girls.O The class is broken down by 55 minutes foreach subject a day.O The objective of my 5 day unit plan is to teachmy students the basics of the 5 elements to astory which are character, plot, setting, style,and theme.
  • Day One: CharacterO I will begin by showing the students the short YouTubestory-telling video about all five of the literary elements andthen explain that today’s focus will be about the element ofcharacter.O I would then go over the class literary poster and talk abouthow each picture pertains to each element. This would bethe time for class discussion and questions on theelements.O I would then read the “Olivia” book aloud to the students,and to keep them engaged I would stop periodically and askthem questions about the text that pertain to character.O After the read-aloud I would put the children into groups andhave them do a post-reading activity pertaining tocharacterization and then have them present(Good Reads)
  • Day Two: PlotO I would start the day by reviewing the class literary elementposter.O Then I would read“There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed aFly” and I would use this book to demonstrate plot because ithas a building plotO The students will be grouped together to do a post-readingactivity where they will write five things that happened in theplot.O The students then will watch a video made by me that instructsthem how to preform a read-aloudO Their homework assignment will be to pick a book where theywill gear the read-aloud towards plot.O They will have to post the book they picked on the classFacebook page for their homework assignment as well.(Caldecott Medal)
  • Day Three: SettingO I would start of class with a review of the classliterary element poster.O Then I would do a read-aloud of a historicalfiction book, like Ox-Cart Man, for this lessonto demonstrate that setting is both where ANDwhen the story is occurring.O After the read-aloud we would have a classdiscussion about the book and how settingwas importantO Then each student would get a computer fromthe class set and go to the class FaceBookpage and listen to a podcast made by myself.They would complete the activity within thepodcast.
  • Day Four: StyleO I would start of the day with a review ofthe class poster of the five literaryelementsO I would read the book “Arrow to the Sun”to demonstrate author’s style. Afterreading the book and pointing out the anystyle techniques, I would have the childrendiscuss the different uses of style.O Then I would have each child get acomputer and go to zunal.com andcomplete the WebQuest individual andgroup activity
  • Day Five: ThemeO For the last day in the unit plan I wouldstart of, of course, with a review of theclass poster.O I would read the book “Knuffle Bunny:A Cautionary Tale” that has a cleartheme but also incorporates all otherelements very clearly into the story aswell to tie the unit plan altogether.O Then I would have the students eachget a computer and go to the classpage on FaceBook where they willthen go to Blogger and complete theactivity listed within the blog I createdfor them.(Silvey, 2013)
  • Use of TechnologyO I wouldn’t be using a lot of technology forthis unit plan but I would use some.O I would be using the ELMO to display thestory better for all students to see duringthe read-aloudsO I would also use the computer to showdifferent photos for activities.O But mostly the students would be doinghands on activities in groups.
  • Works CitedO Caldecott Medal. (n.d.). Retrieved 5 15, 2013, fromsmallfrybooks.com:http://smallfrybooks.com/award/2/caldecott-medalO Good Reads. (n.d.). Olivia. Retrieved 5 15, 2013, fromgoodreads.com:http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/770051.OliviaO Silvey, A. (2013, 2 18). Book-A-Day. Retrieved 5 15, 2013, fromchildrensbookalmanac.com:http://childrensbookalmanac.com/2011/02/knuffle-bunny/