Camera shots


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Camera shots

  1. 1. Glossary of terms – camera shots, angles and how they’re used BY Shelby Edmunds
  2. 2. ESTABLISHING SHOT Shows the audience where the episode is going to take place, shows the surroundings In which the action is going to unfold. We know that the next scene will be inside one of the buildings seen in the establishing shot.
  3. 3. EXTREME LONG SHOT • The Subject is not clearly in view but we know that that the next scene will probably be inside of of the cars • Show’s the setting to where the character currently is for the action to take place i.e. isolated area in dessert • it shows the scale of the action that will take place
  4. 4. TWO SHOT Follows the interaction between two characters often in conversation, it can show the relationship between characters i.e. hatred. But with her arms crossed she is reserved when talking to Cruz.
  5. 5. EXTREME CLOSE UP Emphasizes detail on a specific area i.e. here it is on doing the injections however it could be on the eyes to show emotion.
  6. 6. MEDIUM CLOSE UP Medium close up’s show the face clearer, without it making the shot too uncomfortably close to the face. It is half way between a mid shot and a close up therefore a medium close up. Here you can see the Derek looks concerned from his crossed eyebrows.
  7. 7. MID SHOT Shows the person in more detail than a long shot but less than a close up, it gives detail on what the character is doing. Its more realistic as when you talk to someone you don’t look at their bottom half and so only their top half; it shows some of the emotion that JJ is feeling i.e. very pale looks ill, she has a nervous expression, hugging her arms close makes her look fragile.
  8. 8. CLOSE UP Shows more emphasis on the facial features so you can see the emotion the character is feeling. In this scene it is used to show how Derek is feeling about the events with JJ, you can tell he is anxious from his expression. These are effective as the audience can see exactly what the character is feeling.
  9. 9. COMPOSITION – THE WAY THE CHARACTERS APPEAR ON SCREEN As this is a close up and a two shot it clearly expresses the expressions held by the characters – whatever is on the screen is being found to be as shocking. Spencer is looking over Penelope's shoulder to see what she was shocked at. We expect the next shot to do a 180 so we as the audience get to see what is being found out.
  10. 10. OVER THE SHOULDER Is used to show conversations, it gives the position of the characters and gives the audience the chance to feel like they can see from that characters point of view as if they can join in on the conversation. The different speakers show different emotions which is shown via showing their faces in turn. The person talking takes up around 1/3 of the shot so that the audience focus’ on them.
  11. 11. HIGH ANGLE SHOT This is a shot looking down on the character showing a lack of authority, a feel of hopelessness. We can see this as she is tied up and can’t escape therefore she has no power which is represented by the high angle shot. Whoever has tied her up has more power over JJ.
  12. 12. LONG SHOT This is where the character takes up most of the screen, her feet are cut off. This shows them in the environment that they are currently in i.e. here she is coming out of the police block from being rescued. She is holding her side as she has been hurt and so is in pain when she walks quickly. The emphasis is on the character which takes up most of the frame.