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Ezeego1 Lokusdesign Comprehensive Ezeego1 Lokusdesign Comprehensive Presentation Transcript

  • Lokusdesign, Pune
  • Design Brief Ezeego1 - Virtual Travel Market Place. Providing customers B2B and B2C services. Customized Holidays to the user Different modes of delivery and collection system which will cater to any part of the world. The over all look and feel needs to be young, fresh and trendy. Online TG 25-50 years , matured online users, 65% males and 35 % female. Smart they surf for information & transactions. Ezeego 1 offline service will be ezeege 1 travel shops , which would be company, owned and franchise outlets. Will offer retail service to walk-in customers. Like “Travel Boutique”. The shops will start with metro’s and than moved to small towns. Pilot shop will be done in Mumbai. Products offered - Cruises, Flights, Hotels, Cars, Holidays, Rail, Forex, (in mid & large outlets), Business, Insurance, visa, Shopping. Overall Look and Feel “ Young and Fresh”. Category Buttons a critical element.
  • Information Collection- Requirements (from Client) Kind of Outlets Large outlets- 700-1000 sft (6-7 people approx.) Medium outlets- 300-700 sft (2-4 people approx.) Small outlets- 100-300 sft (1-2 people approx.) Special Display space for posters, leaflets. Plasma TV (large outlets). Brand Recall- schemes, modular merchandise, stands for leaflets, etc. Reception in Large/ mid shops Basic equipment in all shops- Computers, printers, fax, telephone, internet, air- conditioning, etc. Human interfacing, through personalized customer care. Discussion table in large outlets Touch screen kiosk in mid and large outlets Forex Modular and easy to maintain Pantry, rest rooms in large shops (may be in the medium shops too) View slide
  • The Process Identify > Integrate > Innovate > Translate > Maximize View slide
  • Identify > Integrate > Innovate > Translate > Maximize
  • Travel & Tourism: Key Statistics
    • Annual domestic tourists: 300 million (may 2004)
    • Number of domestic tourists or travelers in 2002: 270 million (department of tourism)
    • Growth of domestic travel from 2002 to 2004: 15 to 20 percent
    • Huge rise in travel & tourism leading to rise in customer exposure and expectations
    • Customers have numerous options & they choose basis cost, options, relationship, experience, service & brand
  • Scenario: How Indians travel: Queries, Concerns, Anxieties, Stereotype, Psyche, Habits, etc.
    • Customers have endless queries & concerns: typically would speak to friends & relatives before approaching an agent
    • Customers are very impatient: first few moments & thereafter overall experience would decide the fate of the bookings/ sale
    • Anxiety of getting fooled or cheated or not getting the best deal, takes over
    • Habits: food, travel, luggage, rituals, language, daily schedule, living habits, etc are very critical
    • Psyche & mental makeup: more value for money, free offers & worried
    • Ashamed of asking silly questions & would rather adjust: not outspoken
    • Not many people in india book online and pay online: need a human interface especially for big amounts
  • Travel Scenario: Retail
    • More or less all the travel agents would offer similar deals
    • Customers would migrate if the travel & cost options aren't so great and if the service is bad
    • Online browsing and online travel bazaar's make the traditional travel agent vulnerable
    • Today’s evolved TG wants the same great service and retail experience as seen abroad: increasing pressure on the retailer
    • Empathy, patience & friendly mentoring are sure winners and would trigger buying decisions
    • Space which comforts people and looks like a responsible and great brand are important influencers
  • Buying Decision: Parameters
    • Tangible Parameters
    • Options + Schemes: Cost
    • Plans, Schedule & Network
    • Services: One-stop-shop
    • Experience in the industry
    • Recommendations
    • Past Experience
    • Certifications
    • Location of store
    • In-Tangible Parameters
    • Service Quality, Speed & Customer Management
    • Empathy, Patience & Friendly Mentoring
    • Overall Experience & Treatment
    • Retail Space & Comfort (Anxiety Reducing)
    • Space which is Fresh and Inviting
    • Brand Perception and Recall
    • Quality of Sales Staff & Training
    • Feel Good Factor
  • Customer: A dream unmet Dream Sees photos on the site or magazines Visits Travel Agents/ Co Chaotic Service & Ambience not proper TIME HAPPINESS Doesn’t get service or experience close to the dream Fixed Plans & Budgets Has to wait longer Improper Functional Design Compromise but glad finally managed the deal Plans Yet to Start Travel Completes the DREAM Bad Service Unfulfilled Promise Completes the Unfulfilled Dream
  • Customers looking for travel services They would vastly vary in terms of SEC Ezeego1 would need to cater to a vast brand eg – Airlines to rail. Hotels offered are budgets hotels to top resorts, Holidays – small Indian holiday to international All travel related services & competitive brands Travel search site with booking capabilities Customers both B2B and B2C Instant pricing and confirmation Opportunity to customize holidays Single Window platform for multiple services Customer Type Cheque Deposit Ticket collection Forex Enquiry Others ONLINE WALK IN REGULAR
  • Customers looking for travel services They would vastly vary in terms of SEC Ezeego1 would need to cater to a vast brand eg – Airlines to rail. Hotels offered are budgets hotels to top resorts, Holidays – small Indian holiday to international Internet Savvy Informed & would weigh options Needs mentorship and help in choosing Would be a repeat customer if service is good Chooses the best option Would be finicky about finer service aspects May not choose to pay online Customer Type: Key Traits Cheque Deposit Ticket collection Forex Enquiry Others ONLINE WALK IN REGULAR
  • Typical Retail Layouts: Functional Issues
    • Confusing layouts
    • Crowded spaces: No space division
    • Low Quality Overall Experience & Treatment
    • Retail Space creates Anxiety
    • Spaces are non-inviting
    • Brand Perception is low
    • Poor planning and overall apathy triggers impatience
    Entrance Forex Other functions Waiting Lounge crowded, chaos, etc Customer service just at the entrance Reservation counter Consumers need to find the concerned areas & functions Chaotic planning and non functional spaces Customer service being at the entrance creates lot of traffic and movement right at the start Difficult to identify or look for the reception. It gets lost in crowd Heavy circulation zone Lot of functions Intersects each other Heavy Visual cross reference & disturbance
  • Retail constraints
    • Capex: per sft cost
    • Budget and roll out plans
    • Revenue model & break even plan
    • Cost sharing models
    • Store location
    • Store design
    • Site details and constraints
    • Franchise needs & demands
    • Frontage
    • Expected foot fall: space volume required
    • Services, circulation & waiting area distribution
    • Demography & usage patterns
    • Materials & finishes
    • Contracting agency
    • Operational systems & management
    • Electricity & other services
  • Identify > Integrate > Innovate > Translate > Maximize
  • Movement: bubble diagram Daily activity Common waiting Consultancy Personalized Online customers Reservations bookings Forex Should be visible from outside. Visibility should be diagonally as well as from the front Look and feel of travel boutique Should generate the feel of comfort, interactive and celebrations, exploration. What is Ezeego1 History, the process of evolution Achievements (not medals but from the users perspective) General information about offers and activities Friendly Comfort and interactive environment Complete & honest information like well wisher with supportive branding elements Entrance
  • Young & Fresh Combination of formal as well as informal attitude. Combination of Cafeteria and Institutional interiors as a metaphor Overall should give a look and feel of Travel boutique The space is divided in Two Zones Zone One Common circulation and activity area- All the customers will be using this zone Entrance, Reception, Branding, Posters, Kiosk, Graphics, etc This is highly interactive and changes its look as per season, festivals, offers, etc Glimmes of the forth coming tours and overall knowledge of the products. Zone Two Cafeteria as a metaphor. The elements should have cafeteria character. Youth and belongings Information regarding the tours in details should be available here Individual Areas are customer centric No use of posters, graphics, etc. Providing personal attention to each and every customer. Direction Zone One Zone Two
  • Identify > Integrate > Innovate > Translate > Maximize
  • Forex Cashier WC Relationship zone & Sit-out Managers Cabin Counter Inside Sitting/ Waiting Pantry Branding Reception Branding wall with Buttons Meeting room Facade
  • White backlit Facade
  • Identify > Integrate > Innovate > Translate > Maximize
  • Identify > Integrate > Innovate > Translate > Maximize
  • LOKUS Design Pvt. Ltd., Pune. 2006 1
  • LOKUS Design Pvt. Ltd., Pune. 2006 2
  • LOKUS Design Pvt. Ltd., Pune. 2006 3
  • LOKUS Design Pvt. Ltd., Pune. 2006 4