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Details of the Department of Nutrition

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  • Thank you Sarita for Updating . Thank you for making us feel proud of having a student like you
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  • Hello Anuradha Ma'am, This is Sarita Trasi from FSN 1992-93. There are a few points I noticed.
    I won the 'Best Student' Award from FSN in 1992-93. Dr Mankikar had given me a Rolling Trophy and a Certificate too.
    I stood 3rd on the Merit List with my other 2 batchmates from SNDT Nashik taking the top two honors. My GPA was 6 which was the highest for Food Science and Nutrition that year. The 1st Merit Holder was Archana Rathour from Dietetics and 2nd Merit holder, Sonal Rathi from Textiles were both from SNDT Nashik. Under Internships, my batchmate, BTV Padma and I worked at Kwality Walls, Worli and then at CFTRI Lab at Bhavan's Campus, Andheri. I later joined Baskin Robbins, which was a JV of Baskin Robbins of USA and Kwality Group.
    I owe my success in FSN to you and BMN for all the encouragement and unique style of teaching. I always look back with happy memories, although I was in BMN only in Final Year, B. Sc. Thank you once again, Anuradha Maam !
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Report of Dr.BMN College

  1. 1. Report of the Food Science Nutrition Department OF DR.BMN College of Home Science<br />
  2. 2. Faculty Members<br /> Mrs. AnuradhaShekhar, M.Sc. M.Phil.Associate professor& Head of the Department Dr.BMN college of Home Science 338 R.A . KidwaiRoad,Matunga. Mumbai 400019 Dr. (Mrs) MeenaMehta, M.Sc. Ph.D. Associate professor Mrs. VinayaVaishampayan, M.Sc. Assistant professor <br />
  3. 3. Department of Food Science Nutrition <br />
  4. 4. High lights of the Dept. of FSN<br />Milestones…………………………………………………<br /> …….1990 – The first batch of students of FSN Dept. Graduate.<br /> …….1996 – College introduces UGC Vocational Degree Course in Food Science and Quality Control<br /> …….2004 -- College introduces UGC Sponsored Career Oriented Program in Physical Fitness & Weight Management.<br /> …….2005 – College introduces P.G. Diploma in Sports Science and Fitness Nutrition.<br /> …….2009 -- College introduces MSc in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics<br />
  5. 5. Courses Offered by the Dept.<br />UG Courses <br />BSc In FSN - Food Science and Nutrition <br />BSc In FSQC – Food science and Quality Control<br />BSc In Nutrition And Dietetics<br />PG Courses<br />PG Diploma In Sport Science and Fitness Nutrition<br />MSc in Clinical Nutrition And Dietetics<br />Any Other- Career Oriented ProgrammeIn Physical Fitness and Weight management<br />
  6. 6. University Merit Rankers<br />1990-91 Ms. VenessaMattos, 1st, <br /> Ms. VimlaMiakoo 2nd<br /> Ms. Ruby Mukerjee 3rd <br />1991-92- Ms. PallaviMeher 1st<br />1992-93- Ms. SaritaTrasi 4th<br />1995-96- Ms. NeelamSahani 1st<br />1996-97- Ms. RichaZutshi 3rd<br />1998-99 - Ms. MamtaS.K 4th<br /> Ms. LotiyaPriyam Fsqc1st<br />1999-00- Ms. BhavanaShukla 2nd Fsqc<br />2002-03- Ms. Motakomal4th<br /> Ms. PathanFauzia 3rd<br /> Ms. ShettyShwetaFsqc 5th<br />2004-05 Ms. MisbaPalwala 2nd<br /> Ms. ManjiriRanadeFsqc 4th<br />2006-07 Ms. ChandLina 1st<br />2007-08 Ms. ManjariSatamFsqc 1st<br /> - Ms. PrachiShettyFsqc 3rd<br />2009-10 Ms. Vineeta Tare 3rd Fsqc<br />2010-11 Ms. TasneemKanchwala 2nd<br /> Ms. SakinaRatlamwala 3rd<br />
  7. 7. College Vice presidents from the department.<br />98-99- Rachana Mehta<br />01-02- MadhaviPandya<br />02-03- Purvicheddha<br />04-05- KanchanTiwari<br />05-06- PoojaVora<br />06-07- BijalJobanputra<br />09-10 –SakinaRatlamwala<br />10-11 –NylaSyed<br />
  8. 8. Best students of the college from the department<br />98-99- Rachana Mehta<br />02-03 Deepa and SuvidhaShenai<br />04-05- MisbaPalwala<br />05-06- NehaPaharia<br />06-07- DivyaMagnani<br />07-08 - MahfreenThampal and SwapnaliRane-<br />09-10 – SakinaRatlamwala<br />10-11 – DivyaAchrekar<br />BMN personality Queen<br /> <br />98-99- MalvikaAthavale<br />01-02- Apoorvakarshikar<br />04-05- Jainee Parikh<br />06-07- BijalJobanputra<br />10-11- ShwetaJoshi<br /> <br />
  9. 9. Pg Results <br />PGSSFN results<br />2007-08<br />Ms. JuhiDoshi - 1st in the Merit List of SNDT Women’s University<br />Ms. Seema Jain - 3rd in the Merit List of SNDT Women’s University<br />Ms. Anju Jain - 3rd in the Merit List of SNDT Women’s University<br />Ms. Purvi Jain – 5th in the Merit List of SNDT Women’s University<br />100% results were obtained.<br />2008-09 <br />Ms.HananJamadar 5th in Merit List of SNDT Women’s University<br />2009-10<br />Ms. ShilpaSheth 1st in the Merit List of SNDT Women’s University<br />
  10. 10. SNDT MISS TEJASWINI<br />Miss. RICHA ZUTSHI 1996-97<br />Miss. MITHALI SHAH 2003-04<br />Miss MANASI ZANGDA reached theTop Five and was Adjudged Ms. Best Extempore 2008-09<br />The Department is proud to<br />present these Achievers<br />
  11. 11. K .U. NARAM AWARDS<br />Department participates in various AFST{I} Association of Food Scientists and technologists Mumbai Chapter activities such as talks, seminars ,workshops , memorial lectures and factory visits as staff and students are its members.<br />K .U. NARAM AWARDS - Presented on World Food day every year in association with AFST[I] Mumbai chapter. The recipients of Dr. BMN college include the following<br />2006 - 07 Ms. RashiVijan, Ms.KejalThakkar, Ms. Gauri D.<br />2007 - 08 Ms. LinaChand, Ms. Manisha G. Ms. ShreejaPillai<br />2008 - 09 Ms. ManjariSatam Ms. PrachiShetty and Ms. TejaswiniKulkarni<br />2009 - 10 Ms. Vineeta Tare, Ms. Vrinda Nair and Ms Fatima Rangwala,<br />2010- 11 Ms. TasneemKanchwala ,Ms. SakinaRatlamwala, Ms. Neha Shah<br />
  12. 12. Students Studying Abroad<br />Zara Nazreth<br />Sejal Shah<br />SejalDedhia<br />VenessaMattos<br />Dhruti Patel <br />Jyoti Jain <br />KrutiGarodia<br />Manisha Patel <br />Bhakti Patel ,<br />EktaRane,etc<br />Pursuing studies in USA, UK AND Newzealand<br />VaniHegde completed her PhdProgramme in USA<br />NehaDeshpande completed her Masters programme in Australia<br />
  13. 13. Students Persuing Higher education<br />Pursuing PhD Course <br /> in India<br />Mrs. NehaLohiaTulsian<br />Ms. NehaPaharia<br />Ms. Harsha Chopra <br />70% 0f Students on an average from the Department enroll for Higher Studies <br />MSc in FSN Food Science And nutrition, CND Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, Food Technology, Organic Chemistry etc<br />PG Diploma Courses in Dietetics , Sport Science and Fitness nutrition, Food technology etc<br /> MBA etc<br />
  14. 14. Innovative teaching learning techniques followed in the Dept. Teaching method followed under the department of Food Science & Nutrition are teacher centered and pupil centered. Teacher centered is more expository and student or pupil centered is more flexible. The teaching method followed are  The teaching techniques followed are role-play ,dramatization, Exhibitions, Puppet shows. Skits, Street Play, Nutritional games, songs, poems, flash cards, film strips, flipcharts, bulletin board, slides, OHP, Models, Power Point Presentations etc. Skills – creativity, communication Planning, Organizational, Managerial, Budgeting, Leadership, Research, Reviewing Analytical, Entrepreneurial skills <br />
  15. 15. Slow And Advance Learners<br /> Advance Learners<br />Challenging Topics <br />Chosen for Collaborative Projects<br />More Presentations <br />Team leaders<br />More involvement in making better notes and seminar projects.<br />Involved in many more activities, CR’s, Event organizers, etc<br /> Slow Learners <br />Remedial lectures<br />More inputs and counseling by teachers.<br />Easy topics <br />Solving Univ. papers<br />Preliminary Exams<br />Notes are given etc.<br />
  16. 16. Remedial classes/Other Value additions<br />Remedial Classes are being organized for Sy and TY BSc students <br />Personality classes and Computer Literacy classes are being given.<br />
  17. 17. Learner Centric techniques<br />Food product development<br />Project presentations<br />Internship <br />Seminars <br />Diet plans <br />Recipe preparations <br />Diet Counseling Skills<br />Planning<br />Event Management skills<br />
  18. 18. Entrepreneurship activities/projects undertaken by the Department <br />Chak le Dec 2006<br />To inculcate entrepreneurial skills<br />To make the student self supporting<br />To make them understand all aspects of running a restaurant <br />Apart from this every year workshops are organized on Entrepreneurship<br />Dimensions –25thFeb 2008<br /> A panel discussion was organized and 28 food product s were displayed by TyFSN and TYFSQC students<br />To Bring the Industry and Academicians and students together to draw attention to the industry needs and address students aspirations for better placement.<br />To use it as a platform to exhibit the products made by students to the visitors<br />
  19. 19. field work/extension work done by the department <br />Health camp for Employees of Corporate houses-COCOLA HOUSING SOCIETY Ms. PriyaKenkera of ICCI Selected Three Girls –Fatima Rangwala, MansiZangda and Sneha Shah TYFSN and trained them on all aspects of health checkup 9-7-2008. The students where employed part time and where involved in taking their heights, weights dietary recalls, BP, Blood sugar, and plan diets for the whole day. 2008-09<br />Participation in 2nd premium International exhibition and Symposium on Nutritional products, medicines and Therapies at Nehru center,Worli3rd-5th Feb 2006 The manager of ‘Panasia’ approached the Principal and requested her to organize the event and hold dietary counseling sessions and also hold workshops by the teachers.<br />Participated in NSS collaborative project On Assessment of nutritional status of Pre school children Sep 2006 NSS team was involved in identifying the problem of malnutrition. Dept. was asked to educate the mothers of preschoolers on how to improve their and the child’s nutritional status<br />
  20. 20. List of select undergraduate projects Is food labeling on fruit juices, squashes and powders adequate’By Fatima rangwala, MansiZangda, And Sneha Shah The poster received a 1st prize ON 29TH OF AUGUST IN THE National seminar on Enhancing quality through academic-industry synergy, AUGUST 2008-2009Industry-Academic Interaction - a PerspectiveBy SheetalAjbani, PrachiGangurde and SnehaCheddaThe poster received the 2nd prize ON 29TH OF AUGUST IN THE National seminar on Enhancing quality through academic-industry synergy Survey on Various Popular biscuit brands available in the marketBy Bhumikalodaya and CharmiGogriAppeared in keemat magazine, May 2008Survey on Growth monitoring at ShriShri Ravi Shankar Vidyamandirdharavi by students of SY FsQC KETAKI Pradhan made a presentation of their results in a state level seminar and bagged the third prize ,Dec 2006<br />
  21. 21. Extention activity <br />
  23. 23. Paper presentations in National level seminar<br />Three teams comprising of 13 TyFSN students presented Papers on their Food product development at SMRK –BK-AK MahilaMahavidyalaya, Nasik ,in a two day State Level seminar on ‘Women Entrepreneurship ; Indian Perspective’.Apurva and group on NutriKaranji, Radhika and group on Soya rags ladoo, Anamika and group on Dates Eclair. On 7& 8 FEB 2011. <br />
  24. 24. Visits and tours<br />Visits have been organized to ICDS centre in Dharavi, and NGO’s to show the working of an anganwadi and also to demonstrate various nutrition related educational programmes to the children and mothers who visit these centers. <br />Students have been taken to Hinduja Hospital, Sion Hospital, Jupiter hospital to observe the working of The dietetic dept.<br />Students have been taken to many industries like parle products , Vista foods ,Mahanand Dairy, Mapro , ICT food tech division,etc<br />Students have visited Gyms such as Cloud 9, Fitness factory, Amulak Gym, Gold Gym, LeenaMogre’s Gym etc<br />Students have been taken to study tours to Hyderabad , Bangalore , Mahableshwar, Goa , Karnataka, etc <br />
  25. 25. Days and weeks observed<br />Nutrition week 1st to 7th September<br />Breast Feeding week<br />World Food Day in Association with AFST[i] Mumbai chapter<br />
  26. 26. ICT Learning / yahoo groups<br />The Department has 2 yahoo groups which are functional and helps in networking with the students for notes , messages, event notifications, time schedules, etc. <br />Students are also availing the benefits of Knowledge center and INFLIBNET services. <br />
  27. 27. Alumni whom we are proud of <br />RakheeMantriAlumni 2002, Chief Dietitian Somaiya Hospital<br />KajalThosaniAlumini of 2006-7 batch PG SSN Nutrition Consultant for past 5 years Worked with BIGG BOSS 3 (a show on colors channel) as a Nutritionist & Health consultant for the contestants<br />Nehalohiaalumni 2000,Phd student and lecturer at PG Dept Juhu, also coordinates IGNOU Courses<br />NehapahariaAlumni of 2004 Batch,Currently pursuing PhD under the guidance of Dr. KasturiSen Ray, Professor, Tata Institute of Social Sciences. Topic of PhD thesis ‘Postprandial Glycemic and Insulin Response of selected Carbohydrate Rich Food in Diabetic Subject’. Topper of Register dietician exam 2010. <br />MeghanaRajpurohitAlumni 1998,Nutritionist with Sudexo<br />MalvikaathavleAlumni 1998, Corporate Consultant- Nutritionist and runs her own Dietetic Clinic EATRITE<br />VanihegdeAlumni of 1999 Batch has obtained her PhD in Nutrition and her dissertation topic was "Effect of various processing on the quality and storage of par-fried French fries in trans- free cottonseed oil." TEXA’s Women’s University- 2010. <br /> Aarti.G.Bhaktwani2000 alumni Presently working as  SLIMMIMG MANAGER-IN   DUBAI <br />Neelamsahany1997-Nutrition Educator KUWAIT GOVERNAMENT<br />
  28. 28. Alumni whom we are proud of <br />Nirva Desai 1995 Dietitian and Obesity consultant at Nanavati Hospital<br />Zara Nezreth2004- Nutrition with Kellogs ,USA<br />SwehtalShinde2001 Diabetes EducatorAsian Heart Institute & Research Center (AHIRC), BKC, Mumbai.<br />RashiVijan2005 Lecture in Dr BMN<br />Bijaljobanputra2006 Lecture in Dr BMN<br />Jyoti Jain 1998 Alumni Present Status: Student - studying, Major -Labor studies and employment, Resource Manager (Recruitment)in a IT solutions and staffing firm in New Jersey, USA.<br />ZankhanaDoshi2004 AlumniPresently working as diabetes counselor and dietician at wockhardt hospital<br />
  29. 29.  National level Seminars Organized by the Department <br />1.Nutrition, lifestyle & Disease - Aug 17-18 , 2000.<br />2. New Horizons - Challenges and Career Opportunities in Home Science”. 12th and 13th March , 2003 .<br />3. Enhancing Quality through Industry - Academic Synergy. Aug 28 – 29, 2008.<br />4.Member of the organizing committee for a Seminar on “Processed Food Industry in India – Vision 2015 TOWARDS HEALTHY LIVING’ Organized by AFSTI[India] Mumbai Chapter in collaboration with Food technology Division BARC, Mumbai on 22-23 2008 at Kohinoor Continental Hotel.<br />5. Member of the organizing committee for an International workshop by ICCN & WCCN along with Indian Dietetic Association 2006 at Renaissance Hotel, Mumbai<br />
  30. 30. Exhibitions<br />Exhibitions held by the dept. outside the college<br /> <br />World trade center – the dept. held an exhibition cum Dietetic counseling session for the visitors in the year 1993 <br />Panacea - Held an exhibition on the courses offered ,Diet counseling sessions and conducted workshops on diet related issues 2005 at Nehru planetarium.<br /> <br />
  31. 31. Teacher participation in content analysis /syllabus revision workshops/at University level<br />Board of Studies, Member<br />Director of Examinations<br />Subject Expert in Nutrition<br />Local Advisory Committee<br />Paper Setter, Examiner and Moderator for SNDT ,MUMBAI and GOA Universities<br />Organizing Member of YUVA Mahotsav- Inter college festival<br />Scrutiny committee members<br />32 [5] of the Maharashtra Univ Act <br /> A Subject Committee Member. <br />MSc - CET Examiner<br />Paper setter for SET Exam<br />Recognized PG teachers and Guides etc<br />Management council member& Member of Senate.<br />Organizer of UGC Sponsored Adventure Trekking camp<br />Mrs. AnuradhaShekhar<br />Dr.MeenaMehta, Mrs.VinayaVyshampayan Participated in Syllabus Reviews and construction<br />Mrs. AnuradhaShekhar as a BOS member participated in FSQC Syllabus restructuring and made syllabus for Human Ecology& Food Science I&2 <br />Renewed the format of FSN, Nutrition and Dietetics, FSQC syllabus, Composite Home Science papers were Reviewed and Accepted by the Board.<br />Renewed the <br />format of FSQC <br />syllabus<br />
  33. 33. Collaborative Research Projects Carried out by the Department<br />Collaborative Research Projects Carried out by the Dept<br /> A collaborative project with Marico Industries on Sensory Evaluation<br /> of Indian recipes made out of Saffola Atta mixes. 2008-09<br />A collaborative project with Marico industries on Market Survey 2010-11<br />A collaborative project with DSM on Food Fortification 2010-11<br />A collaborative project with NIIMS on Nutrition education<br />Student Activities were conducted with AFSTI Mumbai chapter <br />Projects were undertaken in collaboration with Rotary club of Sion and New Bombay.<br />Continuous Nutrition updates being taken up by Media medic communications<br />
  34. 34. Awards Received in the department<br />
  35. 35. Member/office bearer of any other organization related to specialization <br /><ul><li>Life members and executive member of ‘Indian Dietetic Association of India’.
  36. 36. Life members of ‘ Nutrition Society of India’.
  37. 37. Life members of ‘Home Science Association of India’.
  38. 38. Member of ‘National Center for Quality Management’.
  39. 39. Life Member of ‘Association of Food Scientists and Technologists</li></ul>AFST[I][Mumbai Chapter]<br /><ul><li>Appointed as a treasurer of AFST[I] [Mumbai chapter] 2006-07,2007-08.
  40. 40. Convener of Student Activity committee of AFST[I] {MUMBAI CHAPTER}
  41. 41. Convener of fund raising ,membership drive, industrial visits committee </li></ul>AFST[I ][Mumbai chapter], etc<br /><ul><li>Member of [DOHAD] an International Society of ‘Developmental Origins in Health and Disease’2008.
  42. 42. Subject Consultant for SNEHA [ CSSC-Center for study of socialchange] Organization</li></li></ul><li>Papers published in Referred Journals<br /> Mrs. AnuradhaShekhar’s paper titled ‘Current Iron Status of adolescent Girls and its effect on Physical Fitness’ was published in the October Issue of “The Indian Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics’ .<br />Mrs.AnuradhaShekhar’s Paper titled ‘A comparative study of fitness Levels of Gym Members under a Fat loss Programme’ was Published in ‘The Indian Journal of Pediatrics’AnInternationalJournalSpecialSupplement,2009 Volume76: SSNo. 3 Pg -54.18th and 19th of September<br /> Dr. Meena Mehta has published 2 papers in “The Indian Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics’ .She also received travel grants - one to Bangkok and one to Durban.<br /> Mrs. AnuradhaShekhar presented a Paper entitled ‘Enhancing communication skills of women students in the context of Global competencies: Innovative learner – centric Techniques.’ in a NAAC sponsored 2 day Conference on ‘Sustainability of quality and excellence in the field of Education in the 21st century’ Organized by NagindasKhandwala College of Commerce, Arts & Management Studies.Malad. The Paper is being published in a Journal with an ISBN no.<br />
  43. 43. Best Practices <br />Oppertunities for TEACHERS:<br />Initiating short term courses Diploma, Certificate courses at PG Level.<br />Minor Research Projects<br />Participation in National & International Conferences<br />Participation in various committees.<br /> P.G teaching<br /> Research projects<br />STUDENTS:<br />Internship placement.<br />Participation in seminars, talks and projects.<br />Participation of students in various programes of the college and the universities.<br />NSS – Extension activities Participation<br />COP courses <br />AFST(I) activities – Marico projects, <br />Collaborative projects <br />PG courses offered in the same campus<br />Global recognition of course due to credit system.<br />Student-teachers ratio<br />Open door policy<br />Teachers Approachability & guidance<br />Skill oriented courses<br />Projects/Internship <br />Collaborative Projects<br />Industry Interaction<br />Guest lectures/visits<br />Alumni interactions<br />Entrepreneurship skills <br />Paper presentations<br />Food product development<br />
  44. 44. Thank you<br />