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Colonies  introduction Colonies introduction Presentation Transcript

  • Colonization
  • Essential Questions Were exploration and colonization positive or negative for the development of the world? How did the colonists interact with the natives? How did the “mother countries” interact with each other? What are some of the long-term effects of colonization? How did the mother countries choose locations to colonize?
  • What is coloniztion? Colonization is the practice of a country installing a settlement of it’s own people on foreign land It has political control of an area Colonization means the same as Imperialism, where one country has political or economic control over another.
  • Why Colonize? Most European countries believed in Mercantilism: that the wealth of a country is measured by the amount of precious metals they have… like GOLD! To make more profit in colonies $$$ To get natural resources (wood, fish, sugar, tobacco) To promote trade To search for GOLD !! To create manufactured goods for sale
  • How Did They Do It? Set up a trading fort or an invasion army The mother countries had better technology and weapons, like armor, metal swords, muskets, and cannons. They forced the natives into slave labor or imported slaves They imposed taxes on the natives They stole land from the natives
  • Organization of Colonies Mother Countries helped establish: transportation, medical services, and communications This gave them more control over the natives Natives not trained in leadership. They were purposefully kept uneducated, and therefore, dependent upon the mother country.
  • How the money was made… Colonies Mothercollect raw Country sells Mother Country the materials manufactures manufactured and send the raw goods back to home to the colonies materials Mother (and other Country countries)