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    Windows mobile Windows mobile Presentation Transcript

    • 1. Introduction2. Platform3. Software development4. Overall evaluation
    • Windows Mobile is a compact operating system combinedwith a suite of basic applications for mobile devices based onthe Microsoft Win32 API. Devices that run Windows Mobileinclude Pocket PCs, Smartphones, Portable Media Centers,and on-board computers for certain automobiles. It isdesigned to be somewhat similar to desktop versions ofWindows, feature-wise and aesthetically. Additionally, third-party software development is available for Windows Mobile.
    • 2.1 Hardware Pocket PC is a hardware specificationfor a handheld- sized computer. Smartphone is a mobile phone offeringadvanced capabilities, often withPC-like functionality
    •  Portable Media Center was a devicethat focused on integration withMicrosofts Windows Media Center andWindows Media Player to allow users tocarry their media libraries with themon the go. Windows Mobile for Automotive is the name forMicrosofts operating system that facilitatesmultiple functions in automobiles includingcommunication, entertainment, informationsystems
    • We cannot use Windows Mobile with iPhone BlackBerry Phones made for Symbian Another phones or deviceswhich are not compatiblewith WMSummarize we can use Windows Mobile only withdevices which are designed for it!
    • 2.2 Operating SystemsPocket PC 2000Features : Pocket Office Pocket InternetExplorer Windows Media PlayerPocket PC 2002New features:• Spell checker• MSN Messenger• Terminal Services
    • Windows Mobile 2003New features: Bluetooth support Pictures application withviewing cropping, e-mailsupport SMS replay options forPhone editionWindows Mobile 2003 SENew features: Portait and Landscapeswtiching for Pocket PC’s Wi-Fi Protected Access
    • Windows Mobile 5New features: New Office Mobile Photo Caller ID GPS support DirectShow support Picture and Video package Default QWERTY keyboardsupport
    • Windows Mobile 6New features: VoIP Windows Live HTML e-mails support AJAX, JavaScript andXMLDOM support onInternet Explorer Mobile .NET Compact FrameworkIn version 6.1: Improved Internet browsing More personal choice
    • Windows Mobile 6.5New features: New Home screen Finger friendly New Menu Pocket Internet Explorer Windows Marketplacefor Mobile.Microsoft says that the first phones willbe available in the second half of2009.
    • Windows Mobile 7Officially Microsoft didn’tgive any information aboutWindows Mobile 7.Is this Windows Mobile 7???
    • 2.3 Network Connectivity
    • 2.3 Network Connectivity (Core)› EAP (Extensible Authentication Protocol)› API Redirector› TCP/IP› IPv6› Sockets
    • 2.3 Network Connectivity (Wireless)› Bluetooth› Infrared› Wi-Fi WMM WEP WPA WPA2
    • 2.3 Network Connectivity (Remote)› RAPI (Remote API)› VoIP
    • 2.4 Security- Certificates (common credential)- Credential Manager (manages credential information)- Authentication services (for developers to authenticateclients - SSPI)- Cryptography (to distribute information in secret code)- Local Authentication Subsystem (For sophisticatedauthentication systems, such as biometrics)- Smart card subsystem (Provides a link between smart cardreader hardware and smart-card aware applications)
    • 2.5 Performance- A lot more stable than Windows Mobile 5- Battery life: depends on running processes (average: 2-3days)- Fast, if the device itself meets all the requirements- Smooth interface- Overall, it’s a great improvement to Windows Mobile 5
    • 2.6 Future possibilitiesMore user-friendly interfaceMore 3D graphicsNew kinds of Windows Mobiles devices
    • 3.1 Development requirements What is needed to create a Windows Mobile application:1.Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition or above.With this interface you can author, debug and packageapplications for delivery.
    • 3.1 Development requirements What is needed to create a Windows Mobile application:2.Windows Mobile SDK. It contains:- API header;- The library files to access Windows Mobile functionality;- Documentation;- Sample application projects;- Emulators.
    • 3.1 Development requirements What is needed to create a Windows Mobile application:3. ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center.To deploy the application to a device or to an emulator.Windows Vista uses Windows Mobile Device Center anddoesnt support ActiveSync. Windows XP needs to haveActiveSync dowloaded and installed.
    • 3.2 IDE and Tools› Visual Studio 2005› Visual Studio 2008 Professional Standard (Express)
    • 3.2 IDE and Tools
    • 3.2 IDE and Tools
    • 3.2 IDE and Tools› Native Code› Managed Code› Server-Side Code
    • 3.3 Programming Language(s)Visual Studio is a complete suit to build applications for WindowsMobile devices. It allows the development in native codewith Visual C++ or managed code with Visual C#, VisualBasic. These three languages all use the same IDE whichallows tool sharing and the combination of them all. Only themanaged languages support the .NET Compact Framework.
    • 3.3 Programming Language(s)Choosing a Programming Language:Visual C# and Visual BasicThe development tools for C# and Visual Basic .NET include a fully what-you-see-is-what-you-get user interface designer.Advantages:- Reliable and rapid application development;- Security and language interoperability;- C# is simple, powerful, type-safe, and object-oriented.
    • 4.1 Advantages › Widely Supported› Lot of Documentation› Easy to Develop for› Advanced IDE
    • 4.2 Limitations BlackBerry:Provides the ability to view threaded e-mail andmissed calls on one screen as part of the Inbox.Has a plastic holster that automatically shuts itoff when you insert it into it. This is done via asimple magnet in the holster.Windows Mobile:Does not have a similarfeature.Microsoft is slowly improvingthe latter.Symbian:The advantages are found mostly in thestability of the devices and the low energyconsumption.Stable & Low energy consumption:
    •  4.2 Limitations biggest weakness:interface -------> the most to lose to iPhone and Palm biggest complaint:the number of steps it takes to perform a simple tasksuch as closing out of a program
    • Demo
    • 4.3 Conclusion Windows Mobile: Is constantly improving; Is a challenge for developers (C++); Great IDE; Has great potential; Improved user interface.
    • Any questions??Email: