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complete analysis of the product

complete analysis of the product

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  • 1.
  • 2.
  • 3. About Kellogg’s
    The brand was launched for the first time in September 1994 in India.
    100 years old company.
    Founded in 1906 in Michigan.
    Has been a global company committed to be a leader in producing nutritious food products of superior value.
    Kellogg’s cornflake was first introduced in 1898.
    The company started its first international expansion in year 1914.
    Today the same product is marketed in more than 180 countries and has manufacturing facilities in 19 countries.
  • 4. Kellogg’s Indian Entry
    In 1990 many multinationals entered Indian market to tap the growing urban population willing to invest in changing the eating habits of Indians.
  • 5. Opportunity for Kellogg’s
    Kellogg’s saw it as an excellent opportunity.
    Initially in 1994 they started offering cornflakes, wheat flakes and Basmati Rice flakes.
  • 11. What is Kellogg’s special K?
    Special K is a lightly toasted breakfast cereal manufactured by the Kellogg’s Company.
    It is made primarily from rice and wheat.
    It is marketed primarily as a low-fat cereal that can be eaten to help one lose weight.
  • 12. About The Product
    It’s a multigrain cereal of oats, corn and wheat flakes balanced with natural carbohydrates and vitamin.
    It enrich the daily diet with protein and fiber.
    The product is positioned as weight management product.
    It helps in reducing the weight in an easy and faster way.
    Available in Eight main flavors.
  • 13. Social:
    The primary target for this product variant, is Indian housewives.
    The product is positioned as weight management product.
    Highly Profitable segment base.
    Network of Kellogg’s is very strong and limited to upmarket outlets and departmental store, which is where its key consumer shops.
    Has a market of $ 1.5 billion .
  • 14. Market Strategy
    Regional Benefits
    Psychological Benefits
    Combination of Rational
    And Psychological Benefits
    USP of the brand
  • 15. Class:
    Working class/ Business class
    Metro cities.
    Reference Group:
    The Reference Group is Indian Women.
    Primary Decision maker in hose hold.
    Specialized Target group.
    More Population of educated women.
    More informed.
    Take care of the health of everybody at home including herself.
  • 16. Age:
    Main Target group is 25-45 yrs.
    May be consumed by anyone, of any age.
    Has became more conscious about her figure.
    Financially independent.
  • 17. Education:
    Graduation (minimum).
    Occupation: (Main focus is on house wives of):
  • 18. Income:
    Rs. 3,00,000 Per Annum.
    It is not very expensive.
    The product is priced at Rs.45 for 140 gm pack and Rs.90 for a 290 gm pack.
  • 19. Cultural:
    Today’s women personal need ranging from need to look good to nutrition and figure consciousness.
    Shifting from the role of gatekeeper to information initiator.
    Education has increase.
    Today women are more informed.
  • 20. Norms:
    People are more health conscious.
    They are ready to pay any amount to look slim.
    Fat cause insult and depression.
    Indian wedding dance.
  • 21. Communication model:
    Special K is easy and faster way of loosing weight without any hard work or dieting.
    It also meets your every nutritional need
    Take Kellogg’s 2 week challenge and
    Loose upto 2.5 kg. in 2 weeks.
  • 22. Media:
    They have used every mass media in order to reach to their target audience.
    Media has been used:
    • Print: Newspapers, Magazines, OOH etc.
    • 23. Electronic : T.V, Radio.
    • 24. New age Media: Internet.
  • 25. Website
    Special K has its own website-
    Fully women oriented.
    Tool Kit:
    BMI Calculator
    Personalized diet plan
    Progress planner
  • 26. User Speak:
    Testimonial (id and password)
    Ask an experts:
    First name,
    Last name,
    Email id
    Organize different quiz for women:
  • 27. Screen Shots
    Front Page
    Home Page
  • 28. Media-Society Theory:
    Social constructism theory:
    According to this theory:
    Events, persons, values and ideas are first define or interpreted in a certain way and given value and priority , largely by mass media leading to personal construction of larger picture of reality.
  • 29. Comparison:
    Event:-> Indian wedding.
    Person:-> House wife.
    Self Confidence.
    Wish(of getting noticed by others).
    Idea:->Get slim in 2 weeks.
  • 30. The Ad Provides the material for the consciousness of people(specially ladies) about their figure and health.
    Media reproduce the meaning of the wish of being slim, it showed it as a need.
    The whole advertisement is based on Indian culture.
    Every body wants to get noticed in crowd.
    It has showed Nationalism, patriotism, religion, social conformity
  • 31. Genre and content
    Feel Good
    Take the 2 weeks challenge.
    2 bowls, 2 weeks, 2.5 kg weight loss.
  • 32. Process of effect and Real effect
    Wanted to communicate the greed of the women of looking slim.
    There is a faster and cost effective way to be slim without dieting.
    Were able to give the message they wanted to give.
    People got the message without any confusion.
  • 33. Audience
    The Audience is a housewife.
    Age between 25-45.
    Must be willing to try something new.
    Must be conscious about he looks.
  • 34. Audience formation
  • 35. Explanation
    Social Structure:
    The consumer today is more conscious of the importance of a balanced and varied diet.
    Today people don’t eat food for the sake of eating, they want more.
    Individual :
    Today everybody wants to look good and have good figure. This product give them healthy diet without fat.
    Mass media Structure:
    Today women have started taking care of her health and have started concentrating on her looks. Every women wants to look slim.
    Special k Fulfill this need of them.
  • 36. Media behaviour:
    Media has been reached to the perfect audience.
    Had a possitive effect on its audience.
    Media Orientation:
    Media orientation for special k are T.V and print.
    People living in metro cities use these medias more.
    Media used:
    Every media has been used.
    People can se the ad anywhere.
    Individual circumstances:
    People will actually be willing to buy that product.
    Had a grad impact on its audience.
  • 37. Media content:
    Reduce 2.5 kg in just 2 week by having 2 bowls of special k daily.
    Social context used:
    There was a women’s day contest happening, which was the strongest media context.
  • 38. Conclusion
    Special k is a strategy to move beyond the breakfast bowl and create a new niche segment for believers in special K’s slimming promise.
    K special is iconic in established market .
    Presently sold in more than 40 markets internationally.
    The company has a ambitious plan to achieve $ 2 billion super brand status by this year
  • 39. The brand focused on communication strategy.
  • 40. Thank you
    Shefali Sharma