K special( advertising analysis)
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K special( advertising analysis)



The presentation is based on k special 2 week challenge (occasion wedding)

The presentation is based on k special 2 week challenge (occasion wedding)



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K special( advertising analysis) K special( advertising analysis) Presentation Transcript

    Question: Does this advertisement influence the
    consumer prices?
    Answer: No
    Question: Is advertising having any manner on the consumer
    Answer: Yes
    Question: Is advertising too much persuasive?
    Answer: Yes
    Question: Does advertising influence the consumer benefit &
    protection ?
    Answer: Yes.
  • Question: Does advertising affect the standard of
    living of the society?
    Answer: No.
    Question: Does advertising affect cultural values
    of the society
    Answer: No.
    Question: Are there ethics and truth in advertising?
    Answer: Yes.
    Question: Does advertising provide enough
    information as a buying guide?
    Answer: No.
  • Interpretation:
    Representational value:The advertisement is based on the true situation. Today Indian women actually are conscious about their looks and figure. They are ready to spend any amount of money to look slim and beautiful.
    Larger narratives: Yes, Ad represents “slices of life.” They have invited consumers to link the information in the ad to larger narratives about society, culture, and consumerism.
    Seek to manage and impose particular meanings:
    It has clearly given its message “ 2 bowls, 2 weeks, up to 2.5 kg weight loss.
    Additional information: No additional has been given in this advertisement.
  • Emotions: Relationship between husband and wife has been shown. The whole drama between husband and wife connects the viewer with the advertisement.
    Specific code: No specific code has been used in the advertisement.
  • Other elements:
    Emotional bond with the customer has been developed.
    The larger narrative within which the advertising image belongs is “The consciousness of Indian house wives towards their looks and figure”
    Emotional appealand Fear appeal has been used.
    Ad is manipulative to some extent.
    Relationship between husband and wife, ladies consciousness towards their figure size and happiness of winning the bet on wife’s face has been shown.
    The advertisement is more focused on indian culture only.
    Indian working class family has been shown in the advertisement.
  • No politics of representation is there in the advertisement.
    Reading Pattern of the message“dominant-hegemonic reading ” Many Indian women will get influenced by the advertisement and try it at least once.
  • Consumer interpretation:
    The message is very clear, but has manipulated the audience some where.
    Audience think that it reduce the weight without compromising diet but a proper diet chart has been given on the package.
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