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CATA Conference - Twitter Presentation

CATA Conference - Twitter Presentation



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    Pct sm Pct sm Presentation Transcript

    • Marketing… and Twitter… and You... OH MY! Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Social Media Success
    • What is Social Media?
    • What is Social Media?From Wikipedia: • Social media is media designed to be disseminated through social interaction, created using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques.
    • What is Social Media?From Wikipedia: • Social media uses Internet and web- based technologies to transform broadcast media monologues (one to many) into social media dialogues (many to many).
    • Social Media Platforms Social media sites fall into different categories: Social “bookmarking” sites such as: a) Digg b) reddit c) StumbleUpon d) del.icio.us
    • Social Media Platforms
    • Social Media Platforms
    • Social Media Platforms Identity-based sites are totally based on who you are and the type of business you’re in and are based on connecting with networks of friends, associates and contacts you know.
    • Social Media Platforms The Brainiac of Social Networking
    • Social Media Platforms Finding the heart and soul of peopleand their businesses
    • Social Media Platforms Your own personal Blog is an identity- based social media site if you open up comments.
    • Social Media PlatformsMessage boards, forums, and newsgroups (such as Yahoo! Groups and Google Groups – think about how long news groups have been around)
    • Social Media Platforms And then there’s Twitter…
    • Social Media Platforms It takes courage to build a following
    • What is Twitter? Considered a micro-blogging network •Great place to research trends •Wonderful for sharing ideas •Excellent for getting the word out about what you do http://webcommunityforum.com/2008/09/21-ways-to-market-your-business-on-twitter/
    • How to use Twitter Let’s take a look at: •Writing Posts •Implementing Hashtags •Direct Messaging •Retweeting •Organizing Followers with Lists
    • Writing Posts
    • Writing Posts Sharing ideas 140 characters at a time
    • Writing Posts Sharing ideas 140 characters at a time
    • Hash Tags - # Hash tags allow you to search for topics on which people are tweeting and for which you are interested
    • Direct Messages Direct Messaging allows you to communicate with one person directly
    • Retweets Retweeting is how you share tweets you like with your followers
    • Retweets
    • Retweets Tag that indicates this post was retweeted by you
    • Twitter Lists Adding followers to a list
    • Social Media Marketing Create new lists to organize your followers
    • Tweetdeck Tools You can see who is talking about you and reply back to them
    • I’ll get you my pretty!
    • Virtual Tweeting: Round 1 • Use Wizard of Oz persona to attract others and build a Twitter following. • 140 character limit. • Share messages in group.
    • Virtual Tweeting: Round 2• Hashtags (#keyword) #ObamaCare• Create searchable #GoldRush categories #Thanksgiving• Popularity → trending topics #Christmas #Congress• Detect local trends #Herman Cain
    • Round 2 Challenge1. Create message with #hashtag. 2. Share with group
    • Virtual Tweeting: Round 3• The power of influence by name dropping• @Mentions (@username) track the influence of your Twitter messaging (& others)
    • Round 3 Challenge1. Write new message using @Mention of Wizard of Oz character.2. Post your message under that character’s name on the wall.
    • Virtual Tweeting Round 4 • Like a Tweet? Retweet!! • Share info quickly with a large audience of followers. • Going viral … repetition … repetition
    • Round 4 Challenge1. Review others’ messages. 2. Place dots on 2 to retweet.
    • ShareLearnings
    • Final Words:Stepping Out
    • Social Media MarketingFocus on the Basics • Remember, Social Media is about helping others • Make sure to temper self promotion with a healthy dose of useful (You don’t want to be information for your viewed negatively followers. It will pay off by promoting yourself in the long run! too much.)
    • Social Media Marketing 1. Employ the 80/20 rule: 80% content that will help others, 20% or less self- promotion http://webcommunityforum.com/2008/09/21-ways-to-market-your-business-on-twitter/
    • Social Media Marketing 2. Craft an appropriate Twitter Policy, and encourage your employees to sign up for accounts on Twitter. http://webcommunityforum.com/2008/09/21-ways-to-market-your-business-on-twitter/
    • Social Media Marketing 3. As the owner of your business, register your @companyname and use it for all your tweets. http://webcommunityforum.com/2008/09/21-ways-to-market-your-business-on-twitter/
    • Social Media Marketing 4. Use Twitter Search to find and respond to tweets about your products or your brand. http://webcommunityforum.com/2008/09/21-ways-to-market-your-business-on-twitter/
    • Social Media Marketing 5. Ask for feedback on your products and then follow up with the responses you get. http://webcommunityforum.com/2008/09/21-ways-to-market-your-business-on-twitter/
    • Social Media Marketing 6. Start with one platform and become comfortable before adding another
    • Social Media Marketing 7. Establish your goals for Social Media and develop your profile and content around that goal
    • Social Media Marketing 8. Share information and become an authority within your specialization
    • Social Media Marketing 9. Make sure you use terminology that will optimize your profile to be found for your area of expertise
    • Social Media Marketing 10. Add upcoming events and share them with your “friends”
    • In no time you’ll be following theyellow brick road to Twitter success!
    • Questions?
    • Thank you!
    • Contact InformationColleen Wright Tamara GilbertSearch Engine Academy NW Creative Openings info@seotrainingnw.com 503-656-8910 www. seotrainingnw.com tbglbrt@aol.com