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A Quick Look at Drupal
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A Quick Look at Drupal


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Presentation for the WNC Web Technology meetup group. A quick look at the pros & cons, startup costs and ideal applications for Drupal

Presentation for the WNC Web Technology meetup group. A quick look at the pros & cons, startup costs and ideal applications for Drupal

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Drupal Come for the code, stay for the community WNC Web Tech Meetup Group CMS Panel Sheena Donnelly June 2, 2010
  • 2. Costs
    • Free. Drupal is open source software
      • Nothing is free (time, effort)
    • Free modules & themes on
    • Typical website hosting costs
      • $10/month at (local company)
    • For-pay support available (
    • Maintenance Costs: simple to upgrade and maintain your own site
  • 3. Buyer Beware?
    • “ The Developer’s CMS”
      • Traditionally a developer-centric project - This is changing!
    • Steep learning curve at first
      • Many opportunities for help and mentoring
    • Clunky HTML output
      • This can be overridden!
    • Too many options, depending on the project
      • If you just need something simple, Drupal can be overwhelming
  • 4. The Drupal Sweet-Spot
    • True separation of logic from content
    • Powerful theme layer
    • Robust framework for building applications
    • Thousands of free, supported modules
      • Free as in freedom
    • A welcoming, friendly community
  • 5. So Sweet it Needs 2 Slides
    • Custom content types and custom lists of content via Views/CCK modules
      • In Drupal 7 core!
    • Fine-tuned user access controls
    • Semantic web features - RDF in D7
    • Community-building features
    • Robust e-comm w/ Ubercart modules
      • Drupal Commerce in D7
  • 6. End-User Friendliness
    • Room for Improvement in Drupal 6
      • Lots of modules to help out with end-user experience
    • Drupal 7 features vast UI improvements lead by Mark Boulton Design
    • Drupal Gardens (by Acquia - in beta)
      • Drupal SaaS - great for designers who don’t want to developer (or deal w/ a server)
  • 7. Programming Friendliness
    • Drupal and programmers are the best of friends!
    • Drupal’s APIs and Hooks systems aid in developing custom modules
    • A large selection of modules geared towards testing, debugging and development
  • 8. Ongoing Maintenance
    • Upgrading within a version (i.e. from 6.12 to 6.13) is very easy.
      • Everything can be done easily through command line using the drush module
    • Upgrading between major versions (i.e. from 6.x to 7.x) varies
    • project pages include easy-to-use issue queues for researching and reporting bugs
  • 9. Support Options
    • Acquia (
      • Major support provider for Drupal - founded by Drupal’s creator
    • Fusion (
      • Premimum drupal themes and support for themers using Fusion as a base theme
  • 10. Who is Using Drupal?
  • 11.
  • 12.
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  • 14.
    • Sony BMG Artists