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Wiki In Business



A story about how a wiki could change how one salesman does business.

A story about how a wiki could change how one salesman does business.



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Wiki In Business Presentation Transcript

  • 1. A wiki in business A story that could be true
  • 2. For you
  • 3. Meet John, a salesman for KFRG-FM in Shiresville.
  • 4. He’s got an appointment with a client, Sal, owner of Great Furniture Is Us.
  • 5. Sal wants a new commercial, so he and John talk about ideas.
  • 6. John opens the station’s private wiki, a password protected, secure web site. He jumps to the Great Furniture Page.
  • 7. On the page, he and Sal list ideas for the new ad, including things they want to say and things they definitely do not want to say.
  • 8. They write up a very rough draft on the spot, posting it to the wiki page beneath their ideas.
  • 9. John then text messages Bobby.
  • 10. Bobby is the production guy back at the station. Bobby quickly texts back that he’ll be on the wiki in moments.
  • 11. He heads to the wiki and sees the recent changes John has made with Sal. He IMs John that he has a couple ideas.
  • 12. John says he’ll wait to see the changes. He makes small talk with Sal about Sal’s kids, who will graduate soon.
  • 13. Bobby opens the page and revises the script. He throws in a couple ideas but is careful to honor the list of do’s and don'ts he sees on the page.
  • 14. He IMs John to let him know he’s got the new idea on the page. He also tells John to check the comments section for another idea.
  • 15. Bobby then goes to get some coffee and to relax.
  • 16. In the comments section of the page, John sees the message from Bobby. Bobby thinks Sal should be in the ad, to give a personal touch. He suggests which lines of the script Sal should read.
  • 17. John tells Sal, who likes the idea. Sal then reads the two lines into a mic that John keeps in his car and has plugged into his computer.
  • 18. John saves the raw audio as an mp3 file and uploads it to the wiki page.
  • 19. He again texts Bobby to let him know the idea is a go.
  • 20. Then he heads next door to visit another client.
  • 21. Bobby gets the message as he pours his second cup of coffee. He revisits the page, sees the audio clip and a minor edit Sal made to the script. He takes his coffee into the studio.
  • 22. He downloads the audio clip and in about an hour, produces the new ad.
  • 23. He shrinks it to an mp3 and uploads the final product to the wiki. He texts back to John that the ad is ready for approval.
  • 24. John gets the message at Starbucks and heads back to Great Furniture. He plays the ad for Sal and Sal is thrilled.
  • 25. John signs Sal up for a few extra spins of the commercial and enters the agreed schedule into the wiki page.
  • 26. He emails the link to Gail, who is in charge of traffic and ad runs. She heads to the wiki, pulls off the agreement, and schedules the ad to run.
  • 27. One email.
  • 28. No attached files.
  • 29. Unheard of speed.
  • 30. Real collaboration.
  • 31. And that’s how the wiki changes business.
  • 32. Eventually, Bobby pours another cup of coffee and heads to Google to find his Impossible Trivia for the Afternoon Drive.
  • 33. John heads back to his car and wonders how he ever sold an ad before Web 2.0.
  • 34. And Sal continues to wonder what a wiki is. But he likes his new ad,
  • 35. and he sells boatloads of sofas.
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