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Sheila Barger Portfolio


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Think outside the box and use all mediums. Experienced in graphic design to city wide parties.

Think outside the box and use all mediums. Experienced in graphic design to city wide parties.

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  • 1. MIthe Make SION: SNewport Concours d’Elegance into a first class national event.
  • 2. SSION:hanger MI General Lyon’s Transform into the first Gala event for the 2006 Newport Concourse d’Elegance. Transport back in time when the Stars entertained America’s Armed Forces. Feast under the wings of the historic B-17 Flying Fortress or join the troops at the A-26 Invader. Top Guns can grab a martini at the Officers’ Club while viewing the newest technology in corporate aircraft. The hanger will come alive with the sounds of the Big Band and live auction. Amazing automobiles of the era will compliment the Victory Canteen Show of the Century. w LOGISTICS w INVITATIONS w SPONSORS w CATERING w SIGNAGE w PARKING w ADMINISTRATION w VOLUNTEERS w PERMITS w APPROVALS w
  • 4. SSION: d’Elegance MI Newport Concourse The first Gala was such a success... we had to top our own record! The new graphic look and public relations was added to the 2008 concours. HOME TICKETS PARKING/MAP SCHEDULE FINE ART EXHIBITORS SPONSORS HISTORY PRESS CONTACTS BEN- w LOGISTICS w INVITATIONS w WEB w POSTERS w SAVE THE DATE w ADVERTISING w PROGRAM w PUBLIC RELATIONS w SIGNAGE w
  • 6. SSnowON:third year MI I for the C oncours d’Elegance N E W P O RT B E A C H Volunteering and producing all graphics, marketing, public relations, advertising of ST. REGIS monarch beach in DANA POINT 2008 Concours d’Elegance at the St. Regis Resort. C oncours d’Elegance N E W P O RT B E A C H ST. REGIS monarch beach in DANA POINT Gala C oncours d’Elegance N E W P O RT B E A C H w PHOTO RETOUCHING w IMAGE DESIGN w ADVERTISING w WEB DESIGN w SIGNAGE w MEDIA w PRESS RELEASES w BROCHURES w POSTERS w
  • 7. SSION: for MI new image and marketing Create botique hotels and tourist comission. w LOGO w IMAGE DESIGN w ADVERTISING w WEB DESIGN w MEDIA w PRESS RELEASES w BROCHURES w WEB OPTIMIZATION w MARKETING w
  • 8. Nw 2009 international yacht race Ensena I : SSlookONInternational A sailing tradition - Races Green MI the of the Racing “Green” incorporates environmental considerations throughout all stages of the race in order to minimize the negative impact on the environment. There is nothing like the sailing/racing tradition of the Newport to Ensenada International Yacht Race. The fun and excitement of being on the water is second to none - Upgrade but what about the impact on the environment? Little did we know sailors have been “Green” for years! Now, the Yacht Race to gain national sponsors. Nw Ensena Newport Ocean Sailing Association organizers of the Newport to Ensenada International Yacht Race are encourgaging all racers to make a concentrated effort to educate themselves and others about what everyone Create collateral and web video. can do to protect our race courses the bays, harbors and oceans. For the 62nd annual race which will take place April 24, NEW and fun events 2009 there will be a series of seminars and informational 2009 international yacht race pieces distributed which will help the racing fleet do a added this year! better job of protecting our Oceans. A few of the methods are: • Discussing with the participants “Green Practices” • Encouraging the sailors to help prevent pollution by not throwing trash overboard • Controlling chemicals and hazardous materials by using non-toxic cleansers Newport Beach • Using washable rags for clean-up Recommendations: Newport to Ensenada aPurchase car insurance OFFICIAL PROGRAM MAGAZINE • Utilize recycled materials San Diego either online or before • NOSA will be placing recycle bins at race events you cross the border. 2009 • Using biodegradable or compost able utensils and Ensenada Driving Directions Tijuana dinner ware for events If you are driving to Ensenada, it’s easy and aEveryone should have a the roads are as good as those in Orange County passport. • Exciting sponsors by letting them know they are a aDrive south on Interstate 5 or 805, they merge together. aDrivers must have car making difference in the environment Purchase your car insurance before you reach the border usually registration. at San Ysidro. aTo use your cell phone, dial Remember - Keep it Clean and “Go Green!” aOnce you cross the border, follow the signs marked “Ensenda Cuota” or “Ensenada Scenic”. Keep Tijuana on your left and fence on your right. A couple 011 and your number. To of miles further, on the backside of a hill, there’s a right hand merge call local in Mexico dial to Ensenda Cuoto. the 7 or 8 digit number. aThere are three toll roads on the Ensenada Cuoto. You pay in U.S. aFor the Green Angels currency and the exchange rate is clearly posted. Bring at least $10 in change. Safety Program aBear to the right for downtown once you enter Ensenada. Be extra cautious dial 911. i n t e r n at i o n a l of the speed bumps- they’re MUY GIGANTE! aAfter the last speed bump, the road bears right on Blvd. Costerno approaching the Plaza Civica. You can identify the Plaza by the very large Mexican flag and three huge heads looking at the Bahia Hotel across the street, yac h t rac e where the activities are be held. Ensenada w z y x APRIL 24-26, 2009 STER O v u AV. RI AV. MA VEROLL CHER OS CO BLV. OS ATE AV. ALAR ZM ADO PE LO AV. AV. BLAN a. CART 2d race sponsorship opportunities E a. AV. 3r CAST ILLO Newport to Ensenada Magazine design and illustrations by Sheila Barger, Rodheim Marketing ENTER NOW NOSA.ORG i n t e r n at i o n a l yac h t rac e PARTY BY LAND OR SEA! ENTER NOW NOSA.ORG 62 years of serious fun! Fun With or Without the Racing For landlubbers or sailors, Ensenada is Party Weekend! New additions this year: If you have a boat, great, and if not … no problem! Become part of the Newport to Ensenada International Yacht Race. • New important and exciting seminars Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club • Spend a luxurious pre-race night or two at the Hyatt Regency Newport Beach • Nordstrom & Tommy Bahama Race Owners Reception • Luxury coach from Newport and San Diego to Ensenada ta You just goto go... PARTY BY LAND OR SEA! • Watch the race start from a VIP Hornblower spectator boat • Excursions to the wine country and to the La Bufadora e • Board the fun festive weekend Carnival Cruise to Ensenada • Saturday night - “FIESTA DEL VINO” good excus Newport to Ensenada Balboa Yacht Club • Gear up with Official Newport to Ensenada and Mount Gay Rum team gear online at FOR NOTICE OF RACE & ENTRY FORM VISIT: NOSA.ORG (800) 951-5581 It all happens April 24 – 26. APRIL 24-26, 2009 FOR NOTICE OF RACE Newport Harbor Yacht Club For race entry forms, special rates and cruise information visit: WWW.NOSA.ORG Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club & ENTRY FORM OR Balboa Yacht Club i n t e r n at i o n a l yac h t rac e Newport Harbor Yacht Club ON-LINE ENTRY VISIT:a NOSA Ad Orange coast.indd 1 3/3/2009 2:50:37 PM st got NOSA.ORG You jucuse to go... Ni n t e r n E sena a l good ex wpo (800) 951-5581 at i o n yac h t rac e Feb RAce ad.indd 1 1/27/2009 5:26:46 AM APRIL 24-26, 2009 w LOGO w IMAGE DESIGN w ADVERTISING w WEB MOVIE w FLYERS w ORIGINAL ARTWORK w PUBLICATION w POSTCARDS
  • 9. Option #1 - Centered type : SSIONPoint MI a small Dana Transform investment company and radio show host into a professional spokesperson for investment information in radio, TV and print. Klein, Pavlis & Peasley Financial, Inc. In today’s global market, understanding investment options can be a daunting, time-consuming task. With all the opinions and hearsay that can bombard investors, education is a key component to success. That’s why more and more savvy InvestTalk investors are tuning in to InvestTalk. Home About KPP Our Staff Investment Programs Consultation Accounts InvestTalk Disclosures Contact us InvestTalk is a weekday radio show featuring KPP Financial’s founder Jerry Klein and president Steve Peasely, who together discuss a new and relevant investment topic each day, opening their phone lines and email to listeners for questions about everything from mutual funds to retirement TRUST TODAY, strategies. On InvestTalk, we take a “common sense approach to investing” by discussing the issues that most impact TRUST FOR YEARS TO COME the constantly changing market. And we’re not afraid of addressing varying opinions – we thrive on the fact that many of our callers have been known to challenge our opinions, but have ultimately found in the long run that our clear, concise and consistent message of making the most informed In today’s rapidly changing marketplace, vigilance, attention to detail and a com- decisions has served them best. The goal of InvestTalk is to provide no-nonsense mon-sense approach to selecting stocks is an absolute necessity. This necessity answers to a variety of important investing questions. New listeners as well as long-time loyals garner strategic investment drives KPP’s approach to investing. tips that help them navigate the complicated and complex world of nance. And after tuning in regularly to InvestTalk, many of our listeners eventually become KPP Financial With constant changes occurring in the political, social and economic landscape clients! Internet audiences can listen live or download archived of today’s world, KPP is dedicated to investing in stocks that have the greatest InvestTalk segments anytime from any computer by logging on to Make the most informed decision long-term potential and survivability. At KPP Financial we work every day to earn on your investments, tune in to InvestTalk today! >> Free Consultation your trust by keeping you informed about the changing market – both today and InvestTalk radio listeners can tune in live: San Fransico Bay Area to KYCY 1550AM in years to come. Weekdays at noon and 4:00 p.m. San Diego on CASH 1700AM Weekdays at 4:00 p.m. and Our free consultation is an easy “no-obligation” way to get a second opinion on Saturdays at 9:00 a.m. The KPP your current portfolio or investment programs. We can talk to talk to you person- Or logo onto on weekdays at 4:00 p.m. and listen along Investment Glossary ally, and if you wish, make some recommendations about which of our programs with the other radio audiences! download PDF might be right for you. The common-sense approach to successful investing © Copyright 2007 KKP Financial, Inc. 34232 Pacific Coast Highway, Suite B • Dana Point CA 92629 • 800-557-5461 As Seen in the April 2008 Issue of: Will You Outlive Your Money? “Do I have enough money to retire comfortably?” To until you sell or move out of your house. About half begin to answer that question, you first must determine the homes in the United States have no mortgage, so how much you need and for how long. there is a lot of equity. Still, that is a last or almost a last resort. Some of you may be thinking of selling Here are some interesting numbers. The average your house to move to a smaller retirement home, person will live until he or she is 77.6 years old. expecting this to bring you added money. According to However, more and more people are living into their the Society of Actuaries report, you may not make the 90s, according to the Society of Actuaries, the group profit you had anticipated. Or the cost of the retirement that studies these kinds of things. That is a long time to home may be higher than you expected. be living in “retirement”. It is a very good thing if you have the money and your health, but a daunting Sooner than you might expect, you are going to be challenge if you don’t. forced to use your IRA or 401K contributions Of course, there are those who will never retire and I Without a strong retirement plan, many of you will be talk to more and more people who plan on working in forced to consider part time work during your retirement for a number of reasons, not just because retirement. Some take on part time teaching jobs or they have to. However, we all need to make a reasoned consulting. But many are forced to take on jobs outside estimate of how much money one ‘needs’ to maintain a their own careers, at considerably less pay. Some start lifestyle that one has come to enjoy and expect. their own businesses out of their homes, so they can work when they feel like it. Even with Social Security and government medical coverage, neither of which is sufficient to achieve the Maybe the last resort will be moving in with your goal of a comfortable retirement, you are going to need children. Tell them to prepare a room for you. After all, extra money. The Employee Benefit Research Institute you provided a room for them for 20 years, so that is estimates that from age 65 to 90 you will need the least they could do to reciprocate. I say that in jest, $180,000 just for the increase in medical cost, but it may become the reality. including premiums for Medicare and ‘Medigap’ insurance to supplement Medicare. Steve Peasley is President of KPP Financial, a Registered Investment Advisor based in Dana Point, Keep in mind that for most of you with retirement Calif. Peasley hosts a live radio show called plans, you will only be receiving about 70% of your InvestTalk that can be heard in the San Francisco Bay annual salary to live on after you retire. And don’t Area on KYOU 1550 AM weekdays at 4:00 PM; in forget to add 3% to 4% per year in expenses to guard Orange County and Los Angeles on KLAA AM 830 against inflation. Twenty years from now the dollar Tuesday - Friday at 6:00 PM, and every Saturday will be worth fifty cents, meaning a new car will cost morning at 7AM on Talk Radio 790 - KABC. Contact twice as much as it does today and going to a movie him at or (800) 557-5461 will be something you will have to think long and hard about. You need to face it: Normal living costs, especially with inflation, are going to be a problem. If you have a house you can use the equity you have built over the years to help. A reverse mortgage is an option for many of us – where you don’t have to repay the loan w LOGO w IMAGE DESIGN w ADVERTISING w WEB DESIGN w MEDIA w PRESS RELEASES w BROCHURES w WEB OPTIMIZATION w TV APPEARANCE w
  • 10. SSION:promotional MI all the marketing, Provide and public relations material for a new high income, exclusive bank within 60 days of opening. w LOGO w IMAGE DESIGN w ADVERTISING w MEDIA w PRESS RELEASES w BROCHURES & COLLATERAL w SLIDE PRESENTATION w
  • 11. M Update SSIbrochures:and website I image, ON of construction comapany w LOGO w IMAGE DESIGN w ADVERTISING w WEB DESIGN w MEDIA w PRESS RELEASES w BROCHURES & COLLATERAL w SIGNAGE w
  • 12. N: SSIObooths, banners MI tradeshow Produce and brochures to match existing marketing materials Today’s economy is a tough audience. It’s not just where you play, but how you play. Corporate Finance Services: • Corporate Finance • Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures At Hunter Wise, we orchestrate a • Financial Advisory Services • Seller Representations symphony of middle-market solutions. • Buyer Representations We maximize corporate value for investment banking services by • Management Buyouts providing the highest quality level of institutional financing, merger, • Recapitalizations acquisition, divestiture and advisory services, for small to • Corporate Valuations medium-sized public companies, as well as selected middle market, privately-held businesses. • Strategic Alternative Advisories Hunter Wise creates win-win corporate finance transactions because we • Defensive Advisories have the knowledge, experience and long-term key relationships to create • Fairness Opinions the ideal buyer-seller union or financing option. • International Transactions 949-852-1700 business journal ad.indd 1 4/16/2008 8:01:31 AM w LOGO w IMAGE DESIGN w ADVERTISING w TRADE SHOW EXHIBITw MEDIA w PRESS RELEASES w BROCHURES & COLLATERAL w
  • 13. 5 GOOD REASONS TO DO AN EMAIL BLAST 5 GOOD REASONS TO DO AN EMAIL BLAST ION: SSblast and follow-up MI email Create AND RENT FROM THEY’RE RENTING THE SHOW’S postcard to increase sales.A MOVIE. JUST WHY BUY MILK, AROUND THE CORNER. YOU CAN RENT THE SPACE. WHEN YOU CAN Create new web siterentexponents.comA CAR. WHAT TO DO? YOU CAN RENT for RENT THE COW? RENTEXPONENTS.COM WHAT TO DO? HOW ABOUT RENTING HOW ABOUT A 10 X 20 THE EXHIBIT? EXHIBIT? SAME GREAT EXHIBITS. REASON #1 EXPONENTS rents the newest, most exciting exhibits on the market. Your clients will be at the “leading JUST A LOT CHEAPER. REASON #3 Our growing website has many exhibits that are available to rent, and can be specified with REASON #5 We both want your clients to have a positive, easy and successful show, especially on their first use of REASON #4 Our in-house teams support you through a LUMITURE exhibit. So we provide expert I&D pervision edge” of tradeshow design, and fresh design is sure to make REASON #2 When you rent from Exponents you avoid ease. Use EXPONENT’S designers to create a rental each step of the sale. Our Project Production Team for every rental. You might like the convenience and our clients stand out at shows, create increased booth traffic, having to invest in rental exhibit properties or their upkeep. exhibit specific to your clients’ needs. Or let us teach makes certain every detail is covered so your client’s expertise so much that you’ll have us do every installation and therefore, increase the measurable return on their Not to mention, clients can re-configure, expand, or re-size your in-house design team about our products and give exhibit will be exactly as ordered. Our dealers tell us that for you, both rental and sale. tradeshow investment. their exhibit with ease in surprisingly cost-efficient ways. them the tools to design their own unique exhibits. we add value in ways that no one else does. Now through August 31, get a Now through August 31, get a Now through August 31, get a Now through August 31, Now through August 31, get a free $100 gas card for every free $100 gas card for every free $100 gas card for every get a free $100 gas card for free $100 gas card for every LUMITURETM exhibit you rent LUMITURETM exhibit you rent LUMITURETM exhibit you rent every exhibit you rent from LUMITURETM exhibit you rent from EXPONENTS. from EXPONENTS. from EXPONENTS. EXPONENTS. from EXPONENTS. CALL YOUR EXPONENTS SALES REPRESENTATIVE TODAY AT (800)451-4723 CALL YOUR EXPONENTS SALES REPRESENTATIVE TODAY AT (800)451-4723 CALL YOUR EXPONENTS SALES REPRESENTATIVE TODAY AT (800)451-4723 CALL YOUR EXPONENTS SALES REPRESENTATIVE TODAY AT (800)451-4723 CALL YOUR EXPONENTS SALES REPRESENTATIVE TODAY AT (800)451-4723 RENT AND SAVE RENT AND SAVE RENT AND SAVE RENT AND SAVE RENT AND SAVE second card Postcards.indd 2 Why Rent From OWNING IS GOOD FOR Exponents, Inc. 3280 Kurtz Street DOGS AND DENTURES. San Diego, CA 92110 1. Innovation and Design l Exponents rents the newest most exciting exhibits on the market 2. Savings to you and your client l You save by not investing in rental exhibit properties or their upkeep NOT SO MUCH FOR l Your client saves because they can achieve a hot, new look without huge a investment EXHIBITS ANYMORE. 3. It's easy to design and specify Exponents rentals l Use our exceptional website to choose from existing rental properties l Use our in-house design team to create custom presentations for your clients l Use your own in house design team. We'll teach them about our products and give them the tools to design 4. It's easy to work with Exponents l Our in-house support teams take the initiative to make your projects successful Last 5. Our great Show Services Team to g chance et f l Let us take the responsibility of finishing up the whole process on site, so we're all gas ree c happy. Who knows how our exhibits work better than we do? Ord ard. Aug er by ust CALL YOUR EXPONENTS SALES 31! Remember your free 7/25/2008 3:00:49 PM REPRESENTATIVE TODAY AT (800) 451-4723 $100 gas card! See RENT AND SAVE reverse side for details. nce cha EXPONENTS has helped its clients to Last t free e achieve their tradeshow goals for over 25 to g card. gas r by years. We work with you to create striking e Ord t 31! tradeshow exhibits that showcase your us Aug clients’ products and build their brands. Now through August 31, get a free $100 gas card for every LUMITURETM exhibit you rent from EXPONENTS. second card Postcards.indd 1 7/25/2008 3:00:47 PM w LOGO w IMAGE DESIGN w ADVERTISING w MEDIA w PRESS RELEASES w EMAIL BLAST w POSTCARD w
  • 14. : SSIONbusines bank MI a new look for a Create and utilizing the original logo. Produce folder, brochure, inserts and Business Lending advertising. Santa Ana Business Business Lending Bank, As the only business bank headquartered in Santa Ana, we focus on building personalized, relationship- the only bank based business banking with our clients. Starting headquartered with revolving lines of credit to support short term financing needs, or term loans for the purchase of in Santa Ana equipment or real estate, our programs are tailored A unique Santa Ana Business Bank Abusiness unique banking experience to fit your business needs. The only business bank headquartered banking the opportunity Give us in Santa Ana, we provide highly- customized financial services for experience the value to demonstrate small- to medium-sized businesses. that a personalized Give us the opportunity to demonstrate Business loan solutions business banking relationship can the value that a personalized business Founded in 2007, the Bank is backed by experienced executives • Working capital line of credit bring to you banking relationship can bring to you additional paper to be cut off and founders, each averaging more and your firm. Because we respect the • Equipment purchase and your firm. value of your time, we will meet with than 25 years of industry expertise and a management team reflecting • SBA 7(a) or SBA 504 you at a time and place most convenient the diversity of the local business • Business acquisition to you, and we will facilitate an easy Because we respect community. transfer of one or all of your accounts. • Term real estate: multi-family (5 units+) the value of your time, Santa Ana Because the Bank is headquartered retail/office/industrial/warehouse we will meet in the local community, clients work Business • Lines of credit (secured & unsecured) with you directly with decision-makers, where Bank, Accounts receivable/inventory each action reflects the clients’ unique at a time needs, goals and challenges. the only bank Letter of credit Personal for business principals and place headquartered • Loans to fund the special needs of professionals most convenient to you, in Santa Ana and we will facilitate 1666 N. Main Street at 17th (attorneys, physicians, accountants, etc.) Santa Ana, CA 92701 an easy transfer one or all. (714) 415-1700 of your accounts. Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. In addition, we can arrange participation loans with other banks: • Construction loans (commercial or tract residential) • Pre-development land loans • Export financing of receivables/inventory Copright 2008 Santa Ana Business Bank. All rights reserved. revised santaannatribrochure.indd 1 8/4/2008 6:53:09 AM Introducing the Know where Attorney’s GPS you are going. Don't let your banking decisions travel cross-country. As the only business bank headquartered in Santa Ana, Santa Ana Business Bank, we make decisions here...decisions that fit the needs is headquartered right here. of local attorneys. So you get local decision makers ready and willing to meet the unique needs of Let us create a GPS - great personalized service - to local business people like demonstrate the value of highly customized business yourself. banking. Allow us the opportunity to map out your banking solutions at a time and place of your You’ll find a management convenience. We're happy to navigate the path team reflecting the diversity of the business community to transfer one or all of your accounts. it serves and dedicated to Your destination is here. operational excellence and remarkable service. Santa Ana Business Bank, the only business bank headquartered in Santa Ana. And you’ll find people deeply vested not only in Santa Ana Business Bank. We’re here for you. their clients’ businesses, but 1666 N. Main Street, Santa Ana, CA the entire Orange County 714-415-1700 economy as well. attorny ad.indd 1 4/25/2007 12:35:25 AM Because that’s where we live. Just like you. Santa Ana Business Bank, the only business bank headquartered in Santa Ana. Santa Ana Business Bank. We’re here for you. 1666 N. Main Street, Santa Ana, CA 714-415-1700 w IMAGE DESIGN w ADVERTISING w MEDIA w PRESS RELEASES w BROCHURES & COLLATERAL w
  • 15. or r nesidenti al urses, storm water landfill constr uction nups, landslide vy highway SSION: y ’sit ed ars, garner tr onors, inc luding r the est and B MIbusiness from a small u ut k contractor in the ion he ’sTop 20 tems Contract S ors, ndfil l and Contract or, iN ews Re ord han 600 pr c ajor evenue ojects, r Grow han $250lion r iti onal mil t one of California ’s Southern California contractor to the Nation’s #1, earth-mover and landfill e on the s company’ com y calling or b Sukut's clean air twin engine scrapers are moving 2.4 million constructor. cubic yards of earth to award-winning levels at the new Pelican Hill Resort . ep. of th de mountain e Sukut Construction, Inc. built the world-renowned Sukut Construction, Inc. built the world-renowned 36-hole schedule by 30%, almost a full year ahead of a full year. “We three-year project schedule by 30%, almost schedule. Pelican Hill golfHill golfduring the early 1990s. With dazzling 36-hole Pelican course course during the early 1990’s. helped developdevelop the logic on how the job wouldto- “We helped the logic on how the job would come come Newport CoastNewport Coastit set the standard for high-end With dazzling ocean views, ocean views, it set the standard gether,” explains Sewell, Sukut’s PublicPublic Works Division together,” Jim Jim Sewell, Sukut’s Works Division California April 2007 for high-end public golf in Southern California and helped public golf courses in Southern California and helped cement Manager explains. Manager. Sewell notes that Sukut was named general contrac- Tom Fazio's Fazio's reputation as one of the industry's course cement Tomreputation as one of the industry's top golftop tor and charged named general contractor and charged with Sukut was with “completing everything from the ground golf course architects. Today Sukut is building the architects. Today Sukut is building the infrastructure for the down”grading and infrastructure work for the resort. “Since the - the resort’s grading and infrastructure work. California infrastructure for the adjacent Pelican Hill Resort, which adjacent Pelican Hill Resort, which includes a world-class, we“Basically, we’re in planning everything from the ground were involved completing and scheduling, we’re held includes 204-room hotel, a 128-villa residence club, spa, ve-star, a world class, five-star, 204-room hotel, a 128-villa accountable for hitting our marks, schedule-wise,the planning down,” Jim says. “Because we were involved in which we restaurantsclub, new restaurants and new golf clubhouse. residence and spa, golf clubhouse. To expedite expedite its construction, The Irvine Company, In order to construction, The Irvine Company, a privately have done consistently.” job, we’re held accountable for hitting and scheduling of the One of Sukut’s hallmarks,which we haveMichael Bobeczko, our marks, schedule-wise, according to consistently done.” Construction Services for a 110-year-old, privately held real estate investment held real estate investment company, hired Sukut as consul- company, hired Sukut Construction, Inc. as consultants in tants in May 2005 to review the entire project and identify key design elementscharge was to review the entire project May 2005. Sukut’s that could reduce the three-year project and identify key design elements that could reduce the One of Sukut Construction’s hallmarks, according to Director of Marketing, is its ability to complete large projects Michael Bobeczko, Sukut’s Director of Marketing, is its ahead of schedule. For example, Sukut completed Orange County’s to complete largeCorridor ahead of schedule. For ability 26-mile Eastern projects 241/261Toll Road 14 example, Sukut completed Orange County’s 26-mile Construction New Model Colony East 1 2006 Golf Course & Resort Construction Issue CALCONTRACTOR Reprinted with the Permission of McGraw-Hill Construction Regional Publications CC Grad&Ex06_Sukut_2.qxd 3/16/06 10:20 AM Page 1 Top Contractors More than 60 general contractors are included in our By Joe Florkowski annual listing of the state’s top contractors this month. Santa Ana-based Sukut Construction, BUILDING CALIFORNIA Inc. is watching these issues carefully, A handful of contractors in our introduction story say they says Michael Crawford, the firm’s presi- FROM THE are looking forward to the coming years as they expect a dent and CEO. wave of new projects due to the passage of a series of state Like other general contractors, infrastructure bonds in November. Sukut is having trouble finding quality GROUND DOWN labor, but that is nothing unusual in California, he says. >> lcontract Michael Crawford “When there is full employment, the Sukut Construction began work on the Standard Pacific Homes Three Oaks Project in Walnut in 2006. RESET TYPE TO FIT - CROP PHOTO quality of the labor pool is an issue,” Crawford says. The regulation of the off-road diesel fleet horsepower per year or replace it will increase costs for buying equipment engines and heavy equipment is a signif- with Best Available Control Technology and availability of equipment. icant issue for the industry, Crawford (BACT) until thebegan work on the Standard Pacific Homes Three Oaks Project in quite in 2006.of Sukut Construction fleet meets CARB’s tar- “It’s going to make Walnut a bit says. The California Air Resources Board get; affix a label with an identification equipment in California obsolete quick- is working on a new rule that could ren- number on each piece of construction ly,” he says. der millions of dollars of in-use con- fleet horsepower per year or replace it will increase costs for buying equipment equipment; and report annually on every Sukut refocused on its commercial, struction equipment worthless unless it with Best Available Control Technology industrial and of equipment. projects in offroad diesel engine. and availability public works is fitted with emission controls or the (BACT) untilmaintainsmeetsthe changes 2006 and will to make quite because Crawford the fleet that CARB’s tar- “It’s going again this year a bit of engine is repowered. get; affix forlabel engines are necessary the residential market obsolete quick- planned a the with an identification equipment in California has slumped, CARB’s key proposals would require number benefit the environment, but it Crawford says.<< and will on each piece of construction ly,” he says. contractors to comply with increasingly equipment; and report annually on every Sukut refocused on its commercial, stringent particulate matter (PM) emis- offroad diesel engine industrial and public works projects in 3 California Construction 4/2007 CAT 657G and D8T N e w e s t A d d i t i o n s To S u k u t ’ s F l e e t A t C r y s t a l C o v e ✦ California’s largest BUILDING earth mover CALIFORNIA (Above) The all new CAT 657G Wheel Tractor Leaders are never made in just one day; When it comes to earth moving, Sukut FROM THE ✦ Employee Owned Construction, Inc. is the definite leader in the Scraper recently added to rather they are built over a period of time as state of California. They have moved well over a GROUND ✦ Nation’s #1 Landll Sukut Construction, Inc.’s they engage in the world around them. billion cubic yards of California’s earth to DOWN and Environmental Leaders are innovative. They are original, inventory of more than 200 never afraid of a challenge and seem to award-winning levels. Sukut handles a wide Cleanup Contractor machines. always inspire trust and motivation in others. variety of projects, which include mass grading ✦ Highways and Roads For 80 years, Caterpillar Inc. has been for residential and commercial properties, ✦ Nation’s Top 10 landslide stabilizations, golf courses and resorts, building the world’s infrastructure and is the highways and roads, environmental cleanups, Stormwater Constructor world’s leading manufacturer of construction landfills, flood and storm water systems and ✦ Winner SCCA and mining equipment. So it should be of no public works. Safety Award surprise that Caterpillar recently made the ✦ Emergency decision to upgrade their 657 Wheel Tractor- The New Caterpillar 657G Wheel Tractor-Scraper Landslide Scraper from an E-Series to the all-new G- R Repairs Series. This move required the assistance of a Michael Ortiz is the Vice President of Sukut R4 EN22OR Equipment, Inc. and is responsible for Sukut leading construction and earth moving Construction, Inc.’s more than 200 pieces of TOPRACTOR NTRA CONT CT CO company that would be willing to help work equipment including: scrapers, dozers, motor the bugs out of the new prototype before graders, rock trucks, excavators and a whole going to production. Sukut Construction, variety of other machines. 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