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Sherry brinksofficecell1.pptx

  1. 1. Sherry Brinks Office Cell by Sherry Brink
  2. 2. My Cells Office WebcamHey there! I hope you enjoy this parody! 
  3. 3. Table of Contents Chapter 1 - The Cell Office Chapter 2 - Production in the Office Chapter 3 - Management Chapter 4 - Mail Room Chapter 5 - Waste Management Chapter 6 - Whens Dinner? Chapter 7 - Musical OrganellesChapter 8 - Department of Transportation Chapter 9 - Cell Reorganization Chapter 10 - Division Chapter 11 - Kaboom!
  4. 4. Chapter 1 - The Cell OfficeIf a cell is a movable cubicle corporation, the cellmembrane is similar to its outer walls. The cytoskeletonis similar to its structural beams and corridors. Withinthe cell, each type of organelle has specific jobs to do,like different corporate departments. Organellescoordinate activities and work together or the cellcannot survive. The nucleus is the organelle formanagement, containing all instructions for the cellsactivities. Every part of the cell has an important duty and it hasto be perfect every time, or else.........
  5. 5. Chapter 2 - Production in the OfficeDoes your office have a molecule than needsfacilitation with a carrier protein or does itapply simple diffusion? Does your moleculeget things done directly or need help?  Are your Chatty Cathys cells membranestalking to each other about business or justchatting?
  6. 6. Chapter 3 - ManagementNucleus managements chromatin granules wear namebrand DNA thread genes to work to ease the stressful jobof making thousands of proteins. Sometimes they getsome time off if they are not needed.Nucleus managements ribosomes are also busy makingproteins. Sometimes they chat with other organelles andsometimes they have a ribosome meeting to keep thingsprivate.Endoplasmic reticulum rubs noses with nucleusmanagement, with its smooth personality building lipidand carb molecules and its rough personality buildingproteins with ribosomes helping. If you are on endoplasgood side, it will let you travel around the cubicles.
  7. 7. Chapter 4 - Mail RoomGolgi apparatus works in the mail room. Golgi keepsgetting materials to make into vesicles fromendoplasmic reticulum. After the vesicles are born,they latch on to the cell membrane so they can releasetheir contents outside the cell.
  8. 8. Golgi Apparatus
  9. 9. Chapter 5 - Waste ManagementLysosomes work in waste management. Theylove their job so much, they will commitsuicide and burst to fight off an enemy.Their digestive enzymes break down proteins,lipids, nucleic acids, and carbs into smallermolecules, as well as digesting defectiveorganelles who are not doing their job right!
  10. 10. Chapter 6 - Whens Dinner?Mitochondria spend a lot of time in the breakroom always looking for snacks to make theirATP molecules. Their DNA has a protein codeand their ribosomes make it. The rest of thecell doesnt mind that they hog up most of thefood since they end up sharing the energy!
  11. 11. Chapter 7 - Musical organellesCytoskeletons protein filaments, actin andintermediate, and microtubules, like to keepall the organelles on their toes by movingthem around so they dont get toocomfortable. Its just a little micromanaging!
  12. 12. Chapter 8 - Department of TransportationCilia and flagella support the transportationdepartment. Cilia are shorter and morenumerous than flagella and move fluid orsubstances past cells. Flagella help movecells, such as sperm, that travel longdistances.
  13. 13. Chapter 9 - Cell ReorganizationA new cell is built since business is doing great.Mitosis starts. Thank goodness the genes werealready duplicated! Operation Prophase beginsand the spindle fibers are running from one poleto the other! During Operation Metaphasespindle fibers line up the dyads perfectly!Operation Anaphase separates the dyads intochromosomes that go to opposite ends of thecell. Operation Telophase ends mitosis and thecell now has two membrane-surrounded nuclei!
  14. 14. Chapter 10 - DivisionThe cell wraps things up with cytokinesis whilethe two new cells are sharing the cytoplasm.No greediness here! The first cell forms anactin filament belt around the outside of thecell. It begins to tighten, and two daughtercells are pinched out from the one! Yahoo!!
  15. 15. Chapter 11 - Kaboom!Quality Control department watches over celldivision. If it sees something wrong, there isno warning. Apoptosis occurs. Poor cell.Should not have been careless! But what ifQuality Control is careless and missessomething? Uh oh....these careless creaturesbegin multiplying and create a benign tumoror cancer.....guess QC wouldnt be getting abonus! Especially if the horrible cells move tothe wrong departments- METASTASIZE!
  16. 16. Thanks For Watching!
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