Using iPads in the Chinese language classroom


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  • Now you might be thinking....How can students use technology to learn Chinese? Don’t they need a teacher? Yes...
  • These boys here are given the task of finding phrases and words for a particular context.
  • Problem solving Collaboration High Order thinking skills
  • So these are just a few phrases this group of boys came up with. Now I would never have thought about teaching..Where is the bathroom? in a food and drink unit.
  • Teachers, need to let go. Sometimes teachers need to get out of the way of learning. TOo many teachers put themselves at the front of learning. In fact, the most effective learning puts the students in the driving seat.
  • Using iPads in the Chinese language classroom

    1. 1. iPods in the Chineseclassroo m
    2. 2.
    3. 3. Transform yo Chinese classroom with the iPa
    4. 4. Traditional role ofTeacher is changing一位教师的传统角色正在发生变化
    5. 5. Teacher’s role ofFacilitator and Guide老师是位指导师,帮助学生运用知识, 并鼓励深层次的思考
    6. 6. The future of Language Learning ishappening now!
    7. 7. Information is out there!现在信息能提供给学生 - 在网线上
    8. 8. 创造评估 分析 申请 了解 记住
    9. 9. Transform the teaching of Chinese Creating/Applying Discovery Drill
    10. 10. as alearning使用 iPad 作为学习工具 tool
    11. 11. 2. Use theiPad as a teaching tool 使用 iPad 作为教学工具
    12. 12. as alearning tool
    13. 13. character s 写中国字
    14. 14. Flashcard s 教学卡片
    15. 15. Dictionary 字典
    16. 16. Note and Voice 写条子 录下来
    17. 17. Pronunciati on 发音
    18. 18. Music and Songs 唱歌
    19. 19. iTunesUniversity
    20. 20. Basic ChineseBeginners Chinese language Chinese video projects Boston MandarinMandarin Universit Lessons Chinese y with SergeRadicals Melnyk
    21. 21. Ebooks
    22. 22. 2examples Show me App Skitch App
    23. 23. Show Me App
    24. 24. How can you use iPads in the classroom? 我怎样才能在课堂上使用的 iPad 吗?• Small 小组工作 group 个人的工作 work• 全班 Individu al work教师使用• Whole class
    25. 25. Small group w 小组工作
    26. 26. Smallgroup work
    27. 27. You enter arestaurant. Whatphrases and words will you need to order food and drink?
    28. 28. TASK: You’ve found a great restaurant in 北京 .What words and phrases will you need to order food and drink?
    29. 29. Phrases I• will need... Hello• A table for 2 please.• Thank you!• Where is the bathroom?• Do you have coca cola?••• ENGAGED I can’t read this! Can you help me? Excuse me• I can’t use chopsticks.• Do you have a fork? How much is it?
    30. 30. ndividual work 个人的工作
    31. 31. the barriers to writing Chinese characters!
    32. 32. Students create usingMoxier Collage A
    33. 33. Whole class - 全班
    34. 34. The change is here!
    35. 35. Shaz Lawrencewww.creativechin Email:shaz@creativech