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The Flipped Chinese Classroom Part 2

The Flipped Chinese Classroom Part 2



Mandarin teaching with the flipped classroom model.

Mandarin teaching with the flipped classroom model.



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    The Flipped Chinese Classroom Part 2 The Flipped Chinese Classroom Part 2 Presentation Transcript

    • How?
    • Jump  in Dip  your  toe  in Observe  and  Learn  more   !
    • ✤F.L.I.P . ✤Figure out what topics to flip. 想想你想颠覆什么样的教学主题呢? ✤Locate content-rich resources for students to view at home. 找到内容丰富的教材 给学生 ✤Include activities to complete at home. 计划什麽样的进度得在家完成。 ✤Provide in-class activities to help students apply the new content. 在课堂上,给予一些让学生可以应用所学知识的活动。
    • STEP 1 想想你想颠覆什么样的教学主题呢? ✤ Figure out which topics you want to flip. ✤ Choose something you are comfortable teaching. ✤ Choose a topic that you already have activities for.
    • Once you have chosen a topic to flip write Student Learning Outcomes. 决定教学目标和学生的学习效果。 Learning Map Student Learning Outcomes
    • ✤ Student Learning Outcomes
    • Topic Student Learning Outcomes Written in student-friendly language
    • ✤ A year-long Project Welcome to Chinese classes! Your parents have just told you they have bought a luxurious hotel in Beijing. In just a month you will be moving to live in China. “欢迎您到华语班来!你的父母已告诉你,他们已经在北京买了一家高级 豪华的酒店。 一个月以后,你将去中国住.” 01
    • I’m moving to China! Curriculum Map 01
    • ✤ ✤ ✤ ✤ What content will students master? Vocabulary Grammar Sentence structures Popplet Simple Mind Think Tree Idea Sketch Student Vocab. Map
    • ✤ How will students demonstrate mastery?
    • I have decided on a Topic. I have written Student Learning Outcomes. I have planned a Learning Map. I have developed a Vocabulary and Grammar Map for students. NEXT
    • STEP 2 Locate rich-content resources to make available to students. 找到内容丰富的教材给学生 Use existing content-rich resources OR Create your own content-rich resources
    • Existing Resources Videos 影片 Podcast 录音 Websites 网站 Online chats 线上聊天 Ppt 简报 Songs 歌曲
    • ✤ Growing up with Chinese ✤ http://cctv.cntv.cn/lm/learningchinese/01/index.shtml
    • Travel in China http://english.cntv.cn/program/learnchinese/travelinchinese/index.shtml
    • ✤ ✤ OMG 美语 http://www.youtube.com/user/OMGmeiyu
    • Fluentu ✤ http://www.fluentu.com/
    • ✤ Integrated Chinese ✤ http://chinese.fluentu.com/courses/24/integrated-chinese-i/
    • ✤ ITunes U
    • ✤ Chinese with Mike - Prepositions www.chinesewithmike.com
    • ✤ What’s your favorite video or video website that is suitable for your grade level? Direct teaching Song Role-play TV show Cartoon Think, Talk, Share 想, 谈, 分享 0 Daily Life Other
    • Create your own content-rich resources Knowmia Explain Everything ✤ ReplayNote ScreenChomp ✤ ✤ ShowMe        DoodleCast ! Educreations !
    • ✤ http://creativechinese.com/category/teachchinese/
    • Teach Chinese to the World
    • STEP 3 ✤ Include activities to complete at home. WHY? Students are accountable Students have ! focus Students demonstrate understanding Prepare questions for class!
    • Watch Summarize Questions Total:
    • ✤ Quick Quiz ✤ Learning Journal
    • ✤ Topic: Parts of my Body Learning Outcomes I will be able to…. 1. Identify parts of my body. Language Content The language I will need is…. ! 2. I will be able to use numbers to count. ! 3. I will be able to use common measure words. 一二( )三四五六七八九十 个 只 张条
    • Watch ✤ The Potato Song
    • At-home Activities Use this song to help you design your own Dancing Potato. Be sure it has: 手,眼睛,嘴,鼻子,腿 Bring it to class tomorrow.
    • In-class 5 minutes ✤ 3 minutes ✤ Quick Quiz of video content with ‘koosh ball’ 5 minutes ✤ Question Time / Direct Teaching Review of video as a whole group 5 minutes ✤ Talk Partner Time (TPT) (Teacher Assessment) 40 minutes ✤ Apply new content - Students label the Dancing Potato with pinyin and characters. ✤ Rehearse the Dancing Potato song with Talk Partner.
    • ✤ Topic: Making friends with a Chinese speaker Learning Outcomes I will be able to…. 1. Express lack of understanding ! 2. Express nationality and language spoken. ! 3. Basic greetings and making friends Language Content The language I will need is…. 要, 想, 跟,当,好好, ! 是....吗?不是,如果 对不起,没关系, 还要..
    • Watch ✤ 对不起 Song
    • At-home Activities Watch ! ! Summarize ! ! Question Duìbùqǐ! Wǒ de zhōngwén bù hǎo ! I don’t know what you said! ! My Chinese is not good.! ! ! Wǒ bù zhīdào nǐ shuō shénme. I’m sorry. !
    • ✤ Sentence starters for students !
    • ! STEP 4 Provide in-class activities to help students apply what they have learned. 在课堂上,给予一些让学生可以应用所学知识的活动。 The most important element of the Flipped Classroom What will students do with this new content?
    • ✤ WSQ done at home In-class 5 ✤ Question Time (Assessment) minutes 上课时,总是以问问题和讨论作为开场 ✤ 3 minutes Quick Quiz of video content with ‘koosh ball’ 5 ✤ Talk Partners minutes 40 minutes✤ Work Stations / Real-life problem / Activities / Choice Boards 40 ✤ Exit slip minutes
    • ✤ Topic: Where are my keys? Learning Outcomes I will be able to use location words to perform a role-play titled: ‘Where are my keys’? Language Content The language I will need:! 前面,后面,里面,外面, 楼上,楼下,旁边, ! Grammar: 在…! Sentence structures:! Vocabulary:
    • In-class 5 ✤ Question Time (Assessment) minutes 上课时,总是以问问题和讨论作为开场 3 minutes ✤ Quick Quiz with Teams ✤ Chinese with Mike 5 ✤ minutes Talk Partners - Give instructions using location words. 40 Write a Role-play about someone losing something and minutes✤ rehearse with your Talk Partner. 3 ✤ minutes Exit slip
    • CHOICE BOARDS ! Students choose from a menu of options ! Tasks vary by process and interest ! Some anchor activities can be required of all students ! Can be used for homework, projects, and assessment
    • that
    • Reminders ✤ Choose any ONE activity from the top row to complete in this lesson.
    • ✤ • You will now receive a yellow envelope. 1. On the outside of the yellow envelope, paste the Choice Board list of activities. • 2. Write your name on the front of the yellow envelope.
    • Integrated Chinese: Lesson 4 -Topic: 爱好 ✤ What are the Learning Outcomes? Students will be able to:! 1. Tell others what they like to do on the weekend.! 2. Ask others whether they like to do something.! 3. Invite someone to do an activity on the weekend. ✤ What is the language content?
    • My Hobbies Watch Summarize Questions Total:
    • 3 Questions I have 1. ! 2.! 3. Summarize what you learned from watching the video:
    • ✤ Summative Assessment Task A new TV channel is looking for a host for a brand new Leisure program.! ! ! ! You will create a video application for the position.! - include introduction of self! - hobbies and interests! - STPVO! - use: 还, 也, 有时候, 常常, 所以
    • A Learning contract is... " A written agreement between the student and the teacher which includes opportunities for the student to work relatively independently on demonstrating their learning.
    • Learning Contracts ! The student has: ! # Some freedom/choice in acquiring skills and understandings ! # Responsibility for learning independently ! # Guidelines for completing work and time management ! # Expectations tailored to readiness level ! # The teacher is available as a guide to learning
    • Rap Intervi ew me Ga Cartoon per Bum icker St Comic Map rvey Su Poster
    • Technology Rap Role-play Card game Cartoon Poster Map Vocab. game
    • Work Stations ! 01
    • Set up Learning Activities 安排学习活动 课题一:做护照 课题二:奥运的吉祥物 课题三:进行调查 课题四:设计一个跟交通路线有关的对话. 课题五:比赛项目时间表 课题六:运动饶舌歌
    • 非诚勿扰 01
    • Introduce myself •name •age •nationality Physical descriptions hair eyes Describe hobbies Clothing Daily routine 非诚勿扰 Daily routine Describe family members Personality Express likes/dislikes •food •school subjects •pets •qualities of people 01
    • 非诚勿扰 Guess what? Over the next 6 months you will prepare to go on the TV show Fēichéngwùrǎo 01
    • Get ready to be a contestant on 非诚勿扰! My Learning Outcomes I can introduce myself using my name, my age, and my nationality I can describe my physical descriptions - hair, eyes, height, weight I can describe my hobbies and daily routine I can describe my (and others) personality I can ask others about their family members I can complete an application to be a contestant I can read a description of a contestant and formulate questions to ask I can write a script for my appearance as a contestant I can express my likes/dislikes about food, school, and pets 01
    • 01
    • Name! Nationality! Age! Height! Place of birth! Education! Email address! Phone number! Male or female! Physical appearance!
    • Exit Slips Before you leave class, take 2-3 minutes to write a short note about your learning
    • 3 new words I learned today are..! 1.! 2.! 3.!
    • • During this lesson I found it hard to…!
    • • I think I rate my focus on today's lesson as.. (1-10) ! • Give a reason.!
    • • I can improve…!
    • Email: shaz@creativechinese.com ✤ 麻烦你们花点时间,提出一些宝贵的意见给我