Smart Players or Dumb pipes - Digital banking trends 2012


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Digital banking brings in many challenges and dangerous competition for traditional banks, However, banks have huge assets which enables them not only to survive the digital revolution but to become much more then they are today. Banks can become financial management hub for private customers by leveraging their digital assets, providing a complete customer experience and by constant innovation. See more inside.

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Smart Players or Dumb pipes - Digital banking trends 2012

  1. 1. Smart Players orDumb pipes? Shay Rosen Head of Strategy & Consulting
  2. 2. Shay RosenHead of Strategy & Consulting, 052-5118539
  3. 3. • Strategy Business analysis, Concept creation, UX, UI• Technology Robust, Smart, efficient content management & e-commerce platforms• Leadership Powering Israel’s largest and most successful enterprises
  4. 4. Graph, charts & pies - ABA
  5. 5. Currentaccount LoansDeposits Credit/Payments Trade
  6. 6. Currentaccount LoansDeposits Credit/Payments Trade
  7. 7. Currentaccount LoansDeposits Credit/Payments Trade
  8. 8. Currentaccount LoansDeposits Credit/Payments Trade
  9. 9. Dumb PipeCurrentaccount Loans AlertDeposits Credit/Payments Trade
  10. 10. Banks competitive advantage ExtremelySuccessful online banking
  11. 11. Focus on customers, not on products
  12. 12. New Vs. Existing customers• Currently – Equal focus• Separate sites for new customers and for existing customers service Products New Customers Promotion Existing Customers Join Self Service
  13. 13. Monetize & Serve existing customers• Smart Self Service• Personalized product promotion• Online sales to existing customers Existing Customers New Self Service Customers Personalized promotion & sales Join Service
  14. 14. The Customer Journey Browse Information Decision Products Buy online •Clear •Calculators • Productize • No Branch •Relevant •Simulators • Added value • No Call •Transparent •Planning tools • Competitive center •Decision •Online Advantages • Enable supporting support closing the •Common •Community • Build deal online language support conversion funnels
  15. 15. Provide The right Information
  16. 16. Help making a Decision* Collect some useful information
  17. 17. Allow customers to Browse Products
  18. 18. Sell online
  19. 19. The new WWW
  20. 20. Innovate
  21. 21. Beware!
  22. 22. Wrap up• Focus on customer needs not on organization constraints• Present information in an attractive and cool way• Support Decisions• Be transparent and competitive• Sell online• Be present everywhere • On every channel & every screen• Build a perfect User experience
  23. 23. A bank is a financial institution and a financial intermediary that accepts deposits andchannels those deposits into lending activities, either directly or through capital markets.A bank connects customers that have capital deficits to customers with capital surpluses Smart players Can Be Much More Or …
  24. 24. Shay RosenHead of Strategy & Consulting, 052-5118539
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