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Pts asia biz

  1. 1. Professional / Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers Scheme
  2. 2. PERMANENT RESIDENCE FOR PTSSingapore has emerged as one of the top thriving cosmopolitan Singaporecities in the world with its diverse culture and vibrant economy. • Voted best place to live, work Given its political and financial stability, Singapore appeals to and play in Asia • One of the most competitive investors all over the world to invest both in the country and other corporate tax regimeseconomies in the Asia-Pacific region. A dynamic and rich city-state,it’s the chosen place for many to call home.Live & Play. Singapore is a preferred city to many in the world forits clean and safe environment. It has been voted the best placeto live, work and play in Asia, a place where people experience awholesome and rich environment to raise their children and makea home.Work & Invest. Singapore has one of the most competitivecorporate tax regimes in the world. The country’s extensive tradelinks also provide companies with greater market connectivity.Singapore has numerous free trade agreements in Asia as well aswith the US, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Panama and membersof the European Free Trade Association. In addition, Singapore hassigned 35 investment guarantee agreements, designed to helpprotect investments made by Singapore-based companies in othercountries against non-commercial risks. Copyright © 2011 AsiaBiz Services Pte Ltd
  3. 3. PERMANENT RESIDENCE FOR PTSSingapore has been keeping an open door eligible under the scheme accounting for theimmigration policy to attract foreign talent and popularity of the scheme. The selection processto maintain a healthy population growth. The however has remained strict and the recentdriving factor has always been an economic developments have made it more The low birth rate and the need to improvehuman capital in Singapore have been the two A prospective applicant under the PTS schememain impetuses that led to the escalation in must be a holder of P, Q or S type pass and shouldSingapore’s population growth in the last two not be more than 60 years of age. Applicant’sdecades. Foreign talent is an invaluable asset to family, that is, spouse and unmarried childrena competitive economy. Singapore has made a under 21 years of age, can also be included in theconcerted effort in courting and retaining foreign application. The chances of approval are highertalent through various schemes including the for applicants who have stayed in Singaporebenefit of permanent residence status. for at least two years consecutively and have remained gainfully employed during the period.There are four schemes through which aforeigner can apply for Singapore PR status- Applicants must have a clean chit of conductnamely the Professional/ Technical Personnel and must posses impressive educationaland Skilled Workers Scheme (PTS), Scheme for qualifications or command proficiency in skillsInvestors, Scheme for Foreign Artistic Talent that are in demand. The value addition that anand lastly a Landed PR for the super qualified applicant will bring to the country, family ties inindividuals with exemplary qualifications. Singapore, salary, financial standing, consistency of employment are some of the factors that willA significant majority of the PR applications be considered closely.are made under the PTS scheme, which is themost certain route to obtain PR. Invariably Prospective applicants must take note of thethe immigrants working here, aspire to make commitments that come along with the PRSingapore their second home, thus they become status. Male children who are granted PR along Copyright © 2011 AsiaBiz Services Pte Ltd
  4. 4. with the main applicant must register for NationalService upon reaching the age of 16½ years. Theywill be enlisted for a two year fulltime NS uponreaching 18 years of age and thereafter will berequired to serve 40 days of Operationally ReadyNS every year, until they are 50 years of age or 40years in the case of non-officers.It is recommended to wait for at least twelvemonths after you have started working in Singaporebefore applying for permanent residence withImmigration and Checkpoints Authority ofSingapore (ICA).Next Steps:If you qualify for PTS scheme, we can help youprocess and submit your application. Our fees forthe evaluation and submission for the permanentresidence scheme is S$1500.00.Online ResourcesSingapore Permanent Resident Scheme | PTS Scheme | Singapore Permanent Residency Copyright © 2011 AsiaBiz Services Pte Ltd
  5. 5. Helpful Links:Company RegistrationIncorporationImmigrationAccountingTaxation ServicesAsiaBiz Services Pte Ltd120 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068589Main Line : (+65) 6303 4614Fax : (+65) 6303 2670Email : sales@asiabizservices.comWebsite : www.asiabizservices.comThis material has been prepared by AsiaBiz for theexclusive use of the party to whom AsiaBiz delivers thismaterial. This material is for informational purposes onlyand has no regard to the specific investment objectives,financial situation or particular needs of any specificrecipient. Where the source of information is obtainedfrom third parties, AsiaBiz is not responsible for and doesnot accept any liability over the content. Copyright © 2011 AsiaBiz Services Pte Ltd