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Teams That Ship Have More Fun! (And Profit)
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Teams That Ship Have More Fun! (And Profit)


****************************** …

I gave this talk at Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco on March 29th, 2011.

What if you only had 2 weeks to ship your software?

I bet you’d ship the best feature first.

Would your customers object to you solving their problem that soon?

Well…what are you waiting for? Ship it!

In this talk, Shay will review real-life examples of how shipping less software, interacting with customers earlier, and keeping release cycles short have enabled product teams he’s worked on to learn faster, course correct sooner, and keep building the right thing.

Published in Technology , Business
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  • 1. teams that shiphave more fun!(and pro t)a chat with Shay Frendt
  • 2. Shay Frendt works at..
  • 3.
  • 4. product development
  • 5. welcome to 2011
  • 6. in an age...
  • 7. where new services...
  • 8. are launched likewhat...every 5 minutes?
  • 9. and startups get$41M pre-launch
  • 10. in these kinds of times...
  • 11. how do you decide...
  • 12. what to ship?
  • 13. when to ship it?
  • 14. if we gure that out
  • 15. we’ll be on our way to fun and pro t
  • 16. what do you do?
  • 17. formulas fordetermining what to ship
  • 18. “Fix time and budget, ex scope.” Getting Real - 37signals
  • 19. - Understand your problem- De ne a solution- Validate qualitatively- Verify quantitatively Running Lean by Ash Maurya
  • 20. ship what your boss tells you to old sage advice
  • 21. propose the what
  • 22. run some tests
  • 23. measure and move forward
  • 24. example proposals...
  • 25. TourTracka“tour management forindependent artisans”- auto-post event dates- post tour pictures- sell your material- fancy analytics on stuff
  • 26. 1-800-INA-JAIL“because you don’t know anybody’sreal number anymore”- call 1-800-in-jail, type in your cellnumber, say your password, andsay the name of the person youwant to call
  • 27. KangarooRider“you haven’t lived until...”- week-long instructional coursesteach you how to become amaster rider- ride in a pouch- ride on top- tie 2 together and have them pullyou on rollerblades
  • 28. which is your fav?
  • 29. want to know when we launch?
  • 30. what’d we test?
  • 31. relative interest
  • 32. market segment
  • 33. relative interest “If you had $5, which of the following features would you buy?”
  • 34. formulas fordetermining what to ship
  • 35. an exercise we use If you had 3 years to launch, which features would you build? If you had 2 weeks, which feature would you build?
  • 36. why go small? Facebook shipped without video, chat, games or apps.
  • 37. why go small? Groupon built a community of over a million users with just one deal per day.
  • 38. why go small? Airbnb raised $25,000 by selling boxes of cereal.
  • 39. something that works for us when we build a product, we start with the ONE feature that makes the product different
  • 40. if you start small you can ship earlier
  • 41. if you ship earlier you can make money sooner
  • 42. if you make money sooner chances are you’re having fun
  • 43. when to ship it?
  • 44. when to ship it? If you’re not building a nished product ( Michelangelo’s David, a Ferrari 575M Maranello),you probably shouldn’t be spending years before you ship something.
  • 45. when to ship it?The potential for change on a 4-week project is several orders of magnitude smaller than the potential for change on a 3-year project.
  • 46. are you in this situation? Your marketing department met for 9 weeksto choose your product logo and color scheme.
  • 47. are you in this situation?Your legal department kicked back every*decent* piece of copy for “legal reasons.”
  • 48. are you in this situation?You’re pretty sure you’ll ship your software sometime in Q1, Q2, Q4...Q12 ?!?!
  • 49. storytime
  • 50. enterprise client
  • 51. b2b enterprise product
  • 52. 10 weeks to rst releaseWhat was the bare minimum you need tobuild in order to start selling this product?
  • 53. they release a new feature every 2 weeks
  • 54. track coffee productionelectronically
  • 55. 4 weeks to rst release
  • 56. getting feedback Did we build the right thing? Does it solve your problem?
  • 57. 8 weeks to official launch
  • 58. achieve, celebrate, repeat
  • 59. achieve, celebrate, repeat
  • 60. when to ship it?For new products, we try to timebox the rst release to 4 weeks or less.
  • 61. when to ship it?For existing products, we try to ship a release to production *at least* once a month.
  • 62. bold claim the best new products havecustomers before they even ship
  • 63.
  • 64. bold claimif you never ship, your team will burn out
  • 65. now that we knowwhat and when to ship
  • 66. what things mattermost when building a product?
  • 67. team
  • 68. product championhas the overall product vision, and the energy to see the problem solved
  • 69. product champion decides what ships when
  • 70. tech leaddecides how the product should work
  • 71. tech leadmaintains technical context andtechnical vision for the product
  • 72. designer translates the product vision intosomething that has form and is functional
  • 73. designeris more than a Photoshop monkey
  • 74. designerpair your designers with your developers
  • 75. pay attention to your teamproducts are re ections of the team that builds them
  • 76. what things mattermost when building a product?
  • 77. lessons learned
  • 78. on-call physical training coachescombined with personally tailored tness software
  • 79. 2 weeks to rst release
  • 80. paying customers by 3rd week
  • 81. A, B, C - level work reduce waste
  • 82. making decisions don’t get stuck!
  • 83. making decisions “It’s software...emphasis on the soft.” - Craig Andera
  • 84. supportWhat happens when...
  • 85. production readiness limit surprises
  • 86. production readiness chaos monkey
  • 87. production readinessvelocity, cost, availability, performance, reliability
  • 88. high-bandwidthcommunication keep people in the loop
  • 89. shipping!achieve, celebrate, repeat
  • 90. challengeship something to real users in the next 4 weeks
  • 91. need help? @shayfrendt
  • 92. questions? @shayfrendt
  • 93. thanks! @shayfrendt