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media project a2

media project a2

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  • 1. Equipment
  • 2. Camera DSLR Camera Model: Canon EOS 550d This camera was used for our last project meaning we knew how to work it and the definition of the shot's were outstanding which created a professional look. The camera has two types of lenses; 1. 50mm f1.8 (detailed, close up shots) 2. 18mm-130mm with a f3.5 (establishing shots) This will allow us to capture various shots, experimenting and altering looks which will work will with our different scenes.
  • 3. Tripod With Manfrotto Fluid Head We will be using the tripod for the majority of our scenes to create steady and focused shots. By having this on set with us it means we can create professional panning shot's along with an easy detachable function which allowed us to remove the camera there and then.
  • 4. Additional Equipment Screen – Lilliput 7 Inch Monitor This monitor screen attaches to the camera allowing us to view the shots on a larger scale. This is beneficial for us as we can see clearly what we are capturing along with clearly seeing what we have in the shot and whether any important set/props are cut off etc.
  • 5. Additional Equipment Movie Pro Rig This camera rig allows us to steadily keep hold of the camera whilst capturing tracking shots as well as canted shots as this camera rig keeps the camera controlled to produce professional and focused shots. The camera attaches onto the camera rig with a shoulder pad rested against our shoulder to ensure full control of holding the camera.