iPhone 5 Digital Marketing Strategy By Shay Berman


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Target Audience:

The goal is to try to influence people in college ages 18-25 to purchase the iPhone 5. I think that this would be the best target audience because many people in this age group are early adopters and trendsetters. If you can influence this age group to purchase the iPhone 5 then other age groups and people in different segments will follow and buy the iPhone 5 also. This group of people often tells family members, friends and relatives about their mobile device, as they are always using it in front of others. This segment also likes to talk about their device and all the reasons why they like it. There is no better endorsement than a happy customer telling a friend or relative.


The goal of the campaign is to raise the market share that Apple holds in the smart mobile device market. We hope to achieve a raise of 19% market share to bring iPhone market share up from 39% in 2012 to 50% in 2013. We will know the campaign was a success if we achieve our goal of a 19% rise in market share with the iPhone 5 in the Smartphone market.

Big Idea:

The big idea that I have is to show off apps and features of the iPhone and the app store that would be useful to a college student. These apps and features will be show in a way that makes them sound exclusive to the iPhone whether competitors have similar features and apps or not. We will have an actor that is used in all the campaign images that features an average looking 21-year-old college student named “Steve”. The idea is that Steve is a real person that goes through average days in the life being a college student and has struggles like every other college student that he encounters daily. Every time he is faced with a struggle the iPhone 5 and one of it’s many apps is there to save the day and help him continue on worry free.

Tools and Tactics:

Steve writes his own travel “blog” which he updates weekly about his travels to different colleges and universities, that he makes every weekend. He writes about his travels and all the things that he did while at the college, always including something about his iPhone and how the phone came into play throughout the day. Steve also updates his blog with a more personal side including his love for technology and the handiness of his iPhone 5. Steve has a Facebook and Twitter page where he promotes his blog, and talks about everyday college things such as good food, music and school issues. His updates are always from his iPhone 5. Steve also loves taking pictures when he travels and his favorite way to do so is via Instagram. He loves his iPhone 5 so much that he has a goal to have a picture taken with him holding his phone in the picture at every college in the country. Steve updates his Instagram with pictures of him and his phone along with pictures of the colleges, restaurants, bars and parties that he attends while traveling.

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iPhone 5 Digital Marketing Strategy By Shay Berman

  1. 1. Target Audience Who? Why? College students Early adopters Ages 18-25 Trend setters Often tell family and friends about their smart phones because of their public usage
  2. 2. Key Performance Indicators iPhone market share in 2012 = 39% GOAL FOR 2013 Raise market share of the iPhone 5 in the smart mobile device market in 2013 Bring share from 39% to 50% 11% gain of market share total
  3. 3. Big Idea Show off apps and Use a “typical” college features student Apps would be useful to 21 year old college student named Steve college students A real person that goes Promote as exclusive through average days in the features life as a college student iPhone 5 is his companion Show phone being used in that helps him daily college settings He travels to college campuses on weekends
  4. 4. The Story of Steve Steve is an avid traveler and photographer. He writes about his travels to different colleges and universities, that he makes every weekend. He does a lot of things while at the colleges and his iPhone 5 is always helping him throughout the day. Steve also loves to meet new people and connects with everyone he meets through some type of social media.
  5. 5. BlogSteve Blogs weekly about his travels to college campuses and what he does while he is there (restaurants, bars, parties, etc..) Talks about how his iPhone 5 helped him in some way during his visit Encourages people he meets and connects with online to guest blog about their college campus travels and the handiness of their iPhone 5’s Makes it easy for people to share the blog posts with their friends
  6. 6. Facebook and Twitter Steve uses his Facebook and Twitter pages to: Connect with new people and people he meets Promotes his blog Gives away an iPhone 5 every week to a loyal follower Tweets/Posts about typical college interests (good food, music, school issues, hangouts, etc…) Updates always come from his iPhone 5 (via iOS)
  7. 7. InstagramSteve loves taking pictures and his iPhone 5 his camera of choice. He loves his iPhone 5 so much that he has a goal to have a picture taken with him holding his iPhone in the picture at every college in the country. Takes pictures of colleges, restaurants/bars, parties, new friends Asks people to take pictures of him and his phone and tag him in them on his Instagram/Facebook/Twitter All photos are instantly uploaded to Instagram and tagged in Facebook and Twitter
  8. 8. Budget $350,000 for initial social media site builds, routine content copy writing, site maintenance, site designs, customer relationship building, and managing messages, tweets, Facebook posts and blog posts. $100,000 to have someone travel through the country year round visiting different colleges and meeting up with students at the college $455,000 for consulting SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN TOTAL= $905,000
  9. 9. Summary Most commonly used platforms Highly engaged audience Steve is real and relatable Internet will make promoting posts easy Steve will be seen as the Apple “brand” Steve’s page will be visited by people looking for the latest info on interesting colleges and to share thoughts and ideas iPhone 5 will be the bridge to this interesting and real information