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Capacity story problems
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Capacity story problems


Story problems built around capacity for fourth grade from …

Story problems built around capacity for fourth grade from

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  • 1. Capacity Story Problems
  • 2. Monica went on a picnic with 3 friends.She brought 1 gallon of lemonade. IfMonica and her friends drink 2 quarts,how many quarts of lemonade are left?
  • 3. Harvey needs 4 pints of lemon tea, 2pints of ice water, and 2 pints ofraspberry tea to make his favoritepunch. How many gallons of punchwill Harvey make?
  • 4. The students in Mrs. Teague’s thirdgrade class each drank 1 cup ofwater after recess. If there are 16students in her class, how manytotal quarts did the students drink?
  • 5. There are six houseplants in Mr. Zim’shouse. He likes to water each plantwith one cup of water every Saturday.How many pints of water does Mr. Zimuse to water his plants on Saturday?
  • 6. There were 6 quarts of soda for theparty. Two quarts got knocked overand spilled on the floor. How manypints of soda are left?
  • 7. Robert drinks 1 cup of milk everydaywith breakfast. How many pints ofmilk does Robert drink in 8 days?
  • 8. Bonnie took a shower and used 32gallons of water. Betsy took a bathand used 55 gallons of water. Howmany more gallons did Betsy usethan Bonnie?
  • 9. The level of water at the communityswimming pool was low. There were83,972 gallons of water. The poolsupervisor must add 3,250 gallons ofwater. How many gallons of water will thecommunity pool now have?
  • 10. 1. 4 pints = __________ cups.a. 4b. 8c. 2d. 10
  • 11. 3 gallons = __________quarts.a. 12b. 3c. 16d. 4
  • 12. 16 cups = ___________quarts.a. 8b. 16c. 4d. 12
  • 13. What would you use to measurethe capacity of a swimming pool?a. cupb. pintc. quartd. gallon