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Shawn Myers - Mastery Journey

  1. 1. ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS MASTER Shawn Myers Full Sail University
  2. 2. MASTERY: PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT AND LEADERSHIP Goal for the Month: Resonate with Masters in many different fields of study to find similarities in practices to my field to use on my Mastery Journey. Strategies to Achieve My Goal: • Read Robert Greene’s Mastery. • Find a Master and interview them for their tips and tricks. • Apply lessons from Greene to my every day life.
  3. 3. EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP Goal for the Month: To gain a better knowledge of Executive Leadership Qualities. Strategies to Achieve My Goal: • Five Leadership Qualities Great Executives Must Have: • CEO of the Year Alan Mulally on Leadership Qualities: • Use my newly acquired manager position at work to look for improvement opportunities for myself.
  4. 4. PROJECT AND TEAM MANAGEMENT Goal for the Month: Learn how to build and manage a budget. Strategies to Achieve My Goal: • 5 Steps to Prepare Your Budget: • Managing Budgets: • In my current role, I have a few projects coming up. I will opt to get involved with the budgeting of the project. I will ask to shadow the project planner.
  5. 5. BUSINESS STORYTELLING AND BRAND DEVELOPMENT Goal for the Month: Learn how to develop a brand. I learned about sonic branding during my Music Production degree, but I want to learn where the brand itself comes from. Strategies to Achieve My Goal: • Lynda Video – Branding Inspiration and Tips: • Lynda Video – Developing a Brand Name: • Lynda Video – Developing Consistency Across Your Brand:
  6. 6. ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS FINANCE Goal for the Month: Learn financing in general. I took an accounting class during the Fall at a local college. Unfortunately I was lost in most of the material and did not understand a lot of it. I am ready to relearn and try again! Strategies to Achieve My Goal: • Lynda Video – Finance Training Tutorials: • Speak with a few Entertainment Businesses in the area to see if they will share tips and tricks for their finances. • Take the knowledge from the month and apply it to my current business to enhance financial planning, spending, success.
  7. 7. NEGOTIATION AND DEAL-MAKING Goal for the Month: How to negotiate and deal make where both sides of the deal are fair and allow a business to grow as a whole. Strategies to Achieve My Goal: • Lynda Video – Negotiation Fundamentals: a:true%0Aproducttypeid:2 • Lynda Video – Opening the Negotiation: • Lynda Video – The Six Steps in Preparing for a Successful Negotiation:
  8. 8. PRODUCT AND ARTIST MANAGEMENT Goal for the Month: Learn how to effectively acquire, manage, and develop artists. Also to take preventative action against current issues. Strategies to Achieve My Goal: • Artist Management Resources: • Ten Tips For New Product Managers: • How to be a Good Product Manager:
  9. 9. ADVANCED ENTERTAINMENT LAW Goal for the Month: Enhance my knowledge on Protecting and Exploiting rights in the digital realm. Strategies to Achieve My Goal: • Tips for the Beginning Entertainment Law Attorney: • Entertainment Law Research Guide: • Hollywood Legal News Articles:
  10. 10. ENTERTAINMENT MEDIA PUBLISHING AND DISTRIBUTION Goal for the Month: Learn how to properly distribute media I manage. I can greatly use this for my recording studio. Strategies to Achieve My Goal: • 5 Tips for Content Distribution Networks: • Social Media Marketing: • 12 Steps for Better Content Distribution:
  11. 11. DIGITAL MARKETING Goal for the Month: Learn how to run an ad campaign for a product or artist. Strategies to Achieve My Goal: • Lynda Video – Marketing Tips: a:true%0Aproducttypeid:2 • Lynda Video - Marketing a Brand: • Apply lessons from the month to my product I am working to launch. The MyKasulBot – The Microphone Robot
  12. 12. BUSINESS PLAN DEVELOPMENT Goal for the Month: Learn how to write a successful business plan. Also, how to plan and approach failure. Strategies to Achieve My Goal: • Lynda Video – Nine Steps to Developing a Business Plan: • Lynda Video – Planning for Failure: • The 10 Ingredients of a Great Business Plan:
  13. 13. FINAL PROJECT: BUSINESS PLAN Goal for the Month: Write a successful business plan for my product, the MyKasulBot. Also find potential investors. Strategies to Achieve My Goal: • How to Present Your Business Plan: • Present my business plan to potential investors. • Target Market: Business Plan Basics:
  14. 14. CHARACTERISTICS OF A MENTOR • Must be able to give feedback that encourages success. • Must be able to embrace my ideas and also accept that I may also be able to give them advice in return. • Has had some sort of experience in the field and able to reflect on positive and negative experiences. • Will be able to be there for me if I need advice on scenarios I may hit in my Mastery journey. • Has an open mind in a sense that they accept their way is not gospel, but more of a story of their life that can inspire another.
  15. 15. FULL SAIL CLUB Music Publishing Society They are a music rights service and advocacy student group for Full Sail University composers, songwriters, and lyricists.
  16. 16. EXPANDING MY PLN • Search leaders on LinkedIn. • Network with people on Reddit. The site has a lot of great people with experience. • Search for projects I can get involved with and supply my newly acquired skills and knowledge.
  17. 17. SIX INDUSTRY LEADERS • Jorge Quinones - graduate from Full Sail - He runs his own business and secured many clients in the Florida region. I have spoke to him many times on Facebook about business strategies. • Amanda Moorhead - recent graduate in entertainment business. Has worked for spottily and MTV - • Logan Fisher - She has worked in the industry and a good friend - (484) 866-3158 • Robert Burnette – Co-Worker of mine. He was nominated for a grammy for his work on Wil Smith’s “Big Willie Style” he is a recording engineer. • Joel Morse – Owner of my company. He has had the company running for 20 years, and has worked closely with me on managing my part of the company.