Beijing Zhongguancun International School                            Add: 6 Jinzhan Lu, Chaoyang, Beijing 100018, China   ...
The EMPLOYER shall be responsible for processing all documents and making related sponsorship, workpermit and visa arrange...
1. A monthly salary statement will accompany this contract.2. Absences in excess of those authorized by EMPLOYER policy sh...
The EMPLOYER will provide to the EMPLOYEE a free noon meal on the campus on work days.8. TUITIONTuition for dependents is ...
experience furnished to the EMPLOYER are found to be false.4.    Immediately, if good and sufficient cause exists as appro...
BY:___________________________________________________________________________________       EMPLOYEE                     ...
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Beijing international school contract


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Beijing Zhongguancun International School employment contract

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Beijing international school contract

  1. 1. Beijing Zhongguancun International School Add: 6 Jinzhan Lu, Chaoyang, Beijing 100018, China Tel: 86-10-8434-3435 Fax: 86-10-8434-3436 EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT FOR SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORSThis Contract for 2006-2007 is entered into this 2006 between the Beijing ZhongguancunInternational School, a School operating pursuant to general agreement with the Government of China andlocated in Beijing, China, hereinafter referred to as “the EMPLOYER” andName: Shawn Matthews Nationality:Passport No: Issued at:Passport Date of Issue: Passport Expiration Date:Type of Visa: Length of Visa:(hereinafter referred to as “the EMPLOYEE”)Whereas the EMPLOYEE wishes to obtain employment in China with the EMPLOYER; and whereas theEMPLOYEE declares that he/she will not be committed to any other employment during his/heremployment in China by the EMPLOYER; and whereas the EMPLOYER is interested in obtaining theservices of the EMPLOYEE in China. Now therefore, the parties hereto have agreed as follows:I. CONDITIONSA. This contract is conditional with the understanding that the EMPLOYER has agreed to employ theEMPLOYEE and to retain that employment with the EMPLOYEE performing at the professional level ofexpectation. If, for whatever reasons the EMPLOYEE is not able to fulfill the terms of this contract, or it isterminated for cause, then provisions for such termination as stated in this contract shall enter into effect.B. The EMPLOYER reserves the right to assign and readjust the EMPLOYEE to a position withcorresponding compensation that will best meet the needs of the EMPLOYER while considering theEMPLOYEE’S qualification and experience.C. The EMPLOYER expects that the EMPLOYEE will perform all responsibilities as cited in anEMPLOYER-approved JOB DESCREPTION which will accompany this contract.II. SPONSORSHIP/WORK PERMIT VISAS 1
  2. 2. The EMPLOYER shall be responsible for processing all documents and making related sponsorship, workpermit and visa arrangements required by the EMPLOYEE and his/her dependents (spouse/children) to carryout the terms of this Contract. It remains the responsibility of the EMPLOYEE to maintain a valid, currentpassport.III. EMPLOYEE’S POINT OF HIREThe Point of Hire is Beijing, China.IV. TERM OF CONTRACTThis Contract for a specified period shall commence on September 1st, 2006 and will automatically expireon June 30th, 2007 , unless terminated earlier under the provisions cited in Section VII of this Contract.V. DUTIES AND OBLIGATIONS OF THE EMPLOYEEA. The EMPLOYEE shall provide the EMPLOYER required documents, including the most recent healthexamination report, copies of college transcripts, up-to-date professional certification and certification ofexperience. Falsifications of statements or documents are grounds for the immediate termination of thiscontract without benefits.B. The EMPLOYEE will make available to the EMPLOYER all documents, including a current validpassport, required to meet China’s legal requirements for obtaining visas, work permits and other documentsas might be determined by the Government of China. Again, falsifications of statements or documents aregrounds for immediate termination of the contract without benefits.C. The EMPLOYEE shall, for the term of the Contract, render professional services as defined in theEMPLOYER–approved JOB DESCREPTION. All duties performed under this Contract by theEMPLOYEE shall be performed in a competent and professional manner as evaluated by the EMPLOYERwith procedures outlined in the STAFF HANDBOOK accompanying this contract.D. The EMPLOYEE shall be present and conduct regular duties on all days in compliance with the schoolcalendar and daily schedule approved by the EMPLOYER.E. The EMPLOYEE is required to perform services for a minimum of one hundred and ninety (190) daysper school year and twenty-five (25) class hours per week under the terms of this contract.VI. COMPENSATION AND BENEFITSA. The EMPLOYEE will be paid a monthly salary according to the current established salary schedule.Adjustments to the salary will be made in the form of salary supplement. The salary assumes allEMPLOYEE requirements have been met. The first month salary and the last month salary are to beprorated according to the EMPLOYEE’s actual working days. 2
  3. 3. 1. A monthly salary statement will accompany this contract.2. Absences in excess of those authorized by EMPLOYER policy shall be deducted from monthly salary ona prorated daily rate basis. The prorated daily rate will be determined by dividing the EMPLOYEE’S monthsalary by the required number of work days.3. The EMPLOYEE shall receive his/her salary in Chinese RMB at the official exchange rate of the first dayof the paid month.A. BENEFITS1. MEDICAL INSURANCEThe EMPLOYER will provide medical insurance coverage for the EMPLOYEE under provisions ofinsurance carrier. Coverage will be defined within the limits established in EMPLOYER policy/regulationsand/or the policy issued by the provider of the insurance. The EMPLOYER will bear the full premium costof said coverage. The EMPLOYER’S insurance is defined in the prospectus provided by the Board -approved insurer.2. PAID LEAVEThe EMPLOYEE is entitled to Paid Leave for all Chinese public holidays with the national holidayarrangements and school winter vacation with days determined by the EMPLOYER. The EMPLOYERreserves the right to grant or deny the Paid Leave on the basis of the School’s greater educational needs.3. SICK LEAVEThe EMPLOYEE shall receive paid sick leave credit at total ten (10) days of contractual service. TheEMPLOYEE must show evidence of a medical certificate for absence due to illness of three (3) or moreconsecutive working days. Sick leave days shall not accrue beyond the contract year.4. PERSONAL LEAVEDays absent for personal business that can not be scheduled after school hours are defined as Personal LeaveDays. A maximum of two (2) days of paid personal leave per school year may be allowed by theEMPLOYER. Personal leave will not be counted against sick leave. The Principal reserves the right to grantor deny Personal Leave on the basis of the School’s greater educational needs. Personal Leave must beapproved in advance with written requisition by the Principal.5. COMPASSIONATE LEAVEAt the discretion of the Principal, EMPLOYER may grant the EMPLOYEE up to ten (10) working days ofpaid Compassionate Leave in the event of the death or life threatening illness or injury to an immediatefamily member (spouse, mother, father, child), five (5) days for sister, brother, mother-in-law, father-in-law.6. TRANSPORTATIONThe EMPLOYER will provide to the EMPLOYEE a transportation service between the centralized pick-upspot and the campus on work days.7. FOOD 3
  4. 4. The EMPLOYER will provide to the EMPLOYEE a free noon meal on the campus on work days.8. TUITIONTuition for dependents is based on a case by case basis and is determined at the time of employment.9. HOUSING AND UTILITIESThe EMPLOYER shall provide free on campus housing for the EMPLOYEE. The cost of utility is coveredby the EMPLOYER and personal telephone use is the responsibility of the EMPLOYEE. Should theEMPLOYEE choose to live off campus, a housing subsidy of 200USD per month is provided by theEMPLOYER.10. TAXESThe EMPLOYER will pay the Chinese Income Taxes owed by the EMPLOYEE.VII. PROHIBITION OF BUSINESS STRIFEThe EMPLOYEE is forbidden to be engaged on the same or analogous business as this Contract for otheremployers during the period of contractual service. The gain from the violation of this provision shall belongto the EMPLOYER.VIII. OBLIGATION OF SECRECYThe EMPLOYEE is not allowed to use or offer any information relating to the EMPLOYER to other partieswithout the EMPLOYER’s permission during the contractual service and 3 years after termination of theemployment.IX. TERMINATION OF EMPLOYMENTA. TERMINATION BY EMPLOYEEIn the event the EMPLOYEE wishes to terminate the employment under this Contract before the completionof the first year of service, the EMPLOYER shall be reimbursed for all expenses incurred by EMPLOYEEfor obtaining his/her visa or work permit and so on.B. TERMINATION FOR MEDICAL REASONSThis Contract may be terminated in the event that the EMPLOYEE is unable, for medical reasons, tocontinue his/her assignment within a reasonable time as determined by the EMPLOYER.C. TERMINATION FOR CAUSEThis Contract may be terminated by the EMPLOYER for the following reasons:1. Upon thirty (30) days prior written notice, if and when EMPLOYEE fails to comply with school policy or this Contract.2. Immediately, if the actions of the EMPLOYEE violate the laws of China, and the effects of such action seriously impairs the EMPLOYEE’S ability to satisfactorily perform his/her duties, or if such actions bring detrimental publicity to the School.3. Immediately, if any statements by the EMPLOYEE concerning education, certification, or teaching 4
  5. 5. experience furnished to the EMPLOYER are found to be false.4. Immediately, if good and sufficient cause exists as approved by the EMPLOYER in accordance with existing policy.5. When this contract, within its specified dates, is terminated for Cause, the liability of the EMPLOYER shall be: salary paid to the EMPLOYEE up to the last day of work in the case of immediate dismissal for Cause.6. In case of either immediate termination or termination with thirty (30) days notice, the EMPLOYEE’S right to due process is protected under EMPLOYER Policy: a) The right to know the reasons for termination. b) The right to a hearing before the EMPLOYER.X. CONTRACT DISPUTEAny dispute concerning this Contract shall be discussed by the EMPLOYEE and the EMPLOYER. If theEMPLOYEE and the EMPLOYER can not resolve the dispute and all attempts fail, the two parties canappeal to the organization of arbitration for foreign experts affairs in the State Administration of ForeignExperts Affairs and ask for final arbitration.XI. OTHER PROVISIONS, IF APPLICABLEThis written Contract represents the entire agreement of the parties hereto and no other promises orarrangements shall be interpreted as binding on the parties. This Contract also supersedes all previouscontracts between the parties. The terms stated in this Contract contain the entire agreement between theparties and other conditions or promises shall not form a party of the Contract. Amendments to the Contractmay be applied with the written consent of both parties to the contract.XII. VALIDITY OF CONTRACT OFFERThis Contract must be signed and/or posted to the EMPLOYER within ten (10) days after receipt, afterwhich the offer could be declared null and void.XIII. CONTRACT RENEWAL OBLIGATIONThere shall be no obligation on the part of the EMPLOYER or the EMPLOYEE to renew this contractbeyond the specified termination date cited in this Contract. When considering renewal the EMPLOYERreserves the right to take into consideration the present and future needs of the School. New contract offers,for no more than one year, shall be made at least sixty five (65) days before this contract expires. The optionof offering a two year contract renewal shall be that of the EMPLOYER. Otherwise, the EMPLOYEE shallexpect that contract renewal shall be for no more than one (1) year.IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties have signed and dated this Contract.BY:___________________________________________________________________________________ PRINCIPAL DATE 5
  6. 6. BY:___________________________________________________________________________________ EMPLOYEE DATE Beijing Zhongguancun International School Add: 6 Jinzhan Lu, Chaoyang, Beijing 100018, China Tel: 86-10-8434-3435 Fax: 86-10-8434-3436 Salary Agreement Statement for 2006-2007Name: Shawn MatthewsPosition: TeacherSalary: 17,000RMB (After tax)This salary is in accordance with the salary scale for 2006-2007. The salary will be paidbeginning September, 2006 and ending June, 2007 according to the employee’s actualteaching days. Any change in the salary will require an additional supplemental salaryagreement and render this agreement null and void.Signed by Principal: ________________Date: ______________Beijing, P.R.C.Signed by Employee: _______________Date: ______________ 6
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