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Intro to Social Media
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Intro to Social Media


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A quick guide to the types of social media and some of the options within each type

A quick guide to the types of social media and some of the options within each type

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Intro to Social MediaA guide to the neophyte
    T. J. & Shawn Grubb
    INFO 600
    Summer 2010
    Xavier University
  • 2. What is this?
    This was a really small assignment I worked with a colleague in the summer of 2010 for a INFO 600 Course as part of my MBA at Xavier University.
    Really, this is a darn simple summary for the complete social media neophyte. If you are doing real research, the most useful information might be the sources at the end. Thx, Shawn
  • 3. What is “Social Media”?
    Blogs: Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, WordPress, Vox,
    Micro-blogging : Twitter, Yammer, Qaiku
    Social networking: Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Bebo,
    Social network agg: NutshellMail, FriendFeed,
    Events: Upcoming, Eventful,
  • 4. What is “Social Media”?
    Wikis: Wikimedia, PBworks, Wetpaint
    Social bookmarking (or social tagging):[7] Delicious, StumbleUpon, Google Reader, CiteULike
    Social news: Digg, Mixx, Reddit, NowPublic
  • 5. What is “Social Media”?
    Media and entertainment platforms: Cisco Eos
    Virtual worlds: Second Life, The Sims Online, Forterra
    Game sharing: Miniclip, Kongregate
  • 6. What is “Social Media”?
    Reviews and opinions
    Product reviews:,
    Business reviews: Customer Lobby,
    Community Q&A: Yahoo! Answers, WikiAnswers, Askville, Google Answers
  • 7. What is “Social Media”?
    Photography and art sharing: deviantArt, Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa, SmugMug, Zooomr
    Video sharing: YouTube, Viddler, Vimeo, sevenload, Zideo
    Livecasting:,, Stickam, Skype, OpenCU
    Music and audio sharing: MySpace Music, The Hype Machine,, ccMixter, ShareTheMusic
    Presentation sharing: slideshare, scribd
  • 8. What is “Social Media”?
    Brand monitoring
    Social media monitoring: Attensity Voice of the Customer, Attensity360, Sysomos Heartbeat
    Social media analytics: Sysomos MAP
    Information Aggregators: Netvibes, Twine (website)
  • 9. Facts and Figures:
    What % of the US population uses Social Media?
  • 10.
  • 11.
  • 12. Mind Blowing Statistics
    What % of Facebook users log in each day?
    What is Facebook fastest growing demographic?
    35 and older (16.5 million adults ages 55 and older engage in social networking)
    How many Twitter accounts are there?
    75 Million
    How many images are on Flickr?
    +4 Billion
    How many Wikipedia articles are there?
    14 Million
  • 13. Streamlining Social Networking: 7 Tools
    8Hands -desktop app, organizes your profiles into one place.
    AtomKeep - Import, synch and merge your profile data
    FriendBinder – aggregates your existing friends from your networks and displays tem in a single stream of information.
    FriendFeed – displays a personalized real time feed of what your friends are sharing on social networking sites. – Updated multiple statuses simultaneously.
    Pond – Follow your friends, collect information, and share your own.
    Shareaholic – Customizable browser to share content with over 60
  • 14. Sources