Venturing Into An Artistic Mind


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This magazine pertains to my growth and experiences with art. It shows the art pieces that I have made within my time in computer graphics, art seminar and previous high school work. Each art piece is given a discription as to how I developed the pieces. References to other sites where my work is, is also included within the magazine. Images from previous projects that I have done within my high school years were also included to show the similarities and changes that I have taken when creating my art.

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Venturing Into An Artistic Mind

  1. 1. 1 Table of Contents Page 2 Art introduction Page 34 Start of book two Page 70 Artist information Shawnita Montgomery
  2. 2. By: Shawnita Montgomery Craft: The program that I used to create this image was Adobe Illustrator. The pen tool was specifically used to create the outlines of the image, multiple brush strokes were tested out on the image and I ended up using “chalk scrib- ble.” I took the image, which is of four buildings down- town. Our project was to get an image that had multiple overlapping. I used multiple colors in the gradient tool. With that I gave the buildings shades of orange, green, gray and black. (Above is an example of the “Chalk Scribble” Stroke used in Illustrator) DRAWING WITH SHAPES Composition: There are multiple shapes, colors and lines that I want my viewers eyes to fall on. As the image is being examined with their eyes, they’ll take notice to how the same gradient color is being use, however they don’t line up with one an- other. Instead of using the gradient to cover the entire image I used the shaped in- stead. For each image the color are either stretched or bunched together. The shows the distinct differ- ence in the shapes and how the colors can be used. Concept: The image is basically of multiple buildings over- lapping one another. They were changed in a dras- tic level due to colors, shapes and strokes. They background being the sky helped the image stand out more because its color is soft, while the build- ing colors are extremely strong and noticeable. The image has fuzzy like strokes giving it a Gotham like theme. The colors make it seem as though the sun was setting the buildings reflected both it and the sky. 2 3
  3. 3. Playing with Shapes..... and Colors Craft: Using Illustrator I mainly worked with the colors and shapes of the imag- es. I used solid colors for both images to give them a stronger notice. Shades were rarely used within both images. Composition: The first thing the viewer’s eyes should fall on in the first image (to the left) dark red shapes and soon ex- pand the ‘shapes surroundings. In the second image (Below) the viewer’s eyes should fall on the bright yellows and fall into dark shades. I used col- ors that you’d rarely see combined to make the color combination more interesting. Concept: The images mainly focus on buildings that share the same colors but use them in different ways. The buildings each has major differences from one another, but the colors causes them to have a con- nection. 4 5
  4. 4. Craft: In these three images I worked with Adobe Illus- trator to edit them. They relate to all the images on the previous pages as you can see. The main difference and focus was that I worked with brush strokes. I tested many dif- ferent brush strokes on the original image and came out with these amazing details and designs. Composition: I want the viewers eyes to take notice to the differ- ent strokes outlining the buildings in the images. Each one has different strokes that are extremely bold and noticeable. I also want them to take no- tice to the colors of each stroke, which makes them seem much bolder. Concept: Each images mainly fo- cuses on different brush strokes outlining the same buildings. Each image has the same buildings and sky’s but the strokes are the only differences. Discovering new.... 6 7 View Full Image on page 8 & 9
  5. 5. ...brush strokes 8 9
  6. 6. Drastic Changes 10 11
  7. 7. Shapes, lines and colors 12 13 Craft: Adobe Illustrator was use in the edit image to the left. The pen tool was used to over the actual im- age. I used strong shades of color to give the image a very noticeable differ- ence. Different shades of colors were used the give the image depth and make the details pop out to the viewers eyes. Composition: I want the viewer to fo- cus on the overlapping of stairs as the original has. I want them to also see how drastic the colors have changed but the image is still the same. This was a test image that decided to do just as an example. It doesn’t have extreme details to worry about but have good overlapping. Concept: The image is about stair- cases of course. The edit- ed version is mostly about overlapping colors and using different shades to make the details stand out more on the staircase. Original Image
  8. 8. Colors and Shadows Craft: For the following images I use Adobe Illustrator. The tools for this were the paintbrush, color guide (using multiple forms of color) and the brush stroke. Also a glass bottle and small round vase was used, and a bright light to give the objects shades. Composition: I want my audience to see the growth of my images as they develop more col- or and detail. I way their eyes to fall on the shades and shadows as well as the shapes outline. Focus on the Hue’s and values of the images. The im- ages were created for my computer graphics class recently and I want my growth or skills to be no- ticed as I try to advance my work to my best. Concept: The main focus of these images is about a glass bottle and a small round vase with lots of shadows. 14 15
  9. 9. Making images with strokes 16 17 Craft: Adobe Illustrator was used for these images. The Bamboo sketch- pad was also used and different colors. The visual aid used was a vase that was placed in front of the students to draw. Drawing with strokes to fill in the im- age was used instead of starting with an outline. Composition: I want the viewers to focus on the shades that were used which gave the im- ages a dimensional feel- ing. Shadows and shades were worked with which is why lighter and darker shades were used. Concept: The images are of a vase. The vase had a light shined upon is which gave it, its shadowy looks.
  10. 10. 18 19 Shades and... Craft: Adobe Illustrator was used to create this image. The paintbrush and Bam- boo sketchpad were also used to create the form of the image. A cup was also used with a light shined on it to give it strong shades. I decided not to use colors in this image other than natural shades to make the vase seem more realistic. Composition: I want the viewers eyes to take notice of the curves and shades of the cup. They work together to give the image depth and a strong dimensional feel. The dark shades show how the light reflected on the cup. The designs of the cup are shows with short black strokes that run down the cup. Concept: The image is specifically about a cup. However the details define much more. The details show shad- ows, strokes, shades and depth. The image is about a cup being looked at by an artistic mind. This im- age is from the point of view of the artist. The cup can and will be seen in many different ways but the drawing captured it in a rare position. ...shadows Full image on page 20 & 21
  11. 11. 20 21
  12. 12. 22 23 Making shapes with numbers Craft: Adobe Illustrator was used to create these im- ages. Numbers of five were continuously written down to take the shape of teapots that were placed in front of the students to draw. I drew two differ- ent pots and used different brush stokes; one thick and the other thin. The Bamboo sketchpad was used to create the images just as the previous ones that I created. Composition: I want the viewers eyes to see the difference from the thick and thin stroke. The darker teapot seems to have more depth, while the other seems to show more detail. The teapots are different but they fol- low the same style. The numbers of fives are very noticeable up close but from a distance the image make the shapes of a pot. Concept: The main focuses are teapots made of num- ber fives. Thin and thick strokes were used to show a major difference in the pots.
  13. 13. 24 25 Different types of strokes Craft: The same teapot was used to create theses six dif- ferent textures of teapots. Using Adobe illustrator I used multiple strokes to create the three teapots in the second column going down. The first column is images of outlines of the teapot. Then same stroke was used in all six images, with the help of the Bam- boo Sketchpad. Composition: I want the viewers to take notice to the strokes used in each image. The same strokes were used howev- er the images make it look as though multiple strokes were used. The reason for that is due to the repetition of drawing lines. The lines overlapped making them look thicker than one an- other. Concept: The multiple images are all teapots. They are all actually the same teapots but are drawn in different styles. Each one uses the same strokes but go dif- ferent directions or only form the outline of the ac- tual pot. See full image on page 26 & 27
  14. 14. 26 27
  15. 15. 28 29 Practing with colors Craft: Adobe Illustrator was used in this image you see. Different colors and strokes were tested on a black white paper of 11in- x17in. Different forms of fives were written and drawn for practicing. This was the start of my use with the pen for the Bam- boo sketchpad. Composition: I want the viewer to main- ly focus on the multiple colors that overlap each other. Also I want them to look at the different strokes and forms of fives that are continuously writ- ten and draw on the paper. Concept: Basically this is an image of multiple numbers of fives that were done ev- eryday for practice in the computer graphics class. This was helping students prepare for new styles on drawing art. See full image on page 30 & 31
  16. 16. 30 31
  17. 17. 32 33 Brightness... ...Shades and Contrast Composition: I would like the viewer to focus on the shadows and outlines of the images. In order to get their eyes to focus on the outline and shadows I made them a pitch darker. I want the viewers eyes to fall on the dark details. I would also like them to focus on the black and white of each im- age. I used more dark ink on light paper to show contrast. I want the audience to see how one object can be seen different- ly in multiple ways and how the shadows can stand out to make the image look more unique. Craft: I used a mechanical pencil to draw these images on a white print paper. The im- ages are made up of 100 strokes. The lines were drawn in different direc- tions to give more detail of the image. I also smeared some of the drawings with my fingers to make shad- ows. Concept: The artwork is simply about a champagne glass being drawn in different ways. I want the audience to see how differently the same image can be done, as you see in the other im- ages.
  18. 18. 34 Going deeper into the mind of an artist Seeing More Learning More Knowing More
  19. 19. Sketches with shapes... Craft: In this image I used white computer paper, a pen- cil and a pen. I started with a pencil making the shapes forms and out- lines of the curves. I then covered the pencil draw- ings with a pen. I didn’t cover all just most parts, which supported its name “Collision.” With support from Adobe Photoshop I used image adjustments to work on the levels of the image. The level tool gave a darker outline to the shapes and objects within the image. I used the pen- cil to give the image the grayish look for the fig- ures to look more realis- tic. To make the circular and curvy shapes I used objects around my house to. The image has much repetition which I did in- tentionally by repeating some of the shaped over and over. Concept: The image basically shows two subjects fac- ing away from each other. The background is filled with odd shapes, lines and curves. The subjects seem to take on human figures however they are not be- cause they have wings. The lines separate and shows the difference be- tween them. Everything overlaps something giv- ing the image a sense of dimensional usage. The dark colors collide with the gray and the white giving a feeling of depth. The females eyes stand out due to the dark color that relate to the dark col- ors that outline and fill in the shapes. Composition: I want the viewers eyes to fall on each and every shape. I want them to take notice to the lack of color and the shades of black and gray that was used. In the image there are shapes filling in the background to cancel out negative space. The main subjects stand out due to their lack of repetition like the shapes around them. They face away from each other but one looks towards the viewer. The other looks the direction it’s turned. I also want them to notices the difference from the pencil to pen collision. Some parts of the shapes are strong with the pen. However when it comes to the pencil the shapes seem to silently blend in and give a calm feeling. “Collision” 36 37 By: Shawnita Montgomery
  20. 20. ...Lines and Curves Craft: In this image I used white computer paper and a pen. I took the risk for mistakes because I wanted the im- age to be however my hand movement flowed. The border of the image is a cut out from a calendar to make the image seem endless. The main two subjects were actually in a previous drawing of mine, which gave me, the idea to you’re them. I used repeti- tion to fill in the negative space of the white paper. The paper is a dark gray due to the image being placed against an image drawn only of pencil. The pencil lines rubbed again the paper giving it its gray color and I decided to keep it. Composition: For This image I want the viewers eyes to fall on each and every shape. I want them to take notice to the lack of color and the shades of black and gray that was used. In the im- age there are shapes filling in the background to can- cel out negative space. As in the image on the previ- ous page (page 3) there are two subjects. The line separating them is more of a curve. I want to viewers to wonder what’s going on and what’s the meaning of it. The two creatures just stand there taking no ac- tion other than looking down. The curves and shapes behind them could be multiples things from plants, to vines or veins. I have them running off the page to make them look as if they never end. Concept: The backgrounds are filled with odd shapes, lines and curves. The sub- jects seems to take on ani- mal like features, perhaps rabbits. The lines, curves and shapes behind them just flow along the page freely. The creatures over the lap the lines and the lines overlap each other. Its as though tree branch- es or leaves attached to stems. The name “Quick Thought.” Fits the im- age because the creatures stand still, frozen on the spot yet the lines behind them seem to be moving at a fast pace. “Quick Thought” 38 39
  21. 21. Craft: This image was a drawing at first. I used pencil and white computer paper. I then traced it with a black pen and scanned it to a computer. Using Adobe Illustrator I was able to use to pen tool to get the outline of the shapes. I also used Adobe Photo- shop for the colors. I used the gradient tool to give the image different shade of green. In Illustrator I used the opacity tool to make some of the shapes and colors blend in do they wouldn’t overlap so much. The bird in the im- age was created entirely in Photoshop because it was much easier to work with the colors of the animal. Composition: This image was created for a specific project. A green piece had to be made so I wanted to have a connec- tion to nature. With that Idea in mind I drew a bird standing on what looks to be stems on branches. I also wanted the image to be abstract so I added odd shapes with different shades of green. I want the viewers eyes to see how black and white where used but able to sit in with the green. I made sure that the colors faded with one another. I also want them to take notice to how im- age seems dimensional due to the lines and angles. Concept: Thereareactuallytwomain focuses in this image. First there is the bird perched on stem and secondly there are the multiple colors of green. The different shapes in the image were cre- ated so that more shades of green could be used. The shapes also helped the image have a more ab- stract theme. The bird has a strong connection with the background because the colors are much alike. The image is almost fully green with gives the nature hint. This shows another powerful connection with the bird. “Dark Essence” 40 41 Welcoming colors and...
  22. 22. “Lifeless doll” Craft: White computer paper, pencil and color pencil was used to create this image. I started with pencil to draw the out- line of the figures and shapes within the im- age. I then colored in the shape of the figures. Af- ter scanning it into the computer I adjusted the colors by using Photo- shop. Composition: I want the viewers to take notice of the fe- male figure within the center of the image. She has a humans figure but her face shows other- wise. She’s a puppet be- ing held by four strings. The colors behind her are different shades to show that she is in a box. The image is as if she’s in a puppet show. Concept: The main focus is of a female puppet. A box is behind her as if she’s in a puppet show with no decoration. The reason for that is to make her the center of attention. Her eyes are a very deep black as if you’re looking into something without a soul. ..different medias 42 43
  23. 23. “Modern Sorrow” 44 45 Art History Craft: Pencil, white computer paper, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe illustrator was used to create this image. I also used to artistic in- spiring images to create this image. They gave me an Idea and I combined their style to create what you see now. It started off as a simple drawing and I used Adobe Photoshop to had different textures and colors on to the characters in the image. Composition: I want my viewers to take notice of the hu- mor and sadness of this image. The passed out individual seems to be an alcoholic and the men holding her are ei- ther family or friends. The woman looks dis- appointed and hurt at the sight of the ma be- ing held. The dark col- ors help the image have a dark setting because it’s a bad situation that’s taking place. Concept: There are multiple things going on in this image. Different face expressions show the different emo- tions that the characters are feeling. Two men are holding the passed out man and the women is looking away. Her expres- sion shoes hurt the other man whose face is being shown looks as though he’s being spoken to.
  24. 24. “Butterflies Prayer” Craft: White computer paper, pencil, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop was used. I got the idea from looking at a masquerade mask that hung on my sisters room wall. I drew multiple but- terflies and placed the female like figure above them. The colors follows a fall type of combination. The females wings are a combination of all the colors that fill in the the background. Composition: I want the viewers eyes to take notice to have the background fits with the foreground. The same col- ors are being used, howev- er they all overlap. There is a major lack of negative space but a little area is being used mostly as part of the females dress. The gradient tool was mostly used to give the shades of multiple colors. Concept: The main focus is a fe- male like creature on the center on the image. She is surrounded by color- ful butterfly like shapes. The creatures on the back- grounds could be either insects or mask. the wom- an is holding her hands up and look upward as if trying to look at someone. She seems to be praying however a butterfly lays on her lips preventing her to do so. 46 47 Computer Arts
  25. 25. “Beauty Dance” “Beauty Marks” Digital TouchupsNatural Arts & 48 49 Craft: The images are both Ab- stract. Make up and Pho- toshop was used to create these. The shapes were drawn out with lipstick and eye shadow. After scan- ning them I sharpened the pictures with Photoshop to flatten the texture and make the colors solid of fading. Composition: I want the viewers to notice how the titles fit the images perfectly. The image “Beauty Marks” is actually a warning unlike the other image that’s just about dancing. The im- age “Beauty Dance” is all about how lipstick can add beauty to the wearer. It’s almost like an advertisement. Concept: The two images are both made of make up. They both send a message to the viewers. One is of a danc- ing figure and the other is of sharp claws. I want to leave the viewers mind questioning as to what each image can really mean and how many messages can be given from them. See full image on page 50 & 51
  26. 26. 50 51
  27. 27. Craft: In the image a photograph (That I took) of a plant was used, Adobe Photoshop and Il- lustrator. Specifically I use the filter gallery to enhance the pic- ture to make it (image 2) look more abstract. I adjusted both images by increasing the level tool. This gave each image the bright out lies on the plants and made them look more crisp. With the duplicating layer tool I was able to make multiple repetitions of the same object, which looks to be eyes or beads. Placing the eye like circle on top of the image made the fore- ground seem much more domi- nant to the background. Composition: I want the viewers to take notice to the ma- jor differences between each of the images. I also want them to notice the similarities as well. Each image uses the same subject and pattern. However the second image seems more mysterious compared to the first that shows much more detail. Both images seen to have a dark edge due to the dark back- ground and shadows that make the green pop out. In comparison to my recent images this one connects because it follows the same dark edge. Each image has natural or sharp curves that make the viewers eyes take sharp turns to complete the detail of the image. This image is taking more of a toll towards nature than the previous ones that have moth nature and human like figures included. Concept: The image focus is the plant the sits in the center of the image. However the color green and the stung depth is very noticeable as well. The patterns of what looks to be eyes seem to stand out even more then the plant. It actually seems like a battle between foreground and background. The first image background seems to be los- ing badly but the second im- age seems to almost have a balance. Natural Abstraction 52 53 “Earthly Sight”
  28. 28. Craft: The first image is the original. The other two were edited. The image started with a pencil and white computer paper. I then traced over the image with pen and began add- ing color with color pen- cils. I only used six colors but tried using different shades of them. I then edited the images with Adobe Photoshop. In the adjustment folder I used levels to make the colors pop out more for the view- ers eyes. In the final image I took a dramatic turn and changed the entire image. Neon colors were the new setting, which made the image much darker. I also used Adobe Illustrator to take the final images and Export them for the maga- zine. Composition: Concept: The title of this image is “Sisters Taste”, which is very odd. How- ever the image was meant to represent my own sib- ling and me. The plant, which sits in the center of the image, was an exam- ple of the advances I de- cided to take towards na- ture. I also wanted to have similarities with my other images as well. As in my previous images there are two subjects reflecting one another but each one has a slight difference. I want the viewers eyes to take notice to the flowing lines that seems natural around the two female subjects. They seem like vines or stems that’s trying to con- nect with the plant in the center of the image. I feel as through the background is challenging the two fe- males but they both seem to be fairly tied. Concept: The main focus is the two females facing one anoth- er. They have similarities but noticeable differences. The abstract things around them makes them stand out more. The flower in the center makes you curi- ous about how it connects with the two females. They’re both facing to- wards it as if its a form of communication. Lines curves and shapes 54 55 “Sisters Taste”
  29. 29. 56 57
  30. 30. “Independence” Photoshop v.s... 58 59
  31. 31. ...Photography “No Limits” “Grainy Path” 60 61
  32. 32. “Tasteless” ...through photography “Endless Melody” Expressing thoughts... 62 63
  33. 33. 64 65
  34. 34. “Simple Smile”-By Shawnita Montgomery Sketchings of... “Calm Thoughts”-By Shawnita Montgom- ...Animated... ...Characters 66 67
  35. 35. “A Mothers Smile”-By Shawnita Montgomery Sketches edited... ...with Photoshop “Maniac”-By Shawnita Montgomery 68 69
  36. 36. 70 71 Shawnita Montgomery Graduated from little Village Lawndale High School and is now attending Saint Xavier University. I have taken up advanced pho- tography and digital graphics classes in high school. I am now taking up computer graphics and art seminar at Saint Xavier. As an inspiring artist known as Banksy quoted, “You’re mind is working at its best when you’re being paranoid. You explore every avenue and possibility of your situation at high speed with total clarity.” ~ Banksy, Banging Your Head Against a Brick Wall “My art is best done when I’m in a state where the world doesn’t even exist to me but the fear and curiosity of the unknown lurks all around me.” ~Shawnita Montgomery Book can be purchased at: tic-mind/18664719 Find my work at: