Youth Opportunities w/ Mobile Game Development


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This talk is about how mobile app development disrupted the experience requirement for software developers and opened the doors for many successful youth developers who could learn the ropes quickly and become successful.

In addition, I give resources for how youth can get started today learning to develop mobile games for themselves.

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Youth Opportunities w/ Mobile Game Development

  1. 1. @shawng @DHFBaltimore Youth Opportunites w/ Mobile Game Dev Shawn Grimes
  2. 2. @shawng Who Was I? Help Desk Web Developer Database Admin Network Engineer Windows Server Admin Linux Server Admin Firewall and IDS Admin Security Engineer Security Architect Mobile App Developer Co-Author of 2 (soon to be 3) published books @DHFBaltimore
  3. 3. A Brief History of Mobile Development March 2008
 January 2007
 June 2007
 Apple releases SDK
 <100 Full Time 
 iPhone is released to allow apps 
 Mobile App Developers on iPhones
  4. 4. A Brief History of Mobile Development 2011
 5 colleges offering
 courses in mobile 
 development February 2012
 Mobile App Developers So where did all 
 these developers learn?
  5. 5. @shawng @DHFBaltimore Mobile App Development • Reset the formal requirement for education • Anyone who could learn it quickly could become successful • More worth was put into what you’ve done instead of where you went to school
  6. 6. @shawng @DHFBaltimore Start Today You have no rent, no family to support, and no medical insurance to pay for. You have more free time now than you ever will. You can spend it sleeping and playing video games. Or you can spend it learning to create your own video games.
  7. 7. @shawng @DHFBaltimore Case Study Colin Francis • Graduated HS in 2011 • Taught himself iPhone Dev • Used the free Stanford courses in iTunes U
  8. 8. @shawng @DHFBaltimore Colin Francis • Currently in 2nd year of college • 3 published books • Job offer from Microsoft and many more
  9. 9. @shawng Naveen Sidhu • Age: 19 • Self taught • Started Pixel Cube Studios • 10 Mobile Games • In 2010, most downloaded free app, over 2 million d/ls @DHFBaltimore
  10. 10. @shawng @DHFBaltimore Charlie Fish • CEO: Images by Kids • • 13 years old • 6 iOS apps in the App Store • Self taught, started at 11
  11. 11. @shawng @DHFBaltimore Santiago Gonzalez • Owner, Hicaduda • 14 years old • 12 iOS apps • Has experience with 10 programming languages
  12. 12. @shawng Bella • 11 years old • Currently working on second mobile game • Started developing mobile games this past summer @DHFBaltimore
  13. 13. @shawng @DHFBaltimore Other Disruptive Technologies
  14. 14. @shawng 3D Printing • January 2009, Makerbot releases Thing-O-Matic • Jobs created in 5 years? @DHFBaltimore
  15. 15. @shawng Darius McCoy • 16 years old • 3D Printing custom phone cases • Started his own company called Frozen Lava • Learned about 3D printing 6 months ago • Has built 4x 3D printers in 6 months @DHFBaltimore
  16. 16. @shawng @DHFBaltimore Where Is 3D Printing Going? • Assistive Technology/Prosthetics • Tools • Customized/Individualized objects • Clothing? • Organs?
  17. 17. Aerial Robotics
  18. 18. Wearable Tech
  19. 19. @shawng @DHFBaltimore “You are never stagnant. You are either growing and maturing or falling behind.” –Nick Selby
  20. 20. Learn How To Learn New Things Don’t be afraid of not knowing something. Be confident that you can learn something when you need to learn it.
  21. 21. @shawng Consume @DHFBaltimore < Create
  22. 22. @shawng @DHFBaltimore Start a portfolio!! On a job interview, I have never been asked where I went to college or even what degree I have…I am always asked what apps or software I’ve worked on in the past or for samples of code that I’ve written.
  23. 23. @shawng @DHFBaltimore Time The Path To Success Effort
  24. 24. @shawng @DHFBaltimore Time The Path To Success Effort
  25. 25. @shawng @DHFBaltimore Tangible Tips Explore open source programming GitHub (great place for a developer portfolio to start) Explore Linux (web servers, security and so much more) Raspberry Pi to help you find answers Practice typing with high accuracy and high speed
  26. 26. @shawng @DHFBaltimore Getting Started Mobile Tutorials 
 • - so many tutorials! Game Artwork • • art packs for games • free to use w/ attribution ! Audio •
  27. 27. @shawng @DHFBaltimore CORONA SDK
  28. 28. @shawng @DHFBaltimore Corona Resources ! (Dr. Brian Burton) (Michelle Fernandez)
  29. 29. @shawng Getting Started Digital Harbor Foundation • Mobile Game Dev Course • V2 to be released Jan 2014 • Pre-order now • lab/course/mobile-gamedevelopment-v2/ @DHFBaltimore
  30. 30. @shawng Who am I? • A Technologist • A Maker • A life-long learner • @shawng @DHFBaltimore