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Successful and Rich 101
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Download my e-book for free, Successful and Rich 101 hopefully it will assist you as much as it has me.

Download my e-book for free, Successful and Rich 101 hopefully it will assist you as much as it has me.

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  • 1. $uccessful and Rich 101 The inside Secrets that will put you on TOP! Gets you that freedom… Let me be the first to congratulate you on taking this very important step to launching your success, you truly deserve to achieve all your goals and dreams in life. This e-book will impact your success in network marketing if you believe in yourself and your direction in life, if this passion and drive to succeed is not something you presently possess I suggest you put off reading this book until those FEELINGS are obtained and that passion presents itself in your actions. The information that is listed within this e- book allowed me to achieve my goals and dreams, and my purpose in writing this is to assist you in obtaining yours. You first have to realize that your life was not meant to be a struggle. We all have the ability within ourselves to achieve our goals and create the life we truly desire. Remember this is not achieved through wishful thinking or half beliefs, what you have to realize is if you do not FEEL that emotion, the joy, the satisfaction that goes with your dreams this process will be a struggle for you from day 1. If you start this e-book with these feelings already in place and manifesting, this book will catapult you in the right direction of pure freedom. I know your thinking why should I take what this guy is saying as the truth. The only answer I can give you is, through creating my own Web Design Company in the early 90’s and being part of several MLM’s and Direct Sales programs I have learned some valuable lessons on what you have to do and what you have to avoid in this industry. Accompany that experience with the mountains of books, DVD’s, Webanears and training classes I have attended and I feel I have something life changing to offer YOU!
  • 2. So let’s start with some books you have to have and read, they will allow you to manifest the dreams and goals faster and easier if you allow yourself to grasp the author’s points and options. These books are not listed in any particular order…ENJOY and LEARN. My Must Reads! Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill Rich Dad Poor Dad, by Robert T. Kiyosaki The 4 Hour workweek, by Timothy Ferriss The Secret of the Ages, by Robert Collier The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, by Dr. Joseph Murphy The Millionaire Mind, by Thomas J. Stanley And what I am presently reading, remember you never stop learning …”Excuse me, your life is waiting”, by Lynn Grabhorn Success for any Program What I am giving you here is the blueprints for success in any online business, EDC Diamond, HerbEalife, Direct Funnel, Amway, any system that exists today will explode if these points are followed and executed properly, and that’s a promise I can keep! I have also tried to stay on track with this e-book and not become long winded and write for the sake of creating script, what you get here is what you need, and not a lot of hype and repeated B.S. my wife tells me I can talk about nothing for hours, so you can thank her for the direct approach I have adopted for this e-book. :] What you should look for before joining any program! Training Training should come from at least 2 areas for success. The first should be offered by you program that you are joining, they should have basic and continues training usually offered by phone presentations and on line recorded training that you can review at your convenience. Second, and I feel probably more important then program training is sponsor training. The person that you decided to follow into this business should have a training schedule
  • 3. in place for you to succeed, one that is flexible and works around your schedule and lifestyle. They SHOULD have a commitment to your success, and not just for the monetary reasons. When people have a vested interest in you and give you time it is understood why. A true leader will assist ANYBODY that is interested in growing and learning in this business, that is a true leader and mentor to follow. Also the ongoing individual training and growing that we all should do on a daily bases is also needed to compete in this ever changing marketplace. Search Engine (A must to master) This is an area that scares a lot of newbie’s in this business, so let’s tackle the solution to this issue. I will cover several different area within this topic so be patient and pick the avenue that you feel most at ease with and master that first, then tackle the other options I have listed. Search engine optimization is not as complicated as some would like you to believe. There are a few, quick methods that will get you to the top of the search engines quickly and painlessly. Some of these options will dip into the pocket book but you have control of the bottom line contribution that you want to make. If funding is an issue I will show you options later that will cost noting but your time. Pay-Per-Click This is paid inclusion in the search engine results. I personally use Google to generate quality traffic, but it can be expensive. My recommendation is that if you are new to marketing and inexperienced with Google, do not even attempt to run a Google PPC campaign until you have read Perry Marshall's "The Definitive Guide to Google Adwords". The good news is I have the 5 day training program he offers and its available for you through my training program. Now, if you are bound and determined to concentrate your advertising efforts on PPC campaigns, you NEED to get your hands on Adspy Pro. This is crucial information that every PPC advertiser needs. This program will allow you to spy on your competition, as it will report to you the number of searches, search results, the result/search ratio, AND the number of PPC campaigns already running on both Google and Overture for all variations of your keywords. It’s outstanding! What you have to understand with Search Engines is it’s time consuming at first but once it’s done it will pay you back Over and Over again. Important Note: If any program is offering you easy money with no work and no knowledge needed….just look the other way and RUN! A few scams in this industry give so many great programs a bad rap. I am not saying you have to work long hours and burn the candle at both ends to succeed in this industry, not at all, with a little time and effort in the beginning the pay off in the end is HUGE!
  • 4. Search Engine Submission If you want to generate free search engine traffic, you need to get listed in the 'natural search' results. Submitting to the Search Engines is your first step you have to take to get this ball rolling. I suggest purchasing a Domain name (I use that is catchy and will attract the right people to your business then forward it to your replicated site, then get your site listed with the search engines. Using Submit, you are able to submit your website to more than 2,050 select and high quality search engines (including the majors; MSN, Google, Yahoo, and Overture). Other marketing areas that work If you want to get noticed and drive the right traffic to your site, take a serious look at these options that can be done with no financial investment. These methods are great for advertising, and will also increase your search engine ranking. Again a little time investing in the beginning passes HUGE in the end if performed properly from day one! Articles Writing and submitting articles to the article directories is an incredibly powerful way to get free inclusion in the search engines. When you write an article on any subject and include a link back to your capture page within your ‘authors bio box’, you are creating links back to your site that STICK. If you consistently submit new articles within your niche (travel, wellness, communications, whatever), and use the keywords that you are hoping to target within your article- you WILL get valuable, targeted traffic. I have found ‘ to be an incredible valuable reference guide for how to make article writing work for my business. If you use this course and learn to write valuable content, and regularly submit it to article directories- you can’t go wrong! eZines Ezines are also a fantastic way of driving traffic to your capture page. Find a topic that you are familiar with and write your submission. A great place to find the top ezine traffic sites is at this site separates the ezines by category. These sites are becoming more popular because it is getting more difficult to find the content on a topic you are interested in by simply using a search engine. Yes you get the correct category but some times you have to sift through information that is irrelevant to your search to find the information needed.
  • 5. Blogging Blogs will get your website site indexed in the search engines VERY quickly as it is an instant method of obtaining back links to your website! I HIGHLY recommend that you run a blog of your own, and advertise your business from your own blog! This way, those who visit your blog will also see your ad, and your blog will be pointing back to your website. If you choose to run a blog, you should also submit IT to the search engines for indexing! You can sign up for your own free blog at I have created an audio blog so people can hear my voice and feel a closer connection to the topic I am reviewing, I use I feel this form of blogging will become more popular in the near future. Press Releases There are internet newswire services such as www.prweb.comto which you can submit Press Releases, which are well-written news articles about your product or service, complete with your URL. NOTE: Press Releases are NOT for spamming! You must write your copy as a news piece. Press Releases are an fantastic way to get your website indexed in the major search engines in less than 2-3 days. Press releases provide you with HUGE exposure to your website in minimal time as your press releases are picked up by hundreds of webmasters who are in search of quality content for their own websites. This results in additional quality back links for you and all YOU did was submit your Press Release! will distribute your Press Release for a fee for each Press Release you submit. A much more cost effective option is to use www.PressEqualizercom, a PC based software which will allow you to submit UNLIMITED Press Releases as many times as you wish for the one time cost of the software. Every time I notice my sites slipping in the search engines I write a release, use the www.PressEqualizercom, link the press release back to my blog, and watch them rise to the top! Free Promotional sites Here is where you can spend the time you have and not the cash you desire to create traffic to your capture page. I have a list of more then 100 free sites that direct traffic to your site with the correct script. Again here you are simply trying to catch the interest of the reader so they will click the link to your URL, so offering free training or leadership experience here works better then stating you have the best program on the net, these are the ads from newbie’s that have no leadership or direction.
  • 6. What this business offers you….. Here are a few free sites: • • • • • • • • Video This is another great venue that is exploding in recent times thanks to sites like and promoting your online business on these sites creates a massive amount of traffic for me and my business. Another reason to explore these sites is networking, people use these sites today to review the online business world visually. Something that I also did to assist in manifesting my dreams and goals is create a Mind Movie. This is my perspective of what my life looks like, and in watching my mind movie daily it assists in guiding me in that direction. Check it out at I felt it assisted in my progress. You have the leads …What next?
  • 7. Sign the leaders and potential leaders to your team! O.K, you have the leads flowing in, what next? Convert that lead into ASSOCIATES…that’s right ASSOCIATES not sales. I like to call those sign ups associates because they are now part of my team. When the term sale is used you are treating this life changing opportunity that they have just moved towards as simply CASH in your pocket. Don’t do that!! If you want to stay in this game long enough to make your fortune, please stay away from the mentality of calling these SALES! Important Note: Remember this when you are talking when you should be listening to your prospect! “You can not say the wrong thing to the right person”, but you can talk them into joining under a different sponsor or different company. Two ears one mouth…do the math listen! Back to those ASSOCIATES!! They just requested information about your business, or even better they picked up the phone and called you, what next? Do not treat this like chasing cattle into the barn; believe me you do not want all the leads you have to convert to ASSOCIATES, no joking, for real! All you will get in return is headaches! Hey this is my BUSINESS, and I treat it like one. Would you hire anybody that applied for a position in your business?........... Hell No! You have to ask them if they have 5-7 minutes for a few simple questions, if they agree, you interview them, if they persist in taking control of the conversation and start asking questions, let them go. Tell them you are selective in the people you invite on your team and say good-bye and thank them for their interest. This way you find out real quick if they are interested. This interview process although sort in duration covers some very important issues. For the sake of time, again my wife tells me to get to the point, remember! I have the full script and questions available to anyone that requests it, on my team or not! I will move on. Still haven’t signed the ASSOCIATE yet!
  • 8. Not everyone who is going to sign up will sign up immediately. There are people out there that will talk themselves out of any form of success. However there are people who do not act immediately when they see a good thing. Get yourself an auto-responder. I have significantly increased my conversion rate by doing so, as people will often come back weeks and even months later and sign up! If you do not know what an auto-responder is, you must learn now. You will need to learn how to use one in order to automatically follow up with people. Statistically, a potential customer needs to see your ad an average of 8 times before they are confident enough to make a purchase. An auto-responder series will follow up with your leads via email and substantially increase your conversion rate. offers affordable monthly subscriptions for their services. They have more features than are usually available with your standard auto-responder, and they have free version to check them out. I personally use More importantly, it allows me to import the people who opt-in to my affiliate programs, without having to send them a confirmation email. I can follow up with them FOREVER, or until they opt-out. You would be surprised to know how many people have been on my list for months before joining me in my primary business. It is imperative that you learn to use your auto-responder to automatically follow up with your potential customers. Marketing with bulk E-mail lists The truth is that direct email marketing is still running strong, you just need to know how to do it correctly and you must be able to adjust to an ever changing industry. I've spoken with hundreds of different moneymaker's in the networking industry and a large percentage of them have their own dedicated mailing server. This is because they know that networking is a numbers game and email still is the least expensive way to make massive contacts around the country and the world. The process behind email marketing is buying large batches of home business opportunity seeker leads and emailing them with your offer. These people are officially 'shopping' for a way to make money online. If you have a legitimate money maker, you may have what they are looking for. There are a few things you need in order to get started. Lead Capture Page If your company does not provide you with a good lead capture page, OR if they will not allow you to use your lead capture page in email marketing, you will need to either make your own, using, or a service like that at
  • 9. www.sitesell.comwill give you full control over the look and feel of your web site. You can also insert any tracking code you may want to (like the Google pay per click conversion code). However, if you aren't ready to learn how to build your own web sites, the folks at have excellent templates available to you.
  • 10. The Auto-responder You'll need an auto-responder set up so that you can put the lead capture form on your lead capture page. I use I attribute at least 50% of my success to the auto-responder messages that go out to my list like clockwork, forever- or until they opt-out! This is a vital part of the business that is not covered with most programs. Leads to E-mail Now, this is a huge source of frustration and worry for so many! Leads, leads, leads. Who has the best ones, for the best price? I don't know. What I do know, is that for the kind of bulk emailing that I do- the leads don't have to be great to get a response. I generally buy the least expensive, non incentivised, biz op seeker leads I can get my hands on. Offline Advertising This is a goldmine folks. There is far less competition offline -- you will probably be among three other ads at the most, as opposed to thousands on the net. You may want to run your ads through a Statewide Classified Ad Network (SCAN). By following this one method, you will save yourself thousands of dollars. You will find some great sources at this site for advertising . Wrap things up! If you are a newbie or someone looking to increase their present online income, I feel confident that if you implement all or most of these methods I have listed above, success will indeed be in your future. Again, don’t forget to stay positive and FEEL the success that is yours to obtain. Also make sure you do something every day, even if it is placing one ad. Every little bit helps to drive the business in your direction….STAY CONSISTANT! What are you waiting for? Get to work! You are well on your way to creating an extraordinary income!
  • 11. The view from your anchored yacht…. P.S This is just a snapshot of the training resources that I have to share with you, so if you are interested in obtaining more information on making it in the online home business industry please feel free to contact me. To your success and dreams, All the best, Shawn Murphy 709-728-6178