MPhil Lecture of Data Vis for Presentation


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MPhil Lecture of Data Vis for Presentation

  1. 1. An Introduction to Structured Data Presentation New Perspectives on Old Data
  2. 2. Objective To appreciate the range of structured data presentation tools available to digital humanities scholars and to be able to judge between them.
  3. 3. Agenda How did you fare with the assignment? Experiences Lessons Thoughts Data Presentation versus Data Analysis? Products to be have an awareness of Hands On Install and Config Exhibit Omeka Prezi
  4. 4. Structured Data Presentation Tools(a tiny subset) Webservices Prefuse TimeFlow D3 Google Fusion Tables Processing Many Eyes Dipity Hosted Omeka (Omeka) Frameworks SEASR Gephi Exhibit (Exercise) GraphViz
  5. 5. TimeFlow
  6. 6. Google FusionTables
  7. 7. Dipity
  8. 8. Many Eyes
  9. 9. Hands-On Exercise: Simile Exhibit
  10. 10. Setup and Preparation Opera Browser contains a server if you need; Available from; Need to install opera unite -; Need to copy datafiles: You can find instructions at: recipe.txt
  11. 11. Background on ExhibitExhibit was developed at MIT to provide alightweight framework for the presentation,searching and faceted browsing of digital collections.Exhibit lets you easily create web pages withadvanced text search and filtering functionalities,with interactive maps, timelines, and othervisualizations
  12. 12. So What?... Little programming (JavaScript Template); No database (JSON text); a series of useful ‘instantly interactive’ visualisations.
  13. 13. Background A couple examples… Canadian Network for Economic History Comox Valley Crime Stoppers
  14. 14. Exhibit in a Nutshell
  15. 15. The Simplest Exhibit<html>! <head>! ! <title>MIT Nobel Prize Winners</title>! ! <link href="nobelists.js" type="application/json" rel="exhibit/data" />! ! <script src= type="text/javascript"></ script>! <style></style>! </head>! <body>! ! <h1>MIT Nobel Prize Winners</h1>! ! <table width="100%”>! ! <tr valign="top”>! ! <td ex:role="viewPanel”><div ex:role="view"></div></td><td width="25%”>browsing controls here… </ td></tr></table></body></html>
  16. 16. The Data {"items" : [ { type : "Nobelist", label : "Burton Richter",! ! ! latlng: "42.359089,-71.093412", discipline : "Physics", shared : "yes", "last-name" : "Richter", "nobel-year" : "1976", relationship : "alumni", "co-winner" : "Samuel C.C. Ting", "relationship-detail" : "MIT S.B. 1952, Ph.D. 1956", imageURL : " physics/laureates/1976/richter_thumb.jpg" }, ……… ]}
  17. 17. The Simplest View
  18. 18. Add Faceted Browsing Explore data in context Filter data by attributes
  19. 19. Faceted Browsing Code<div ex:role="facet" ex:expression=".discipline" ex:facetLabel="Discipline"></div><div ex:role="facet" ex:expression=".relationship" ex:facetLabel="Relationship"></div><div ex:role="facet" ex:expression=".shared" ex:facetLabel="Shared?"></div><div ex:role="facet" ex:expression=".deceased" ex:facetLabel="Deceased?"></div>
  20. 20. Add Search and Sort
  21. 21. Search Code <div ex:role="facet" ex:facetClass="TextSearch"></div>
  22. 22. Add a Table View
  23. 23. Table Code <div ex:role="exhibit-view” ex:viewClass="Exhibit.TabularView” ex:columns=".label, .imageURL, .discipline, .nobel- year, .relationship-detail” ex:columnLabels="name, photo, discipline, year, relationship with MIT” ex:columnFormats="list, image, list, list, list” ex:sortColumn="3” ex:sortAscending="false"> </div>
  24. 24. Add a Timeline
  25. 25. Timeline Code <script src=" extensions-2.0/time/time-extension.js" type="text/javascript"></script> +<div ex:role="view" ex:viewClass="Timeline" ex:start=".nobel-year" ex:colorKey=".discipline"></div>
  26. 26. Add a Map View
  27. 27. Wrapup: Exhibit Pros Cons Simple Limited Scalability Lightweight Some cross-browser No server required issues A host of Restrictions on Look visualisations and Feel Embeddable in other Extensive systems - customisation means ExhibitPress getting into code Here comes Exhibit 3
  28. 28. Hands-On and Exercise Install and Setup Omeka
  29. 29. Omeka Basics OAI/PMHExhibitMetadata Page CSVSection PageSection Page etc... PageCollection(s) Metadata Tag(s) Type Metadata Tag(s) Type Metadata Tag(s) TypeItem Item Item Representations Representations Representations
  30. 30. OMEKA carlingford/day1 versus Sign-Up at:
  31. 31. Hands-On: Prezi
  32. 32. Prezi Scripted - Narrative driven Visual Presentation Tool Effective in skilled hands Helps audience relate to overall message Different way of imagining a presentation Challenging Not conventionally stand alone
  33. 33. Further Exploration
  34. 34. Where to go next DIRT (Digital Research Toolkit) Timeline Tools Visualisation in Education Visual Complexity