Community Building Facebook Strategies


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Using Facebook to build an online community
Shawna Tregunna, Founder, ReSoMe (Relevant Social Media)

Shawna will show attendees how to use Facebook to build an online community by creating community relevant content, running social campaigns and incentives, maximizing ads, utilizing Facebook plugins and encouraging cross promotion from page to page and social media platform to social media platform. From community generated content to using Facebook to funnel to your newsletter, website or store, learn tips that can help any business grow by investing in Facebook marketing.

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Community Building Facebook Strategies

  1. 1. FACEBOOK Building an Online Community Shawna Tregunna, President - ReSoMe Inc.
  2. 2. Facebook just turned 10! 1.23 BILLION users is NOT a fad. 7.78 Billion in revenue is not a fluke. Source: The Guardian
  3. 3. Start Your Community  Activate your team  Your employees & stakeholders are your biggest asset early on – empower them!  Engaged, official employee (especially C-suite) accounts have a huge impact  Have an Ambassador Strategy  Remember forum admins?  Establish Expectations for Each platform  Exclusive content can help push users back and forth (Fan Gating)  Talk about what you will talk about, a blog post or page with your social media objectives will go a long way (internally & externally!)
  4. 4. Timeline  Keep posts alive  Reply & like every response, aim to keep the conversation going  Spread out engagement to revitalize an aging post  Have your team, ambassadors stay active  Consider turning posting to your page „off‟
  5. 5. Content  Photo Piles & Albums  Whenever possible load images into albums – or move them into an album after posting to the timeline  Never load more than 9 images at a time  Reshare albums from time to time – “Social Proof”  Consider the objectives of your hosted content like videos – where should they live? Why?
  6. 6. Community Content  Celebrate Users  Make user comments, posts, images “official” by re-sharing and providing credit, include a CTA for more  Make content about your users, not you (I promise, they‟ll share it!)  Design incentives, tabs to automate submission  Do something OTHERS will talk about: in the community, unexpected, charitable, goofy  Be Consistent  Fan Friday, Tip Tuesday  Reuse in other forms (newsletters, blog, cross platform)
  7. 7. Shareable Content  Upworthy Style  The goal is not just to have your fans see your content but to have them share your content – and their friends share your content!  People share what they want their friends to know about them – build content for that  Use pictures, videos and media rich links
  8. 8. Groups & Events  To overcome the Facebook timeline block use tools that not only get in the timeline but also notify your users of updates  Open groups  Treat it like a forum, use your ambassadors here!  Text/discussion content is more effective here  Events  Use this for everything from causes to sales to awareness to voting periods, don‟t over do the updates but encourage people to invite their friends
  9. 9. Incentives  Contests are a popular way to grow a community  Make sure the reward is attractive to your target audience  Follow the TOS (!)  Cross Promote it  Integrate a Tweet to Win Option, Comment Entry or friend email submission for multiple entries  Use it to drive other business objectives  Integrate user generated content  Build email list with a pre-selected opt it sign up
  10. 10. Use Your Ad Dollars Wisely  If you don‟t have a budget you had better be creative, and still have a budget  Explore Power Editor  Audience lists are VERY powerful!  Remember your business objectives, don‟t spend your money on vanity metrics  Go Mobile  The ability to target ads to different mobile users can be a huge benefit for some brands
  11. 11. Cross Promote -> -> -> -> -> Newsletter: contests, exclusive content Blog: comments Website: developer tools (Like, Share, Comment, Login) Twitter: Unique content, Contests Other Pages: Strategic Partnerships, Shared content -> Second owned page strategy (general interest topics) -> Facebook Tabs: Other channels, activities, user content -> Email signatures, websites, business cards, print material
  12. 12. Monetize  Set objectives  Where in the funnel can Facebook drop prospects? Target each phase of the funnel – TRACK IT!!  Integrate with tracking on your estore with pixel tracking, analytics  Coupons  Use the Sales tools FB provides!  Mobile  Prep your retail staff to work with ecoupons and web based promotions
  13. 13. Thank You Shawna Tregunna ReSoMe | @ReSoMe |