Play Storming - Building a Bridge from the Playroom to the Boardroom!


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Designing corporate play experiences that help individuals and organizations LEAD, CREATE, INNOVATE, COLLABORATE and COMMUNICATE.
This is an overview of Play Storming's capabilities

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Play Storming - Building a Bridge from the Playroom to the Boardroom!

  1. 1. Unleashing  Radical  Results  for  Individuals   and  Organiza7ons  through  the  Power  of   Play!    
  2. 2. Remember   When  we  were  young…  
  3. 3. We  were  so  carefree.      The  world  was  our  playground.  
  4. 4. Playing  came  natural.    No  ma:er  where  we  were,              we  always  found  ways          to  play.  
  5. 5. Play  helps  relieve      our  stress  and  puts  a  smile  on  our  face.  
  6. 6. “Play  taps  into  our  most  powerful  emoAons…   That  is  why  it  is  when  we  are  playing,  that  we     oBen  feel  the  most  alive!”              –  George  Sheehan,  The  Promise  of  Play  
  7. 7. But  we  are  preoccupied    with  working  our  way  to  the  top.    In  our  quest  for  compeAAve  advantage,    We’ve  lost  our  natural  ability  to  play.  
  8. 8. Most  of  us  are  socialized  to  believe  that  Play  and     Work  are  not  compaAble   But  Play  begets  imaginaAon,  creaAvity    and  innovaAon  –  all  compeAAve  advantages.
  9. 9. Turn  your  work  place…     Into  a  play  space…  
  10. 10. Unleashing  Radical  Results  for  Individuals   and  Organiza7ons  through  the  Power  of   Play!    
  11. 11. “Play is serious learning” – Fred Rodgers “Play is the highest form of human activity” - Nietzsche “ You learn more about a person in an hour of play than in a lifetime of conversation.” —Plato PLAY "The opposite of play is not work, it’s depression.” - Stuart Brown
  12. 12. What is Play Storming? EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING   Play Storming is experiential learning through improvisational play. Research has shown that adults retain learned skills and concepts better when their learning is anchored to an intense emotional state. In Play Storming, that emotional state is characterized by fun and laughter. Play gets a participant directly and intensively involved in their own learning processes in a way that crystallizes the experiences and helps participants integrate news skills into their everyday lives. 502.645.6887 ©  2013  Play  Storming  ProducAons,  LLC  AusAn,  TX   12
  13. 13. Why Play Storming? PLAY STORMING WORKS The spontaneity and ingenuity of effective improvisational games leads participants to report the following:   •  Freedom from approval or disapproval during the learning experience. •  A relief from the tension and distraction that can result from competitiveness of some other training experiences. •  The physicalization or personalization of concrete experience, which can dramatically enhance learning for many participants. •  The sharpening of participants’ sensory abilities and awareness of their own perceptual/learning process, which better enables them to carry their learning into real-world situations. 502.645.6887 ©  2013  Play  Storming  ProducAons,  LLC  AusAn,  TX   13
  14. 14. Why Play Storming? PLAY = Presence  –  When  we  play  we  authenAcally  engage  “in  the   moment”.   Each  moment  is  a  Any  explosion  of  possibility.  Being  present   increases  our  awareness  and  ability  to  learn,  to  listen  and  to   handle  unexpected  challenges.  There’s  possibility  inherent  in   literally  every  single  moment.   Laughter  –  Play  releases  stress  from  the  body  and  mind.  ABer   a  good  laugh  we  feel  be:er!  Play  alleviates  the  pressure  to   perform  and  provides  freedom  from  approval  or  disapproval   during  the  learning  experience.   Ac/on  –  Play  requires  acAve  parAcipaAon  and  provides  a   framework  for  accomplishment.  When  was  the  last  Ame  you   played  passively?   Yes,  Yes,  Yes…  -­‐  Saying  Yes  means  le]ng  go  of  ego  and  helps   us  hear  others  perspecAves  with  openness.  Openness  yields   unintended  and  posiAve  returns.     By  saying  Yes  we  accept  the  scenario  as  it’s  presented  to  us   (regardless  of  where  we  wanted  it  to  go),  and  then  add  to  it.   When  we  play  we  have  permission  to  say  yes  to  anything. 502.645.6887 ©  2013  Play  Storming  ProducAons,  LLC  AusAn,  TX   14
  15. 15. What are the benefits of Play Storming? WORK BENEFITS •  Triggers creativity and innovation •  Increases energy and helps prevent burnout •  Keeps you functional under stress •  Refreshes your mind and body •  Makes you more happy, flexible and resilient •  Encourages teamwork •  Increases productivity •  Helps you see problems in a new way 502.645.6887 ©  2013  Play  Storming  ProducAons,  LLC  AusAn,  TX   15
  16. 16. What are the benefits of Play Storming? SOCIAL BENEFITS •  Increases trust •  Strengthens group bonds •  Builds empathy •  Builds compassion •  Generates capacity for intimacy •  Builds more meaningful connections •  Fosters cooperation and teamwork •  Teaches social skills through give and take •  Fights loneliness, isolation, anxiety and depression •  Increases sense of community •  Brings joy, vitality and resilience to relationships •  Heals resentments and disagreements 502.645.6887 ©  2013  Play  Storming  ProducAons,  LLC  AusAn,  TX   16
  17. 17. What are the benefits of Play Storming? EMOTIONAL BENEFITS •  Brings happiness •  Improves problem-solving skills •  Teaches perseverance •  Fights off burnout •  Provides clarity •  Builds confidence •  Promotes serenity, calm and relaxation •  Builds motivation •  Fosters creativity 502.645.6887 ©  2013  Play  Storming  ProducAons,  LLC  AusAn,  TX   17
  18. 18. Teambuilding and Community Adventures Sales and Customer Service PLAY STORMING WORKSHOPS* Leadership Development and Management Skills Brand Identity and Customer Journey Mapping Creativity and Innovation Improv Training *click on workshops above for link to more info
  19. 19. Who are the Players? Shawn Utterback – Chief Experience Officer Shawn is a seasoned improviser and facilitator with over 15 years experience. Shawn has taught and performed with ComedySportz, Project Improv, Take 5 and Dysfunction Junction to name a few. Shawn is also a communications expert and planner, having worked at several ad agencies where he led strategy and brand development. He is currently an adjunct professor at the Academy of Art University where he teaches Creative Strategy and The Art of Presentation. Shawn has facilitated workshops for a number of organizations including Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest, Louisville Ad Fed, Gilda’s Club, RAPP Collins, Brown-Forman, Destination Imagination and Angel Flight. Terrill Fisher – Partner and Facilitator of Play Terrill has given over 1000 paid presentations to audiences of all ages as a trainer, speaker, professional comedian, and improvisational performer. With a background as an investment media broker and management consultant, he learned how effective humor can be in difficult business situations. He leads programs in Negotiation, Stress Management, and How to Understand Yourself and Others Better. Terrill is the co-founder of Humor University, a virtual center for humor and fun experts around the United States. Terrill holds a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Communication from The University of Texas. He is the co-author of the book Making Work Fun: 139 Ways to Lighten Up the Workplace, and he is a member of the National Speakers Association. He is also a certified Birkman Consultant with Birkman International. 502.645.6887 ©  2013  Play  Storming  ProducAons,  LLC  AusAn,  TX   19