Ovenbot - recipe authoring interface example


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Ovenbot - recipe authoring interface example

  1. 1. Computer Cooking Competition Advanced Software Recipe Authoring Example
  2. 2. For the purpose of this demonstration, Ovenbot has created anew Chef named ‘Ovenbot’. Chef Ovenbot is going to create anew recipe. In this case a personal version of Chicken Piccata.What follows is a step-by-step demonstration of how Chefsenter new recipes and ingredients into the Ovenbot DataModel (ODM) using the Recipe Authoring Interface (RAI) tool.At this point certain RAI tool features and forms are not beingshown publicly due to proprietary content.A typical recipe takes about 5 to 10 minutes to enter.
  3. 3. The blank master recipecreation form.Chef Ovenbot would like tocreate a new ChickenPiccata recipe.Step #1 is to check to see ifthere is an existing recipefor Chicken Piccata.
  4. 4. Chef Ovenbot types‘piccata’ in the outermostsearch box.Autosearch immediatelyfinds the existing recipe.Two other Chefs (SteveCollins and Pavel Cupal)have already created theirown personal versions ofChicken Piccata.
  5. 5. Chef Ovenbot clicks thedown arrow in Recipe Chefform to add her name tothe list. The list of availableChefs is auto-populated foreasy selection
  6. 6. Chef Ovenbot is thenprompted to either acceptthe existing recipe name asher own personal versionname or rename it.Chef Ovenbot accepts theexisting version name.Next step is to addingredients.Chef Ovenbot clicks the ‘GoTo Ingredients’ button.
  7. 7. This is a new recipe so noIngredients have beenadded to the list yet.Chef Ovenbot clicks the‘Add Ingredients For ThisRecipe’ button.
  8. 8. This is the ‘Add IngredientFor Recipe Version’ form.Here there are 3 methodchoices for addingingredients:1. Using the form scroll andsearch functionalityingredients can be quicklylocated and selected.2. The ‘Select From List ofPreviously UsedIngredients’ button.3. The ‘Create/UpdateIngredients’ button.
  9. 9. Because 2 previouslyentered versions of thisrecipe already exist, ChefOvenbot clicks the ‘SelectFrom List of Previously UsedIngredients’ button.This ‘toggles’ the viewbetween the list of allingredients and a filteredlist of ingredients enteredby previous Chefs for thisrecipe.
  10. 10. Chef Ovenbot’s version ofChicken Piccata doesn’t usecapers so she select allother ingredients.Next Chef Ovenbot clicksthe ‘Select From List of AllIngredients’ button to‘toggle’ back to the list of allingredients.
  11. 11. Chef Ovenbot selects baconand artichoke as additionalitems from the master listof all ingredients.This version of the recipealso calls for anchovies.Since anchovies aren’t inthe ingredient master list,Chef Ovenbot clicks the‘Create/Update Ingredients’button.
  12. 12. This is the new ingredientcreation form.Chefs give new ingredientsa unique IngredientDescription and then assigntaxonomy, pantry, anddietary preferenceattributes.All categorical assignmentsare done based on pre-populated select lists.
  13. 13. Chef Ovenbot types‘Anchovies’ in theIngredient Description fieldand then clicks the downarrow below TaxonomyCategory.Anchovies belong to the‘Meat, Poultry, Eggs, &Game’ taxonomy category.Chef Ovenbot completesthe assignment ofingredient attributes andthen closes this form.
  14. 14. Voila! Chef Ovenbot hasadded all of the ingredientsfor her version of ChickenPiccata.The next series of screensassign ingredients andother attributes to recipesteps.