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  1. 1. Shaun Wilden Taking tablets in the classroom, a remedy for everyone? While you wait……. https://backchannelchat.com/backchannel/96716299 967162 99
  2. 2. https://backchannelchat.com/backchannel/96716299 https://backchannelchat.com/backchannel/96716299 967162 99
  3. 3. If you have the socrative app go to room 202839
  4. 4. https://backchannelchat.com/backchannel/96716299 1.Tablets are just the next flash in the pan, they’ll go away soon enough. 2. One tablet and a projector is more use than a class set of tablets. 3. Apps are just games and we have never had games in the EFL classroom before. 4. Teachers will lose control in the classroom because students will spend the lesson on Facebook.
  5. 5. https://backchannelchat.com/backchannel/96716299 6. Teachers will just sit and read the newspaper or play on their phone while students are babysat for six hours by their iPad. 7. iPads are only for receiving media, not creating it. 5. iPads are the silver bullet we’ve been waiting for we can use them for anything and everything. 8. The kids [sic.] can use it better than I do only for receiving media, not creating it.
  6. 6. https://backchannelchat.com/backchannel/96716299 Young people growing up in our time are not only immersed by apps they’ve come to think of the world as a ensemble of apps. The app generation - Gardner and Davies Yale University Press
  7. 7. https://backchannelchat.com/backchannel/96716299 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXV-yaFmQNk
  8. 8. https://backchannelchat.com/backchannel/96716299 langwitches.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/more-to-ipads-than-apps.jpg
  9. 9. https://backchannelchat.com/backchannel/96716299 Are apps levelled according to individuals or groups? Is there good scope for communicative interaction when using apps? Which is the best app for teaching and getting students enthusiastic about English? Are there any guides to help teach the teacher about apps?
  10. 10. https://backchannelchat.com/backchannel/96716299 S A M R ubstitution ugmentation odification edefinition Technical Financial Motivational Creation
  11. 11. https://backchannelchat.com/backchannel/96716299 Automation versus creation Behaviourism versus Collaboration LOTS versus HOTS
  12. 12. https://backchannelchat.com/backchannel/96716299
  13. 13. https://backchannelchat.com/backchannel/96716299 Suggest an app and tell us if it is automative or creative? Go to….
  14. 14. https://backchannelchat.com/backchannel/96716299
  15. 15. https://backchannelchat.com/backchannel/96716299 How to keep pupils from searching the internet on their devices instead of doing their class work? Teachers will lose control in the classroom because students will spend the lesson on Facebook How can we use tablets when the wifi connection is not good?
  16. 16. https://backchannelchat.com/backchannel/96716299
  17. 17. https://backchannelchat.com/backchannel/96716299Professional Development Classroom Management Issues
  18. 18. https://backchannelchat.com/backchannel/96716299 1. How do we manage what other students are doing while we are helping students individually? 2. If we don't have enough tablets for all students. How do you recommend working in the classroom? 4. Students will no longer interact with each other or their teacher 3. How to increase the level of tablet usage in the classroom and in what way is it possible to save time in the classroom with different abilities of language awareness and apps awareness?
  19. 19. https://backchannelchat.com/backchannel/96716299Professional Development What connects all these photos?
  20. 20. https://backchannelchat.com/backchannel/96716299 Are there any guides to help teach the teacher about tablets? Teachers don’t feel confident in using tablets in the classroom
  21. 21. https://backchannelchat.com/backchannel/96716299
  22. 22. https://backchannelchat.com/backchannel/96716299Professional Development Will tablets ever replace paper course books?
  23. 23. https://backchannelchat.com/backchannel/96716299
  24. 24. https://backchannelchat.com/backchannel/96716299
  25. 25. https://backchannelchat.com/backchannel/96716299Professional Development
  26. 26. https://backchannelchat.com/backchannel/96716299 •Easy to read / accessibility •Differentiation / anonymity •Portability •Accessed online / offline •Easy to personalise •Dictionaries •Note taking •Advantages for SEN
  27. 27. https://backchannelchat.com/backchannel/96716299
  28. 28. https://backchannelchat.com/backchannel/96716299
  29. 29. https://backchannelchat.com/backchannel/96716299 No technology - books, televisions, computers and video games, or the Internet by itself makes people good or bad , smart or stupid. Such technologies have effects only in terms of how, when , where and why they are put to use. language and learning in the digital age - Gee, James, Hayes Taking tablets in the classroom, a remedy for everyone?
  30. 30. https://backchannelchat.com/backchannel/96716299 Thank you for your time ? Any questions shaunwilden@gmail.co m shaunwilden.co.uk