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Published in: Education

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  • 1.  Hazing refers to any activity that is expected of someone joining a group that physically or mentally hurts someone.
  • 2.  Bullies usually operate alone or in small groups and choose to victimize people who seem weak. But in hazing there is a group of people who try to humiliate another group of people.
  • 3. 1.5 million People are hazed each year, 47% of all high school students are hazed and 55% of college students who are involved in a student organization have experienced hazing.
  • 4.  Hazing usually takes place in fraternity and sorority houses, high schools, and the military.
  • 5.  According to Cornell University Men who are involved in athletics are the main attraction of hazing.
  • 6. Hazing can destroy your self esteem, by the horrible things they make you do or do to you.  After going through an hazing experience your personality is affected as well.  You may have problems trusting people. 
  • 7.  It depends on how extreme the hazing is. It can vary from being humiliated to death to drinking another persons pee.
  • 8.      All of these are accepted because they are part of a tradition and are thought of as bonding. Silence periods with punishment for talking Socially isolating new members Name calling, yelling Expecting new members/rookies to refer to other members with titles while they are identified with bad names
  • 9. This is a type of hazing that hurts people physically and emotionally.  Verbal abuse  Threats or implied threats  Sleep deprivation  Sexual acts  Crude or humiliating acts 
  • 10. This is the worst kind of hazing that may result in death.  Beating, paddling  Branding  Eating or drinking foul substances  Public nudity  Kidnapping  Sodomy 
  • 11.
  • 12. Schools simply need to educate Students teachers and administrators what hazing is.  When hazing is in the process it is often overlooked as a mere tradition done each year.  The more people understand the b consequences of hazing, I'm sure it will stop. 
  • 13. Stories of awful hazing incidents humiliate and destroy universities reputation.  Schools discourage student organizations from including demeaning or risky performances as membership conditions during recruitment.  However it is hard to catch students during the act of hazing. 
  • 14. Sometimes legal charges are held against Fraternity and Sorority houses for sever acts of hazing.  At most Universities hazing is unacceptable and is considered a crime if you are caught doing it. 
  • 15. ssues/research.cfm  hazing/  zing-in-schools/ 