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  • 1. content marketing
  • 2. How does content marketing work?
  • 3. Expert, creative content is developed • Content is written to interest your target market about your products or services. • Keywords are used to improve search engine visibility. • Content can be both written and/or media (such as images, charts, video, or presentation slides).
  • 4. Content is spread across the web • Content is distributed to websites with access to your target market • All content links back to your business website • Incoming links to your business website improve organic search engine visibility
  • 5. Content consumers visit your business website
  • 6. Need proof? 20 content marketing case studies
  • 7. Case Study: Overview • In order to better understand how to increase blog traffic, one client performed a test study with 20 sub-client blogs. • Each blog was allocated eight (8) articles to be posted to respective sub- client blog websites, totaling 160 articles. • Article content was then distributed to at least five (5) social media link sharing properties. *Study completed March 2010 by Digital Mark LLC
  • 8. Case Study: Objectives • Primary objective: Increase business visibility by increasing website traffic • Secondary objectives: Improve supplemental visibility metrics, including: • New visits • Pages per visit, • Inbound links, • Alexa ranking, • Bounce rate, • Website “grade”, • Indexed pages.
  • 9. Case Study: Blog articles • Articles were written for a minimum of 400 words, with some exceptions (such as project-based topics). • Articles were written to appeal to respective target markets, related to the client project or service type. • Images were required for every article submitted.
  • 10. Case Study: Distribution • Articles were uploaded into respective Wordpress systems, issued relevant keyword tags (for SEO), and properly cited. • Once articles were uploaded, links to the blog home page and directly to the content were shared among the social media distribution properties. • This generates traffic from the social media website visitors, as well as improves the respective blog websites’ search engine visibility through incoming links and relevant keywords.
  • 11. Case Study: Results • Adding and distributing 8 articles to 5-6 social media properties each gathered an average of approximately 39 visits (38.875) per article. • The small investment (only 8 articles per client) on a per-client basis suggests significant returns for a well-developed campaign. • On average, traffic increased by 203 visitors between February and March 2010. New visitors increased by 19.14 percent.
  • 12. Ready to drive traffic?
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