How i got my first 100 subscribers


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How I got my first 100 subscribers using a simple list building tactic...

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How i got my first 100 subscribers

  1. 1. How I Got My First 100 SubscribersBy Shatish Rao
  2. 2. LEGAL NOTICEThe Publisher has strived to be as accurate and complete as possible in the creation of thisreport, notwithstanding the fact thathe does not warrant or represent at any time that the contents within are accurate due to therapidly changing nature of the internet.While all attempts have been made to verify information provided in this publication, thePublisher assumes no responsibility for errors,omissions,or contrary interpretation of thesubject matter herein. Any perceived slights of specific persons,peoples, or organizations areunintentional.This book is not intended for use as a source of legal,business,accounting or financial advice. Allreaders are advised to seek services of competent professionals in legal,business,accounting, andfinancial field.You are encouraged to print this report for easy reading.Terms of UsePlease feel free to share this report with your friends and family but you cannot modify it orclaim it as your own.DisclaimerReaders are cautioned to reply their own judgment about their individual circumstances to actaccordingly. The author will not be held accountable for your actions.
  3. 3. Just by using this one strategy alone, I managed to get almost a 100 subscribersfrom scratch without having to do much work at all.Do you know what a solo ad is? You might have heard of it.A solo ad is when you make an upfront payment to a marketer, to promote youroffer to his list.For example, youre giving away a free report on traffic generation in your squeezepage.You will then contact other marketers who are in the same niche as you. In thiscase, the “make money online” niche, and ask if they offer solo ads.Solo ads are sold to you in a number of clicks they are able to sent to your page. Itstarts from 100 clicks,250 clicks all the way up to a 1000 clicks.They can only guarantee the number of clicks but not the number of visitors whowill opt-in to your page.This where you have to do your part. Test your squeeze page conversions andknow your numbers.Some marketers may offer more than a 1000 clicks, it depends on how manyclicks they can deliver.
  4. 4. WarningSolo ads cost money, dont order a large amount clicks if youre not sure whatyoure doing.Start small, maybe 100 clicks to test your squeeze page. If its done correctly, youmight break even or profit from it. It depends on your conversion. Always do yourhomework first.How to get a solo adStep 1 - Have a high converting squeeze page in your niche.Step 2 - Give away something for free on your squeeze page: • free report • mp3 audio • video courseStep 3 - Create your email swipe • Write an email in third person,to promote your offer, give a short description about your free give away list down the benefits in bullet points.Step 4 – Contact the marketer and get your solo adAlways be cautious when you choose to work with someone youre not familiarwith.Ask them the following questions, before you place an order: • Whats the size of your list? • What is your niche? • What is the next available date for a solo?
  5. 5. • Ask for the link to the squeeze page they used, to build that list. • Talk to other marketers or people theyve worked with before. Do your due diligence before you get a solo ad.Places to get solo ads: • • Solo ad directory • 5 – Monetizing Your ListYou may send affiliate offers in your follow up messages to get sales and get backthe money youve invested in the solo ad.But theres a faster way of doing this.Once the visitor opt-in to your page, send them to a one time offer instead of a“thank you” page.This will increase your chances of getting a sale. Send the “thank you” page in thewelcome email.Finally, I have to admit. When I first got my first solo ad, I made a huge loss dueto lack of knowledge. You need to track your squeeze pages conversion closely.If your squeeze page converts at 40%, 100 clicks sent to your page, youd get 40new subscribers.What if you tweaked your page a little and increased your conversion to 50%.Thats an additional 10 new subscribers.
  6. 6. Constantly track your squeeze pages conversion. Tweak and test everything, theheadlines, image of your free gift etc. Give your visitors a reason to join a list.I hope you enjoyed reading this report. Please feel free to share it with your friendsand family.P.S - Do you want to know more list building tactics?Get your “7 list building tactics to your first 1000 subscribers” free report – 9 simple steps to your own facebook fan page – 7 powerful traffic methods to build your list for free – 3 list building mistakes you need to knowClick here to get your free report..