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Small Biz Express- SEO help for Small Business

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Seo Presentation f

  1. 1. What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Search engine optimization is the process of increasing your website’s visibility in the major search engines across a strategically defined set of keywords and phrases that apply to your products or services
  2. 2. Major Search Engines  Google  Yahoo!  MSN  ASK
  3. 3. Why SEO? ► Search engines are an important source of customer traffic ► It's a low cost alternative to traditional customer acquisition sources like TV and print media ► 85% of all traffic on the internet is referred from search engines ► 90% of all users don’t look past the first 30 results (most only view top 10) ► Improve brand awareness & dominate your competition, broaden market share High Rankings = More Visitors
  4. 4. How do you optimize websites for search engines?  Keyword Research  Meta Information Optimization  Content Optimization  Site Navigation Structure Optimization  Link Building
  5. 5. Keyword Research  Select keywords which will bring targeted traffic  Use common sense  Hold brainstorming sessions with laymen  Analyze competitors websites  Use Keyword Generation Tools
  6. 6. Keyword Generation Tools Free Tools Overture Keyword Tool: Google Adwords Keyword Tool: Other Tools WordTracker WebCEO
  7. 7. Overture Tool Google Tool
  8. 8. Meta Information Optimization  Title tag – The most important tag, Put your most important keywords here  Meta Keywords - No effect on ranking in Google  Meta Description – Use for branding, State your USP, Put your keywords here too  Meta Robots – Example <meta name="robots"content="noindex,nofollow">
  9. 9. Content Optimization  Place keywords in the following tags: <H1>, <H2>, <H3> <B>, <I>, <U> <IMG ALT> attribute  Maintain website theme
  10. 10. Navigation Structure Optimization  Hierarchical structure (optimum 3 levels including home page)  Links at each level should point to the next level with relevant keywords in the link text
  11. 11. Link Building  Directory Submissions  Posting in Forums  Press Releases  Article Syndication
  12. 12. Directory submission checklist  Make sure that you submit your website to the appropriate category in the directory  High demand keyword which is being targeted for rankings should be used in the anchor text, which is used as the title of the directory listing  The keywords in the anchor text should vary  Try to get inbound links to some internal pages and not just the home page  The URL format of the websites referring link should be consistently identical
  13. 13. Directory submission checklist For example: ...are all technically 3 different URLs.
  14. 14. Search Engine Algorithms ► PageRank ► Topic Sensitive PageRank ► Hilltop ► TrustRank
  15. 15. Thank You