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Is reservation necessary... shashikant nishant sharma
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Is reservation necessary... shashikant nishant sharma


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Published in: News & Politics

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  • 1. Shashikant Nishant Sharma and Associates Is Reservation Necessary? Personal View Shashikant Nishant Sharma 2012 New Delhi
  • 2. Is Reservation Necessary?Lets discuss whether reservation is necessary or not in India. Here, byreservation we mean the system for allocating seats in government jobs,educational institutions and elected bodies through the legal provisions by theSupreme Court. Reservation has not a long history but it has drawn morecriticism than our caste system. The reasons will be clear after you go throughthe article. I would rather say in favour of it than what my family and socialbringing compel me to do.India has a long history of social stratification and the allied discriminations.The social system are made or evolve over a period of time for the sustenanceand benefit of the society but overtime defects and demerits start sproutingwhen we start to reinterpret social order for our vested interest. It will be unjustto talk about reservation and put aside the caste system. The caste system wasenvisaged to increase the efficiency of the human collective efforts. If you maybe quite clear that doing a job repeatedly you start increasing efficiency. Inancient time, caste was not a rigid compartmentalisation as it is perceived andinsisted today.It was based on the occupation you adopt. Overtime people started training theirwards in the vocation they did as there was no such vacation or training schoolduring olden days. And the system got perpetuated.As long as people were busy doing their jobs and enjoying social pleasures,everything went ok. And when; people started more organised form ofgovernance and city life. There began competition for the jobs. Real virtue of asociety can be gauged by analysing how the society uses the scarce resources.Scarcity is the mother of all evils.
  • 3. The differences in the Indian society were encashed by the political and socialinvaders who came from Central and West Asia. This was further enfueled bythe European rulers.No one in India really realised what was going on and why this state of affairsexist in India because we see the society through the lenses of community,creed, faith and many more to count. But, there was a man who had reallyunderstood the root cause and hammered it and nailed it in such a manner thatfuture generation will realise it overtime. And I don‟t think I need to recite hisname as he was a facilitator for many great people.India got Independence a new era of revolution and changes started takingplace. I wonder at his calibre how he made such a fool proof mechanism forsustaining his ideas through the articles of the Indian Constitution. He hadforeseen the wicked tricks of noble man. Imbibing the virtues of HumanFundamental Rights, Social, Political and Economic Equality and Equality ofopportunities; Indian democracy took a giant leap.Writer should not deviate from the central idea but he must be wise enough notto make his points in simple and light manner that the readers get a wrongimpression. So, coming back to the topic under discussion; we will analyses thepros and cons of the „reservation‟. Whether reservation is necessary or not is asubjective matter and everyone has right to present his ideas in a manner hedeems fit? Every human being cannot be equal and I think the differences mustbe respected and considered in a considerate manner. Indian Diaspora is mostdiverse in the world. To utilise the optimum potential of the human efforts, statemust come in action when a section of society is deprived of the opportunitycreated by the state from the natural resources of the nature for its people. Aguardian takes care of every member of the family and he pays special care tothe one who is most vulnerable like a little child. There can‟t be competition
  • 4. between a youth and a child and so to avoid the competition engage them indifferent pursuits and if that is not possible then surely the child need extraprivilege. And if you think, this is just then you must acknowledge thatreservation does serve it purpose and it is necessary.In India, there are many tribal communities who are deprived of education andother social benefits and if they need to be brought in the main stream of thesociety then there is need for reservation. In many remote areas and the ruralIndia, there are segments of the society who have been deprived of suchopportunities which is deemed to be the basic needs for respectful living are notaccessible to them. And if you think that they will be able to stand against theelite and get admission in the schools on their own after lagging behind forgenerations then you must rethink. And I would suggest you to think like ahuman being not like an average Indian and if possible think and try to seethrough things after ceding the lens of your communal, regional and alliedprejudices. And even if you are not able to see the need for reservation thenthere is real need for it.In USA, during 1990‟s the researches on the health conditions revealed that theBlack has poor health and the reason behind this was that the White doctorsrefuses or discriminates in treating the Black patients. The American societybelieves in equality and democracy. They failed to realise the need forreservation and now they are implementing it in medical entrances.In France, the country from where the concept of universal brotherhood andequality evolved, there are communities who are unable to compete with theelite, not because they are discriminated but because the equal opportunitybecomes unequal for them to compete with those who are better endowed.Whether you realise or not there is always a necessity for reservation if youwant to make the best of human potential of the communities lagging behind in
  • 5. the social, political or economic spheres of life. If might is right then, right ismight in democratic societies.While analysing, whether the caste based reservation is worthwhile or not, Icame across ideas that will really make you clap for the framer of the IndianConstitutions and the Supreme Court. Our administrative system is corrupt andthe lower order officials are a bit ahead of their seniors. A few weeks ago Icame across a statistics that around 30% Members of Parliament are in BPL list.There is high rate of corruption and discrimination in Block DevelopmentOffices from where the poor get their BPL cards, and the SCs and STs get theircaste certificates. Now, the point arises if you make reservation of the basis ofeconomic status then who will get benefits? Surely, the people who get the BPLcards and get elected as MPs and MLAs will also take the advantages of thereservation and the purpose of reservation will get nullified. So, the reservationon the basis of caste has assured that the benefits will go to the targetedcommunity. Unless and until the mindset of people doesn‟t change there cannotbe real change in the society. If you think that economic consideration forreservation should be taken into account then you must praise the clause on„creamy layer‟ of the Other Backward Castes.There are still conscious efforts by the social elites to taste the apple pie of thereservation in the form of „Women Reservation‟ but our great socialist andliberal leaders like Sri Lalu Prasad Yadav, Suprimo of Rastriya Janta Dal, andSri Mulayam Singh Yadav, Head of Samajvadi Party, have done a reallycommendable job by opposing the „women reservation bill‟ in true spirit. Theydemanded sub-reservation within reservation to ensure that the benefits reachedto the desired communities. The social elites may brainwash you that thecondition of the women is same whether in upper classes or lower classes. Letme clarify further the thinking of the great social leaders. How many womenfrom SCs and STs are literate? Can they compete with the women of elite social
  • 6. groups? If „women reservation‟ passed who is going to benefits? We do knowthat women of our family will be first to get benefitted not the girls and womenvisiting houses for doing the chores for „mem sab‟.If any of my readers think that reservation is necessary but ready to oppose„women reservation bill‟ in its current format then I will think that my effortshave been worthwhile. It needs greatness to accept and support the cause of theweaker and vulnerable groups without aiming for pecuniary advantages.“Debates, discussions reaching consensus are the basis of any democraticregime”. With a line from Amartya Sen‟s book „Indentity and Violence: TheIllusion of Destiny, I will put an end to my short article.Shashikant Nishant SharmaSPA,