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Friday night Facilitator Deck for Startup Weekend: Access focused on giving the entrepreneurial experience to people with disabilities, particularly the blind and deaf. Tested for high contrast, color …

Friday night Facilitator Deck for Startup Weekend: Access focused on giving the entrepreneurial experience to people with disabilities, particularly the blind and deaf. Tested for high contrast, color blindness, and more. Transcription available separately.

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  • Startup Camp is a 2.5 day exercise in which students from Catlin Gabel, Oregon Episcopal School and Lincoln High work together to build companies based on their ideas.
  • Facilitator
    Get schedule info, contact info, and resources on our web sites!
    We are using celly to keep people posted on things like meals, emergencies, etc
  • Call out the organizers and student leaders. Introduce Meredith Goddard as lead organizer.
  • I am your facilitator. That means I help set the pace of Startup Camp. If you have any questions about how this works or would like to share your experience, come to me.
    I just flew in today from another startup weekend event at a corporation in Kansas City. I’m to share with you what I shared with them.

    It’s easy to get used to something and getting really good at it and stop doing new things. I want to congratulate you all for just being here and trying something new. But showing up is not enough.

    I have one ask of each of you. Push yourselves out of that comfort zone; push yourselves harder than you ever have before and when you experience something new DO it with all you got. I promise you that what you build together will be wonderful.
  • Facilitator
    So what is Startup Weekend all about? Startup Weekend is one of the leading catalysts for startup creation and entrepreneurial education around the world. Our mission is to educate and inspire entrepreneurs and give them the motivation and networking opportunities they need to take the next step in creating a successful startup company. Founded in 2007, we’ve since become a registered non-profit and focused on expanding our model to become a global, hyper-local grassroots movement. Some quick facts:- Startup Weekend has helped educate & inspire almost 100,000 entrepreneurs- They have done over 1000 events in over 107 countries to date and are on track to do over 1000 alone in 2013- Over 2000 organizers and volunteers that are the driving force in Startup Weekend’s success- Over 1000 ventures have been launched at Startup Weekend’s around the globe.
  • Facilitator
    Congratulations for now being a part of this massive and awesome network.
  • Facilitator
    Copy/Paste GPS marker to place on each city for Hashtag Battle – fun for connecting with other cities, and group competition brings the energy up - http://hashtagbattle.com/ - To Encourage reaching out and meeting people from other events through social streams

    Reach out to your Regional Contact at SW HQ for a complete list of events during the weekend!
  • How many of you have parents who are entrepreneurs?
    How many of you have been shown the path towards entrepreneurship in school?
    Some of you? We’re here to show you how.
  • How many of you have parents who are entrepreneurs?
    How many of you have been shown the path towards entrepreneurship in school?
    Some of you? We’re here to show you how.

  • American Express OPEN is the leading payment card issuer for small businesses and startups in the US and supports business owners with products and services that help them run and grow their business.


    Post-It brand is supplying all US events with post it supplies to help attendees build and create their company.

  • Facilitator
    talk through each service and their offering or support.
    People might think it’s going to be boring... reming them 2 things
    a. They are here to create successful startups, these sponsors once were startups, we hope you’ll all do as good as them :)
    b. These are people SW works really close with, if you use there platform they might become your first partner / investor / you might get acquired ... or we hope acquire them one day : )

    Aside from local sponsors, as a non profit Startup Weekend relies on global sponsorships and grants to be sustainable and expand globally. A lot of these global sponsors offer resources to each of the attendees with products and service they will find valuable over the next 54 hours. If you have not already, please pick up a Global Sponsor one pager that list out all of these resources you can use over the weekend:

    Google is teaming up with Startup Weekend to help developers and entrepreneurs launch new startups. Google is excited to announce that they will have a brand new offer available to the community in February. Sign up here cloud.google.com/starterpack to request the new offer details by completing a short form. You will also receive an email with the offer details once the new offer is live.

    .CO is proud to support Startup Weekend by providing all participants with the opportunity for a free 12-month registration. Don%27t settle for a lame name with dashes or missing vowels -- get a short, memorable, seo-friendly domain name to launch your startup this weekend! Use the promo code provided by your organizer to to get your .CO at www.go.costartupweekend

    AWS - Built upon the same world-class technology that powers Amazon.com, Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides start-ups and businesses with a secure, reliable, easy-to-scale, low-cost computing platform “in the cloud.” Companies of all sizes, from all around the globe use AWS to build applications, store data, manage business processes, and more. 
    AWS Activate is a program designed to provide startups with the resources needed to get started on AWS. Join some of the fastest-growing startups in the world and build your business using AWS. Learn more by visiting http://aws.amazon.com/activate/

    Coca Cola
    Besides being one of the most iconic brands in the world, The Coca-Cola Company is dedicated to spurring innovation, inspiring entrepreneurs, and supporting the world’s greatest innovators. Want a Coca Cola representative at your event? Let us know: http://register.startupweekend.org/coca-cola/

  • Facilitator
    SW is for new, fresh ideas…not formed teams or ideas that have significant work completed on them
    Only 1 pitch per person
    Remember, most ideas will not get selected. Be prepared to get on another team
    This is an open IP environment
  • Blind people get a vibrating timer
    Deaf people get 1 minute, but their interpreter can finish interpreting past 1 minute
  • Facilitator

    Text boxes
    Text samples
    Logos .pngs
    GPS marker


  • 1. Clear1- 6 launch!! #SWACCE S t a r t u p W e e k e n d @SWAc
  • 2. WiFi CityGuest/ <no password> Restrooms Down the hallway from registration, to your right (please ask for assistance if you need it) HouseKeeping
  • 3. Schedule & Contact info http://portlandaccess.startupweekend.org Participant Resources http://portland.startupweekend.org/resources HouseKeeping
  • 4. Check-Ins Portland Development Commission Social Upload Pics & 30s Video to FB/Twitter Follow @swaccess for alerts Tweet #swaccess Social Media
  • 5. Organizers Todd Cory Jared John Kait Sara Travis Dave
  • 6. Hi, I’m Shashi Innovations Manager - UP Global • Founder, MatterCompilers • Portland 3D Printing Lab • TiE Program Director • Startup Weekend OrganizerLife Begins Where your Comfort Zone Ends. - NEALE DONALD WALSCHTRY NOT. DO OR DO NOT. THERE IS NO
  • 7. Our Mission Inspiring change in the lives of Entrepreneur s
  • 8. 123,000 attendees 2000+ Global Organizers 1500+ events 726 cities 115 countries Startup Weekend is Massive!
  • 9. Happening this weekend
  • 10. I want to build awesome stuff I had this Idea I want to try I want to be an entrepren eur I want to be Inspired Why are you here?
  • 11. 5 Points on Community• Everyone is Welcome • Everyone is Valued • Everyone is complex • Be true to you • Chase away
  • 12. Entrepreneurship Must Be Truly Accessible Why are we Here?
  • 13. Remarks Mark Adreon • Washington State Department of Services for the Blind • Startup Weekend Alum “The doors to opportunity need to be wide
  • 14. Icebreaker Cooperative Counting 1. Find a partner 2. Count to 3, alternating numbers 3. Repeat three times 4. Stop. We’ll tell Hints • Set a reasonable pace • Find a cue that works for your partner
  • 15. Our Sister events
  • 16. Our National Sponsors
  • 17. Our Global Sponsors
  • 18. Our Amazing Sponsors
  • 19. coaches
  • 20. Speaker Michael Nesmith • Art Director • Weiden+Kennedy 12 • MFA Visual Communication • Lego Maniac + Comic Collector
  • 21. STRETCH Stuff’s about to get real
  • 22. Friday Network Pitch Ideas Form Teams Saturday Customer Validation Build Product Market Research Sunday Biz Model More Validation Launch Schedule
  • 23. • Business Model – How will you make money? – How will you sell to customers? – Differentiation? Competition? • Execution – Did you build something? – Was it well designed? • Customer Validation – Did you talk to real customers? – Did you Incorporate their feedback? Judging Criteria
  • 24. Tonight
  • 25. FAQ • Can I pitch ideas I’ve already been working on? – No, but well-Researched and Vetted Ideas are welcome! • Can I pitch more than one Idea? – No, Pick your Favorite • What if my idea isn’t selected? – No worries- Join another team! Remember, it’s not about the idea! • Can I work on my idea if it’s not selected? – Yes, but you have to get at least one other person to work with you • Can I use slides when I pitch? – No, but you can use props. Remember, 60 seconds goes quick!
  • 26. How to PItchCover these five things • Who are you? • What problem are you solving? • How will you solve it? • Who do you need? • What is your
  • 27. The way you pitch reflects = Who you are & who you attract Important!!!
  • 28. PitchFire
  • 29. Voting • Pitchers have a vote bucket • Everyone has three Poker Chips • One Chip, one vote • 10 minutes for voting • Organizers tally votes and announce teams • Escorts for Physically and Visually Impaired
  • 30. Ground Rules Information • Shashi 503.985.6536 • Call or Text if you need something Rules/Recommendations • Respect abilities • Welcome and include • Be the solution • Ask for help • It’s OK to say NO • Respect service animals
  • 31. What’s Next • RePitch – Remind us who you are and what you need • Divide Into Teams • Get your Headquarters + Supplies • Get to Work • Out by 10pm
  • 32. Get to work!LEAVE YOUR LANYARDS @ Registration Desk!!
  • 33. Vocabulary Customer Validation Interviewing people to discover a pressing problem they may want solved (headache vs. migraine) Execution The stuff you build this weekend, including prototypes, code, design work Business Model A simple understanding of how customers buy your product/service, how much they will pay, how much it costs Product-Market Fit The process of finding a product that fulfills a clearly- defined customer problem Lean Startup A methodology using iterative development and test with customers to develop products and services (Sci Method] Minimum viable Product Enough product to test your assumptions about what the customer needs Pitch A short business presentation that clearly outlines the problem, solution and needs